Calculate Tik Tok points correctly (how much are they worth?)

Calculate Tik Tok points correctly (how much are they worth?)

Questions about Tik Tok points are increasing daily…

The reason for this is celebrity broadcasts in which they get a huge score that may exceed a million points.

Therefore, in order to know well the amounts that content creators receive on Tik Tok, here is a detailed explanation of how to calculate how much a person’s points are worth.

Whether in dollars, Saudi riyals, or even Egyptian pounds.

But first, if you don’t know, let me quickly answer…

What are Tik Tok points and how do you get them?

TikTok Points are the currency of TikTok and are what you get through TikTok gifts sent by supporters.

Therefore, in order to obtain these points, you must first do: 

  • Create very special content and get gifts directly on your videos.
  • Exploiting live broadcasts on TikTok because it is the best way to get points, especially in challenges with other content creators.

The more relationships and acquaintances you have on TikTok, the more supporters you will have, and thus the more TikTok points you will get.

Or you can buy these points through TikTok if you are not a content creator but rather a supporter.

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Now let’s get to know…

How to calculate Tik Tok points?

Opinions differ greatly here, and the reason for this is that there is no fixed percentage stated by TikTok.


After extensive research into the matter, the correct way to calculate the value of points is: 

Divide the total number of points obtained by the broadcaster by 200, and thus you get the amount that the broadcaster collected in dollars. However, if he obtained them directly on the videos, he will get what the person paid in full.


The broadcast owner’s percentage is 50% of the points , but approximately 30% of the value of the total amount paid by the supporter.

Let me explain it to you…

  • The price of 100 coins is approximately $1.29, correct?
  • The streamer will get 100 diamonds for 100 coins, right?
  • But every 200 diamonds are worth $1…
  • If the broadcaster earns 100 diamonds, $0.5.
  • The backer paid $1.29 and the content creator received only $0.5.

Therefore, the percentage that the streamer gets is approximately 38%, and Tik Tok receives 62%.

Are points the currencies of TikTok?

Yes, the currencies that you can use to buy gifts are also called points.

When you send 1000 currencies, Tik Tok will convert those currencies into the same number of diamonds, which is 1000 diamonds.

After that, upon withdrawal, you will be charged as follows: 

Every 200 diamonds is equivalent to $1.

How much is one million points worth on Tik Tok?

Calculating the value of one million points as profit for the streamer on Tik Tok is simple. All you have to do is divide one million points by 200 and you will get the content creator’s profit in dollars, which is estimated here at $5,000.

You can then convert it into Saudi riyals, pounds, or any currency you want.

The price of 1000 points in TikTok

With the same logic, if you want to know the price of 1000 points, all you have to do is divide it by 200 to get 5 dollars.

Thus, for any number you would like to know its value.

If you intend to buy these currencies, you can find different packages, and the price of 1000 points is usually $12.9.

How to convert points and diamonds into dollars

You can convert diamonds into dollars and then withdraw them simply by:

  • Go to your account, then account settings.
  • Move to Balance.
  • You will now find the Currencies option and below it is Live Gifts
  • Go to Live Gifts and convert diamonds into dollars.
  • After that, you can withdraw it to your bank account or PayPal account.

But if you want to convert points into dollars, you cannot do so, and there is no clear and direct method.

Thus, you will know in detail the points and how much they are worth.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask through the comments.

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