Daily income of 200 riyals (10 ways to start now)

Daily income of 200 riyals (10 ways to start now)

Obtaining a daily income of 200 riyals from the Internet or from simple projects is possible and doable.

But the secret is to choose the best methods for you.

Here I will share with you the 10 best ways through which you can obtain this amount with moderate effort.

With the practical steps that you must take in detail to obtain this amount.

You will also find a group of sites that I highly recommend and recommend to work on online .

Now if you’re ready, let’s get started with…

How to get a daily income of 200 riyals?

In this article, I will limit myself to the areas of profit from the Internet , and grade them from the easiest to those methods that require specific skills or a simple investment.

Starting with…

1- Surveys and mini-tasks

Opinion polls are widely available in Saudi Arabia, unlike many other Arab countries.

Mini tasks, such as subscribing to channels or following some accounts, are available to everyone.

Here you can definitely get a good income by answering these questionnaires or completing various tasks.

Although I do not guarantee that you will continue to earn 200 riyals per day, I guarantee you a daily income of no less than 50 riyals if you register on several sites and start answering all the available questionnaires, which usually do not exceed 20 minutes in length.

There are many sites to start with, but for me the 4 honest sites are: 

Clicking on the name of any site above will direct you to the site, where you can register with it and start earning a daily income through them.

After registering on these sites, you can withdraw to your bank account or Paypal account.

Note: I already have proof of all the sites above and have shared them more than once, so register with all of them and start earning.

2- Data entry

Data entry is one of the best skills that may provide you with an excellent daily and monthly income.

But before even thinking about the possibility of getting a job in this field, there are some programs that you need to learn and master, such as:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Powerpoint

The previous three Microsoft programs are your basic package for working as a data entry.

But how can you get income from this skill?

You now have 3 basic options:

  • Facebook groups.
  • Recruitment sites.
  • Finally, freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Fiverr.

For me, I always prefer working on freelancer sites, but the problem here is the difficulty of getting your first client, which will provide you with a good rating to get other clients.

Therefore, all you have to do is use the three methods to get a job.

There are some interesting articles that I shared that I think will benefit you, such as:

As for learning the programs above, you will find many detailed explanations in Arabic on YouTube.

3- Affiliate marketing of products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best areas of freelancing on the Internet .

It is also an excellent opportunity to earn a daily income that may exceed $500, but this will definitely happen once you become a professional marketer.

In order to become a professional affiliate marketer, you need: 

  • Learn to write unique marketing content.
  • Learn to choose products that are appropriate for the market and provide distinctive profits.
  • Finally, find the affiliate marketing platform that is suitable for you and includes distinctive products.

There are various ways to promote affiliate products, for example: 

  • Marketing on YouTube.
  • Use of social networking sites.
  • Search engine ads.
  • Promote through your own blog (this will be discussed in the next part).
  • And other promotion methods

Where do you find products suitable for the Saudi market? 

You can market to any country, but since you are in the Kingdom now, let me tell you my favorite sites for obtaining distinctive products:

But before registering on the platform, it is important to answer two basic questions: 

  • What products will you work on?
  • What platforms will you use to promote your products?

I have a comprehensive guide on the blog here, which is a affiliate marketing course that I advise you to check out.

4- Start a specialized blog

Creating specialized blogs and making profits from them is my favorite business.

It is one of the best sources of income that you can rely on with a simple investment and somewhat low risk, which I also talked about in the guide on how to invest 500 riyals?

Blogs are sites that specialize in sharing written content, like the one you are reading this article on.

All you have to do here is:

  • Determine a field for your blog: Here, for example, the blog field is profit and increase income.
  • Choosing the name of your website and hosting: The name of this blog is Profits Expert, and I use hosting for the website from Bluehost at a price of $3 per month.
  • Determine the topics that you will share with your audience. The more useful articles you have, the more traffic you will receive.
  • Determine ways to earn money: Do you see ads on this blog? These are advertisements from Google, and they are one of the means of profit that I use in this blog.

But it is definitely not that easy. First you have to learn:

  • Writing articles
  • Create your blog on WordPress.
  • Finally, bringing visits to the blog.

There is only one thing you should know well before starting this source of income: it is a long-term project.

This means that in order to obtain a daily income of 200 riyals or more, you need at least 4 months of hard work with a fairly moderate investment in the book of articles.

You can certainly get a daily income of up to 2000 riyals from blogging and more, but it requires huge investments.

5- Create a YouTube channel

I will always and forever talk about YouTube as one of the best sources of income ever.

I have already written a complete course for YouTube that contains all the details you need in order to create a successful YouTube channel and profit from it .

Therefore, I will not prolong the discussion here. I will only briefly explain the business model, and all you have to do is delve into it in more detail.

But in the beginning, does it make sense for a YouTube channel to generate a daily income of 200 riyals?

Certainly, and more than that as well, and we actually have many of the Arab channels that I talked about in my article about YouTube profits that achieve this number with ease.

But as an incentive for you, let me introduce you to Ide Abu Ghosh, an Arab YouTuber who was able to earn nearly 12 thousand dollars from just one video!!!

Earnings from Iyad Abu Ghosh channel

Therefore, when I tell you that this is possible, be sure that it is possible.

Now with the steps:

  • Determine the field of your channel: Focus only on the fields in which advertisers spend huge amounts of money (any field related to money, investment, or e-commerce). All of these fields are profitable and their advertising prices are high.
  • Create your channel: Keep in mind from the beginning to make it a distinctive brand that followers search for.
  • Create your content: Make your content as attractive and entertaining as possible.
  • Fulfill the conditions: In order to activate profit from your channel, you need 4000 hours of views in addition to 1000 subscribers to your channel, which is a challenge that you must start now.

Don’t know how to create videos?

No problem at all.

You can simply go to the Fiverr website and you will find a group of the best professionals in this field at excellent prices.

If you would like help, I have a guide with the best YouTube content makers through which you can purchase ready-made YouTube videos .

Make sure to check it out.

6- Writing articles

Writing articles is one of the skills in high demand online.

Therefore, achieving a daily income of up to 200 riyals per day through it is actually possible.

But first, you have to reserve your position among professional writers so that you can request an amount of up to 100 riyals per article and find buyers.

A professional article writer can write: 

  • Content free of spelling errors.
  • Powerful and interactive content.
  • Finally, content compatible with search engines attracts visitors to the site.

Therefore, you must research and learn at the beginning, then practice writing continuously.

I spoke before about my experience writing articles on the Khamsat website, and I actually shared a picture of the requests that came to me, and here is a picture from inside my account that shows what you can achieve as a daily income as an article writer:

Content writing

Therefore, I definitely advise you to develop this skill and start creating distinctive content.

There are several sites where you will find requests for book content, including: 

  • Bahar Saudi platform.
  • My website is Khamsat and Independent.
  • Fiverr and Upwork sites.

Bonus: If your English is good, you can start selling English articles at prices starting from 200 riyals with ease.

7- Content creation on Facebook

Video production on Facebook has attracted a huge number of content creators, thus becoming a major competitor to YouTube.

And therefore…

Starting a page and constantly sharing videos on it may provide you with an excellent daily income.

But YouTube already exists, why Facebook?

The answer is very simple: views on Facebook are much higher than those on YouTube for the same content.

Therefore, even if the profits from ads on Facebook are less per 1,000 views, the large number of views and the speed of spread may provide you with the same income.

Is it possible to earn 200 riyals a day from creating content on Facebook?

Certainly, but you need continuity and creating distinctive content in a distinctive way.

After that, you must participate in Facebook’s profit program, which requires you to:

  • 30 thousand views in the last 90 days.
  • At least 5,000 followers of your page.

This isn’t difficult, if you’re wondering.

Therefore, if you have enough courage to photograph and share content, I definitely advise you to work in this field.

Learn about: The best 8 ways to get a daily income of 50 riyals

8- Live TikTok

In his video about his experience broadcasting on Tik Tok for a month, YouTuber Darkalo shared his profits from broadcasting, which were approximately $3,000!!!

[wpcc-iframe title=”Trying out a Tik Tok broadcast for a month!!🤑 You won’t believe the amount I earned💵😍” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hQ3QDuLn6BE?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

Therefore, the possibility of obtaining a daily profit of 200 riyals is definitely available.

But there is a problem…

It takes a long period of time to gather a good base of followers and supporters for your broadcasts.

I think I was a little hasty. Do you know how they make money from broadcasting?

Live is a method used by content makers to profit from Tik Tok .

In fact, it is the method with the highest profits.

It depends mainly on the gifts that viewers send to content creators.

Therefore, in order to gather supporters who will send you gifts, you first need to continue creating distinctive content and having a distinctive personality on the broadcast so that many people will search for you and thus gather strong supporters for you.

All you have to do here is: 

  • Create a TikTok account.
  • Start creating unique content on it.
  • Collect 1000 subscribers to your account.
  • You will now be able to open a live broadcast.

You can then withdraw your money via bank transfer or PayPal.

9- Create an online store

Now with a field that requires you to make a good investment and own a distinctive product.

Online stores, especially those targeting the Saudi market, may easily earn you a daily income exceeding 200 riyals.

But in the beginning, you must know well that you need an investment of no less than $100 to start.

You may be telling yourself now, I don’t own a product. How can I create an online store?

It is very simple. You can resort to the Tajir.com website and search for products, market them, and sell them without owning them.

Now with the steps:

  • Determine the niche: Specialization is the secret. You need to specify products in a specific field (let us assume hair care products).
  • Study the market: Find out the size of the demand for these products in the country you intend to market to (here the matter is simple. Go to Amazon and search for these products and see whether they have a good number of purchases or not).
  • Select the products: Now go to a merchant and learn about the existing products and choose the best ones.
  • Create your store: You can do this with a few clicks easily through the Basket platform .
  • Start marketing: Marketing products on the platforms where consumers of these products are located is the secret.

In marketing, there are huge options. You can exploit several methods or combine them, such as:

  • Create a blog that talks about your field and promote products through it.
  • Start an educational YouTube channel about your field and then promote products through it.
  • Create a professional TikTok account and use it to sell your products.
  • And other ways.

Just don’t limit yourself to a specific way or path and let your mind innovate and experiment.

10- Trading

Now the most dangerous method, which requires a huge investment.

Trading is definitely an excellent source of earning a daily income exceeding 200 riyals.

But can you afford the risk?

If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to specify the products that you will trade, which are:

In all of these areas you can achieve excellent income, but you may also lose huge amounts of money through them.

Therefore, you must determine your trading strategy and set a limit on the risk that you can bear.

But in general, this field is special and worthy if you have sufficient capital and can risk it.

These were the best sources for obtaining a daily income of 200 riyals.

Now tell me…

What investment or method do you think is suitable for you?

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