Video design program for computer (Top 15)

Video design program for computer (Top 15)

Whether you are looking for a program for Mac or Windows, this guide has collected for you the 15 best video design programs for the computer.

Most of the programs on this list are free, and through them you can create professional content with ease.


If you want to take your designs to a higher level, or try a professional form of video, I definitely recommend paid programs.

First you will find:

  • The best program for me for every type of video.
  • Then you will find the best free editing and design programs.
  • Finally, the best paid video design programs on the Internet.

Starting with…

What is the best video design program for the computer?

Depending on the purpose of the program and the type of computer you are using, in addition to the price, the best program varies, for example:

  • The best program in general: Renderforest (it has a free plan)
  • The best paid program for Mac: FinalCut Pro
  • The best free editing program: Openshot
  • Best for making whiteboard videos: videoscribe
  • The best paid programs for Windows and Mac: Adobe Premiere and Filmora
  • The best program for designing presentation videos: Ice cream slide show

Now with some additional details and other programs that I prefer…

The best video design programs for the computer for free

All of the programs on this list are free and easy to use.

I also preferred to initially include those programs through which you can download a video design without a watermark.

So let’s start with…

1- Canva program

Canva is my favorite design program in general, whether as a website or application.

Through Canva, you can design professional videos, professional photos, portfolios, and even presentations, and you can even launch a website through it.

That’s why it’s always my favorite program and website.

  • The program is free and without a watermark.
  • You will find a huge library of royalty-free photos, music, and videos.
  • Through it you can control the sound and create professional montages.
  • Canva is available for: Android – iPhone – Mac devices – Windows devices.
  • After designing your professional video, you can directly share it on any platform you want.

In addition to all of this, you will also find a huge database containing all the lessons you need to master all types of designs, and also professional courses to learn how to use the program in detail.

Although I don’t think it’s difficult to use at all.

In addition to the free plan, you will also find a paid plan that provides you with more features in terms of available photos, music, and videos.

You can also rely on the free plan and purchase what you want individually if it is available in a paid form.

Download canva design program

2- Renderforest program

Render Forest is the comprehensive option and solution you need if you are a content creator.

It is similar to Canva, which I mentioned above, but with additional features for video content creators.

  • Through render forest, you can design logos, social media posters, websites, and videos
  • Here you will find a huge collection of professional video templates that you can use, ranging from: presentations – animation videos – whiteboard videos – video intros – 3D animation and others.
  • The site also has templates completely dedicated to YouTube content creators. All you have to do is modify them to create a video in minutes.

The program has a free plan, but it only enables you to download videos in 360p quality.

The paid plan starts from $10 per month and provides you with up to 10 GB of storage space, and also enables you to access more than 1 million ready-made designs that you can exploit.

In addition, in the paid plan you will get a copy of their Android design application

Professional video design by renderforest

3- Shotcut program

shoutcut is the best free editing program, with which you can make a video on your computer from scratch.

But, as I told you above, it is an editing program, and therefore you will need the video components that you will use to design a video using it.

You can get these from free video sites that you have previously shared, or from your own photos if you are filming the content yourself.

If you would like a detailed explanation to learn to use Shotcut, this video contains a simplified detailed explanation of the program: 

[wpcc-iframe title=”Explanation of the Shotcut program” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=””]

  • The program is completely free.
  • Videos are downloaded through it without a watermark.
  • Also available for different operating systems such as: macOS – Windows – Linux
  • It is a fairly simple editing program for which you will easily find many Arabic explanations.
  • It is also available to take photos or videos from your device’s camera if you wish.
  • Shotcut supports downloading programs in 4K.
  • All editing features, such as: cutting, speed control, sound control, adding audio commentary, etc.

If you want one program that you can use to create professional videos, I think you need to start with this program.

Download the Shotcut program for the computer

4- Filmora program

Filmora is one of the most popular editing programs for computers, especially among content creators on YouTube.

The nice thing about Filmora is that it is a comprehensive and professional program, but the free version has one drawback, which is that the videos you create will be watermarked.

  • The program is available for free.
  • It provides more than 5 million free photos and videos in professional quality.
  • You can use it without a girl.
  • It includes a huge library of effects, texts, and music that you can use for free.
  • It also includes ready-made templates for creating gaming, mathematics, and other videos.
  • A huge number of effects that you can apply to all videos with the click of a button.
  • It also provides the ability to record the screen from within the program.
  • Through it, audio can be converted into text and vice versa.

In addition to these huge features, I think the best feature when purchasing is that it provides a version that can be paid for once.

But if you prefer a monthly subscription, this is also available through Filmora.

Download Filmora video design and editing program for the computer

5- Blender program

Blender is a completely free professional video design program for the computer.

If there is one free program that I would recommend, it would definitely be Blender.

But this is only if your goal is to design motion graphics videos, 3D effects, and even cartoon films.

  • Available for all operating systems: windows – Mac – Linux
  • Import video without watermark.
  • Continuous updates to the program even though it is not paid.
  • The program is completely dedicated to those who want to design animation and 3D videos.

So if you are looking for a program to design simple videos, definitely do not start with this program.

Download Blender program for computer

6- Openshot program

openshot is an open source video design program for PC.

Based on many reviews and review of the front end of the program, it is very simple.

  • Openshot supports all operating systems: windows – chrome OS – macOS
  • Using the program is smooth and simple, and it is also light and does not consume a huge amount of RAM.
  • Designing videos and extracting them without a watermark is also one of the features of the program.
  • Openshot supports drag and drop from your device, thus making it easier to use.
  • It has distinctive features in editing to control: sound – image – speed – video size – video speed – texts.

I definitely highly recommend the program if you want a simple and easy solution that provides somewhat professionalism in video design.

If you want to learn how to use openshot, here is an explanatory video from the Crazy Net channel that explains the program to you in detail:

[wpcc-iframe loading=”lazy” title=”Learn the entire OpenShot program in 20 minutes, the lightest editing program for YouTube” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=””]

Download openshot for computer

7- VSDC program

VSDC is one of the most popular computer video design programs in the Arab world.


Unfortunately, the program does not support MacOs or Linux, only Windows devices can use the program.

  • The program’s interface is not the easiest compared to other programs.
  • The program’s features are very professional, considering that it is a free program.
  • VSDC includes a huge number of unique filters and effects, which are similar to those found in Instagram.
  • It has a masking feature, which is used to mask sensitive information in various video clips, such as passwords.
  • You can share the video directly to various social media networks, as well as YouTube, and this is a distinctive option for content creators on YouTube.
  • The program supports designing 4K videos and also maintaining lower quality videos.
  • Through VSDC, you can also design 3D shapes and graphs.
  • It is also possible to capture videos using the camera of the device you are using from within the program.
  • Last but not least, you will also find a stabilization tool for those clips that shook during filming.

Download VSDC for Windows

8- Imovie program

If you have a MacBook, iMovie is Apple’s free video creation program.

It is also one of the video design programs for iPhone that I already talked about.

Although using the program was not quite simple when I tried it, many people are already using it and are able to produce very distinctive content.

The program has professional templates through which you can design a cinematic film, not a video clip.

But again, my experience with the program was not smooth, so if your experience is like mine, try another program on the list.

  • The program is free and available on all devices after purchase.
  • You can download the video through it without a watermark.
  • It has a good library of music and audio clips that you can use.
  • It offers a variety of transitions between slides that you can use to create a professional video from your Mac.

You will not find a download button because it is already on your device.

9- Videopad program

Videopad is basically a paid video creation program available for computers.

However, if you intend to use the program for non-commercial use, you can download the program and start using it for free without even registering in the program.

  • The application is available for: windows – Mac
  • It has a drag and drop feature and is therefore easier to use.
  • It provides more than 50 effects that you can use to create professional clips.
  • Editing of 3D videos is also available.
  • Professional transitions between video slides are also available.
  • Last but not least, there are many professional templates available here that you can use to design video intros and video endings as well, in addition to many templates suitable for different occasions.

Download videopad for computer

10- Video proc program

Videoproc is also one of the design programs available for the computer that you can use for free.

But unfortunately, here you will find a watermark below the video.

  • The program is free.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.
  • It has good editing features, but they are available in other free programs that do not include a watermark.
  • The advantage here in the program is the ability to edit and design 360 videos.
  • One of the additional features is 8K, which you probably won’t find in any other program.
  • In the free version, you can create videos of no more than 5 minutes.
  • From within the program, you can add speech to the video.
  • Here you can also control and remove noise ( note: this feature is present in Tik Tok)
  • The most important feature here that you can benefit from is adding your own watermark to videos/
  • Finally, you can design GIFs through the program with ease.

Download video proc program for computer

11- Icecream slide show maker program

If you want to design a video from slides, or as they are called slide show videos, Ice Cream is one of the distinctive programs that you can download to your computer.

  • The program is free, but offers fewer features than the paid version.
  • Unfortunately, the program is only available for Windows devices.
  • In the free version you can design a video without a watermark.
  • More than 25 professional transitions between slides.
  • You can download videos in quality up to 4k.
  • Ice Cream provides a drag and drop option, in addition to the option to add music and sound to your slides.

These were all the features of the free plan, but if you want more, the paid plan costs you only $19, which is paid only once.

Download Icecream Slideshow for Windows

The best paid computer video design programs

And now with a group of professional video design programs for the computer.

If your budget allows, and you want to create extremely professional videos, then the programs in this section are the best and will help you in this.

Starting with…

12- Adobe Premiere program

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful video design programs for the computer.

But if your budget is small, you should definitely avoid buying it.

  • With Adobe Premiere, you can easily design a very professional video.
  • It includes a good number of templates and music that you can use for free if you are already a subscriber.
  • It has a huge number of font effects, in addition to professional transitions between slides.
  • The program is available for: windows – macOS
  • The price of the individual version is $20 per month.

Download the Aobe Premiere Pro program

13- Final cut pro program

If you own a MacBook, the best paid professional video design program you can use is Final Cut Pro.

  • The program is designed by Apple.
  • Only available as a paid version.
  • Every second of the video can be designed professionally through the features available in the program.
  • Despite its professionalism, its price is somewhat high, amounting to $299.
  • You can do professional focus and masking with simple clicks.
  • The program has been improved to suit devices that have the Apple M chip, and thus you will get better performance.
  • You will find a collection of 2D and 3D designs that you can use for free.

Despite all these features, I still think that its price is high, because we all know that Apple will not provide you with all the features that you want to get, and you will have to buy more complementary tools to get everything you need.

Final Cut Pro program for Mac devices

14- Camtasia program

Camtasia was and still is one of the most widely used video design programs for computers.

Although there are many other alternative programs for it, it still receives the preference of many content creators.

  • You can download the program for: MacOs – Windows
  • The program is very famous as a tool for screen recording and editing.
  • You can also take advantage of many of the editing tools provided by Camtasia and create a professional video.
  • The program also provides a set of good templates and effects, in addition to a good number of texts.

In fact, I think that the price of the program is somewhat high compared to many other programs here that can offer you more features at a lower price.

You can purchase the paid version of the program for a one-time price of $300.

Download camtasia program for computer

15- Videoscribe program

If you are a fan of whiteboard videos and hand drawing, those videos that are similar to the videos of Akhdar channel, then this program is the best ever.

  • You can download the application for all devices and operating systems.
  • The application is available through a monthly subscription priced at $17.5 or annually at $96.
  • The program provides professional templates for the intro and end of the video, in addition to other templates used for special purposes.
  • The program contains a huge number of free stickers, sounds, and music
  • You can use the program on various devices.
  • The program has many educational templates that you can also use in your basic work.

Although Videoscribe is one of my favorite video design programs, I think it is best to use it to design two types of videos:

  • Promotional videos for yourself or your business.
  • Or sell these videos to clients on freelance sites , as it is a sought-after type and has high prices.

If you do not intend to use it for the above, it is better to use render forest, as you will get more types of templates that can be used in more variety.

Note: Video Scribe provides a free 7-day trial that you can benefit from.

Download Videoscribe to create whiteboard videos

These were the best video design programs for the computer that I used to make a professional video.

Now tell me…

What program do you think is most suitable for you and that you will start with?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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