The best 5 Chinese websites for clothes (wholesale and individually)

The best 5 Chinese websites for clothes (wholesale and individually)

Whether you want to shop for wholesale clothes or individually, this is a list of the best Chinese shopping sites for clothes.

What is distinctive about all of these platforms is the competitive prices and quality of the products.

They are also reliable stores and have thousands of positive reviews from buyers all over the world.

So don’t worry at all and buy with peace of mind.


A very important note before purchasing from any Chinese website:

Know the product details carefully before shipping so that you can communicate with the site and return the clothes if they are different from the seller’s description.

It is also important to know the shipping details for your shipment of clothing, in addition to customs fees in your country.

Now, if you are ready, let us learn in detail about…

The best Chinese shopping sites for clothes

It is important to know that there are many other Chinese sites through which you can buy clothes…

But the stores below are the best and most reliable, in addition to their support, so there is nothing to worry about.

1- newchic website

newchic is one of the most famous Chinese clothing shopping sites, although it only started in 2015.

But the store certainly deserves its current position as one of the best places to shop for clothes at excellent prices.

  • The site includes a very huge collection of men’s and women’s clothing.
  • The site specializes in selling clothing, but in the past few periods it has begun adding some different products.
  • You can buy clothes here by piece only and it does not offer the option to buy in bulk.
  • The site is considered one of the most famous sites for purchasing clothes in Saudi Arabia .
  • The store offers many coupons that reduce the price of products.
  • The store also offers a points program that you can get with every purchase, which you can then use to purchase products.
  • Shipping on the site is fast and takes place within 10-20 days.
  • Unfortunately, the store does not provide the option of payment upon delivery for Arab countries.
  • Shipping prices depend on the weight of the shipment

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Shop from newchic

2- SHEIN website

In a previous topic about the best sites for buying clothes in Saudi Arabia, I talked in detail about the SHEIN website.

Here I will talk about it again…

This is simply because this Chinese site really deserves the huge hype it has received.

  • The store has tens of thousands of different clothing models suitable for all tastes.
  • Here also you cannot buy in bulk, as the site only provides retail sales
  • The prices of clothes in the store are cheap compared to many other clothing sites.
  • Shein offers continuous offers and discounts, so you will benefit from excellent prices.
  • In the previous period, many girls have already established themselves in this field and started marketing SheIn products and achieved good profits.
  • You can also buy designer clothes through it.
  • Shipping here is also free for products with amounts above $129 (normal shipping costs $24.90).
  • The site also has a points program that you can collect with every purchase and then reuse those points for purchases.

Shop from SHEIN

3- Aliexpress website

Ali Express is the most famous Chinese website for online shopping.

Because it is almost the cheapest, thousands of people around the world have used it in e-commerce and reselling the products found on it.

  • The clothes here may have somewhat strange shapes than what we use in our Arab world, but there are many other suitable models.
  • Here you can buy by piece or in bulk, but it is better to buy by piece, and if you want to buy in bulk, go to the next site on the list.
  • Product prices are excellent, and you can communicate with sellers and get better prices if you deal with them continuously.
  • In all Gulf countries, shipping and delivery through it is very easy.
  • It is also one of the cheapest sites for shopping clothes in Saudi Arabia .
  • The store also has a rewards program for regular customers, which you can benefit from to get some offers.
  • It does not provide a cash on delivery option.

Shop from Aliexpress

4- Alibaba website

And now with the best site if you want to buy clothes from China wholesale.

Alibaba is the parent company and owner of the AliExpress store above.

But the site here is more famous as an intermediary between factories and wholesalers in China and other merchants in various parts of the world.

  • Here you can communicate with sellers and order the products you want.
  • You can also request your own exclusive designs and they will implement them for you.
  • Of course, you can negotiate prices and get very discounted prices depending on the quantity you will purchase.
  • Make sure to only buy from trusted sellers with excellent reviews.
  • It is definitely preferable to choose only sellers who have the Trade Assurance logo.
  • The site provides shipping to all parts of the world, but you must confirm the customs fees in your country before ordering.

Shop from alibaba

5- Zaful website

Zaful is also one of the most famous Chinese clothing shopping sites in the world.

Although it is not as famous or as good as the other sites above, it was able to obtain its share of the market.

  • The site specializes entirely in clothing and fashion.
  • The prices in the store are a little high compared to other stores above.
  • The store design is also less professional than the stores above.
  • When reviewing some buyers’ reviews of the store, quite a few comments were negative.
  • Shipping from the store takes approximately 15 days to arrive.
  • The shipping price is a bit high at $30.

Shop from zaful

In fact, I was about to add two other sites to this list, but after reading the reviews of the two merchants, I decided to remove them.

Note: The best site for shopping for Chinese clothing individually is the Newchic store, while the best for shopping for wholesale clothing is Alibaba.

Many Chinese stores are unreliable, so you should choose the store you buy from very carefully.

The 5 stores above are the best Chinese clothing sites from which you can buy with confidence.

But if you want more, there are certainly many other sites.

Just be careful when purchasing and read the reviews of each store.

Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through the comments.

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