Increase Twitter followers for free (21 effective ways) 2024

Increase Twitter followers for free (21 effective ways) 2024

Increasing Twitter followers is very important, and advertisements may be an appropriate solution, but what if you could do this for free?

Whether you intend to advertise your brand, want to do so personally, or even sell the account after a while, these methods are appropriate.

Because here you will find simple and very effective methods, and most importantly, they are free.


What I need from you is to define well the goal of increasing your followers so that you can choose the source of increase that is most appropriate for you.

A lot of people want fake followers, but if you are a company or brand this is a very bad strategy.

Therefore, you will not find ways to increase fake followers, but rather real ways to attract real, interactive followers.

Now if you’re ready, let me tell you in the bio…

Why should you increase your followers on Twitter?

3 reasons that push anyone to think about increasing the number of followers of his account…

  • the fame
  • Credibility
  • Free access to a larger number of people for free

Of course, the main reason will always be to get some money in the future.

Although there is not a huge number of people on Twitter if compared to YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok, it is very special as it has a huge list of people who are actually interested.

But there is another reason why you desperately need to increase your Twitter followers, which is….

Interaction only increases in accounts that have a large number of followers, and Twitter algorithms even push the accounts that get interaction to get more interaction.

So the bottom line is that you need more followers in order to get more followers.

The best 21 ways to increase Twitter followers for free

1- Tweet constantly

Continuing to tweet continuously is the fastest way to get more interaction on your account.

More interaction always means more followers.

So, if you want more followers on your Twitter account, you should now start posting on your account.

Twitter algorithms are different from most other platforms because they basically depend on your interaction with the platform and with other users.

2- Use hashtags

Many people are constantly searching for hashtags.

Therefore, it is very intuitive to exploit it to increase people’s access to your account.

Therefore, whether you have a Twitter account that specializes in a specific niche or a general account, hashtags are an excellent way to increase your account’s engagement.

  • If your account is specialized, it will attract many people to know you and follow your account
  • If you are not a specialist, taking advantage of the trending hashtag at the present time will help you greatly (this is what I will tell you in detail below)

3- Interact constantly

On my personal account, I was interacting indirectly with some people.

Although at first they did not follow me, after a period of continuous interaction, they all followed me.

Thus, I was able to increase Twitter followers on my account for free without having to pay any money for ads.

So all you need may be more interaction with other people.

4- Publish at appropriate times

Some times are more appropriate than others in publishing.

This applies to most platforms, not just Twitter…

This depends mainly on the locations of your followers, their countries, and at what time they use their accounts.

Therefore, all you have to do is change the publishing dates until you get initial indications of the appropriate time for your audience and when they are on Twitter.

Therefore, when you critique, your extensions reach a larger number of people and thus you get greater interaction and more followers.

5- Publish interactive content

Interactive content is a very distinctive type of content on Twitter.

Questions, competitions, and content such as (Comment and I will tell you my opinion about you) are some of the most interactive content on Twitter, especially in the Arab world.

Multiple choices (Twitter poll) are also distinctive interactive content.

Look for interactive content in your niche and you will be able to increase the followers of your Twitter account.

6- Publish entertaining content

When I told you that you should publish in a derivative way, I meant it, but you should publish content that people will interact with.

The types of content are different and therefore the response to them is different.

In Arab countries, entertainment content always receives the greatest interaction.

So all you have to do is find unique entertainment content and start publishing it.

7- Take advantage of the trend

Trend is the best free option to increase Twitter followers.

Almost every day there is a new trend on Twitter.

What is special about the trend on Twitter is that almost everyone uses it, and therefore you will reach a larger number of people if you use it correctly and your content is distinctive and worth following.

8- Optimize your content for SEO

Twitter is unlike any social media platform and is very different from it in this feature.

First, you should know that liquidity means improving your content or your account here to fit the search engine and appear on its first pages when someone searches for your content.

Suppose you sell fitness and gym products and use Twitter as a free promotional means and publish tips and products.

All you have to do here is know what the audience is searching for in your field through the various keyword tools and start placing them correctly in your tweets.

Once a person searches for similar content in the search engine, it may appear to him and he will follow you.

What is special here is that this is free, and in addition to that, the number of searches on the search engine (organic traffic) is huge, and thus your followers may increase significantly.

9- Attract attention

The appearance of your tweet is very important to attract attention, and therefore in order to attract the attention of more people to follow you, you must pay attention to the appearance of your tweet.

For example, you should use numbers and points to make your Twitter account distinctive.

Just make your tweet attention-grabbing.

10- Use the live chat feature

Live chats or spaces is a new option that was activated on Twitter in 2021 and is very similar to clubhouse.

Here you can join different groups on Twitter related to your field or niche.

In these groups you will find many people who are interested in the same interests as you.

All you have to do is join and start sharing, and thus you will be able to increase the number of followers of your account with followers who are very interested in the content you provide.

11- Use Emojii

Remember when I told you above that you need other people’s attention?

Emoji or motion is an excellent solution for this.

Although it is an indirect way to increase Twitter followers, it helps indirectly in doing so.

So using it will definitely help.

12- Use tweet threads

If you want to share massive content, tweet threads or complementary tweets are one of the excellent options to increase engagement with your account.

All you have to do is have a good story or long situation and share it in continuous tweets.

Twitter algorithms recognize this content as distinctive and valuable content and promote it better than others.

Therefore, if you want to increase the number of followers of your Twitter account for free, perhaps you should use this feature.

13- Pin the most popular tweet to your account

Everyone installs the most important Twitter account at the beginning of their account.

But here I need you to pin the tweet with the most interaction.

Every time someone accesses your Twitter account, they find the most engaging tweet and start interacting with it.

Consequently, this tweet is increasingly being promoted to people who are convicted, and so on…

You will eventually find yourself getting more and more followers for free.

14- Add your Twitter account link to your other accounts

If you have a good number of followers on other social media platforms, adding your link to those platforms may greatly help you increase your followers on Twitter.

You can even add it to your WhatsApp story so that those who have your number can add you.

Many people only need to know your account in order to follow you, so perhaps you should make it easier for them to add your Twitter account to those platforms.

15- Retweet yourself and others

Retweeting your own tweets or other people’s tweets may help you get some followers.

Some of the people whose tweets I retweeted have already followed me, so I know very well that this method is effective and useful.

16- Post offers, discounts, and competitions

Offers and competitions were and still are one of the most popular ways to increase followers on all platforms, not just Twitter.

All you have to do is find a specific competition in which one of the prizes will be offered, even if it is a retweet on your account.

From here you will find a lot of interaction, whether on your tweet or people following you.

If you are offering a course or selling a product, all you have to do is a specific discount number for whoever shares your tweet, and you will get more followers completely free of charge.

17- Invite your friends to follow you

If you have some friends and they have a Twitter account, all you have to do is follow them and they will follow you in return.

But even if they do not have a Twitter account, you can invite them to Twitter, introduce them to the platform, and create followers for yourself.

This method is very intuitive and may not attract a huge following, but you will find the numbers increasing, and this is what is required in the end.

18- Advertise with influencers

Influencers have a very large number of followers, and their engagement is great.

Therefore, even if you pay some small money to an account that has a good number of followers in order to retweet your tweet, it is worth it.

Mostly this method will bring hundreds of followers to your Twitter account, so it is worth it.

19- Make a Twitter ad

Ads are certainly not a free method, but they are a very effective method.

Like any social media platform, you can certainly launch an advertising campaign for your tweet on Twitter.

Here you will not need to pay a lot, and in return, if your tweets are distinctive, you will get a huge number of followers on your account.

Therefore, if you have some small money and practice experimenting, I strongly advise you to do so.

Don’t forget to use the Twitter Analytics to follow the interactions on your account in terms of likes and even opening your tweet.

20- Add your site

If you are targeting followers from Egypt, you must add your location to Egypt, and if you are targeting followers from Saudi Arabia, then select your location as Saudi Arabia.

Often accounts from the same country appear more frequently to followers from the same country.

Therefore, always make your country the country of your audience until you attract a good number of followers, and perhaps after that you can simply change it.

This theory is not accurate and there is nothing to confirm it, but it is personal experiences of mine, so I was about to share them with you.

21- Stay away from illegal means

Many people are looking for programs or tools to increase followers, but I strongly advise you to stay away from these methods, even if they are faster.

think about it….

You will increase a huge number of followers of your account, but they are not interactive, and at the same time they will unfollow you as soon as possible. What did you benefit from?

The basic idea of ​​increasing followers is to increase interaction. Therefore, if interaction is low or non-existent, what is the benefit?

Whether the goal is your Twitter account

These were the best free and paid ways to increase Twitter followers.

There may be more other methods, but these are the simplest, easiest and most effective.

Now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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