Cheap Saudi clothing website (6 cheapest stores)

Cheap Saudi clothing website (6 cheapest stores)

If you are now in the Kingdom and want a cheap Saudi clothing site, I have brought you the 6 cheapest sites.

Although these sites may not be the first choice for everyone, it is clear that they are for you.

So once again, let me emphasize that these 5 sites are the cheapest, not the best.

If you need the best online purchasing sites in Saudi Arabia, I have created an entire topic that includes these sites:

Now is the time to get to know the group of sites you are here for.

The cheapest clothing sites in Saudi Arabia

The beginning of our list now will be with…

1- Risha website

Are you looking for a Saudi store that sells cheap and distinctive women’s clothing?

Risha is one of the distinguished Saudi shopping sites where you can buy various women’s home clothes.

The store contains: 

  • Robes
  • With a game
  • Shirts

Therefore, the site is considered one of the distinguished sites for brides and newlyweds.

One of the most important features that may motivate you to choose the store is the idea of ​​free shipping on orders above 299 riyals throughout the Kingdom.

Bonus: After clicking on the link above and going to the store, use coupon LA when purchasing and you will get a 10% discount.

2- Aliexpress website

Who among us has not heard of the Ali Express !!

AliExpress is considered the most famous Chinese online shopping site, and it certainly includes a lot of clothes that you can buy and ship to the Kingdom.

  • The site is excellent and very reliable, so do not worry about ordering through it.
  • The site is definitely one of the cheapest clothing sites ever, and this is obvious given that you are dealing with Chinese suppliers.
  • When you purchase for the first time through it, you will receive a discount coupon worth approximately 15 riyals.
  • The site includes hundreds of thousands of products for women, men, and even children.
  • Many products in the store are eligible for free shipping to Saudi Arabia.

3- Max fashion website

Max Fashion is one of the cheapest clothing sites in Saudi Arabia, and at the same time it has a range of good quality products.

Max Fashion is considered the cheapest site on this list, but the products here may not be of the same quality as the GC Store above.

Although it is a Saudi site, it is available in some other Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and the Emirates.

  • The site includes an excellent selection of men’s clothing.
  • The store also contains a distinctive collection of children’s clothing.
  • The women’s clothing on the site is excellent and its prices are very cheap, especially in Saudi Arabia.
  • You will get free shipping when you order more than 25 riyals from the store.
  • Every time you purchase from the site, you get points that you can use later to make purchases.
  • You can also download their application for either Android or iPhone.

4- Amazon sa website

Amazon is definitely not a Saudi store, and it certainly does not specialize in selling clothes.

However, despite this, the presence of Amazon Saudi Arabia on this list is very self-evident.

  • Amazon is one of the most famous online shopping sites ever.
  • It also contains a huge selection of distinctive dresses at cheap prices (they were requested a lot and received excellent reviews)
  • Amazon Fashion also has a good number of men’s clothing at great prices.
  • Most clothes on Amazon Saudi Arabia are eligible for free shipping.
  • Of course, you can exchange or return any product that reaches you if you find it different or you do not like it.

5- GCstore website

gcstore is one of the best Saudi clothing sites through which you can purchase.

Although it may not be the cheapest on the list, the prices here are commensurate with the quality of the products you will get.

But this is not the only reason why GC Store is at the top of our list, as it is also:

  • It contains a huge number of women’s clothing.
  • It also provides men’s clothing, but certainly not as many women’s products.
  • The store has a group of exclusive brands available only to it, such as (Rania Al-Abdullah and Hayat Al-Harbi).
  • Women’s clothing prices on the website start from 45 Saudi riyals and reach 3,950 riyals (for distinctive Italian products).
  • The site provides the option of installments in installments without interest, so you may benefit from this offer even if you like a somewhat expensive product.
  • Free shipping from the site if you purchase more than 300 riyals.

GC Store is one of the special stores for me on this list and I definitely advise you to deal with them.

Don’t worry, their customer service is good, and if you encounter any problems, they will help you as much as possible.

6- Brands for less website

brands for less From the name it is very clear that it is a cheap store.

So I went to the store and started searching the products and knowing the prices on the site, whether for men or women.

The truth is that I was actually surprised by the prices, so it is definitely one of the cheapest Saudi clothing sites.

  • The site contains all the clothes suitable for both sexes.
  • There are also many international brands at good prices.
  • The site has its own store on Khurais Road, Riyadh.
  • The pants in the store are very cheap, so I highly recommend the store if this is what you want to buy.
  • The store also has an application for Android and another for iPhone if you prefer to shop from your phone.
  • If you order products worth 300 riyals, you get free shipping throughout the Kingdom, but if the purchase amount is less, the shipping fees in this case are 25 riyals.
  • The site here offers points for various memberships in the store, and for every 1,000 points you collect, you get 15 or 25 riyals, depending on your membership in the store.

7- 100 things website

100 Things is actually a general store for women, but this certainly does not mean that it contains very cheap women’s clothing.

Therefore, I think that 100 Things is the best cheap Saudi clothing site that you can buy from.

    • Clothes prices here start from 11 riyals up to 250 riyals (this is definitely very cheap compared to any other site).
    • The store also includes makeup and shoe products, which are also distinguished by their cheap prices.
    • The site is considered a new site, but its products are of good quality.

What is the best cheap Saudi clothing site?

The cheapest Saudi clothing site on this list, which I definitely advise you to buy from, is Max Fashion .

In addition to being one of the most distinctive and cheapest Saudi stores, it also has good quality products.

Therefore, if your budget is low, Max Fashion store should be one of your first choices.

This was an explanation of the cheapest clothing sites in Saudi Arabia, with me choosing the cheapest site.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

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