Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers (9 may destroy your account)

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers (9 may destroy your account)

Buying Instagram followers has become the quickest and first solution for many people who have the desire to become influencers.

Therefore, many sites began offering services for buying and selling followers, whether for Instagram or any other platform, at very low prices.

Although this is illegal and may put your account at risk of being closed, many people do it.

I am here now to tell you the harm that may result and why you should not buy Instagram followers at any time.

But first let’s talk a little about…

Why buy Instagram followers?

There are many reasons that can be mentioned that push anyone to buy followers.

All of these reasons will mostly be limited to 3, which are:

  • Ordinary person: Here you want more followers to appear different and distinct among your friends.
  • One of the influencers on another platform: Most likely you have learned how powerful Instagram is as a marketing platform and you want to increase your followers on this platform as well to promote your business.
  • Company or brand: You want to appear more professional or as a strong, well-known brand, and thus increase social proof so that buyers trust your brand and product.

Most likely anyone reading this topic will be one of these.

What type are you?

Whether you are an ordinary person, an influencer, or even a new brand, you must stop procrastinating, because you will eventually suffer from…

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

Although there are some benefits to increasing Instagram followers in this way, such as: social proof through a large number or attracting the attention of some ordinary people, the consequences may be more important, the most important of which are:

1- Weak interaction

Do not think, even for a moment, that by purchasing a group of followers for your Instagram account, interaction on your posts will increase.

I have more than one friend who have already tried it on their personal accounts and did not get a single interaction.

One of my friends doubled the number of followers to 3,000, and the other increased his account to 10,000 followers. In both cases, the interaction on their posts was the same basic interaction.

Therefore, you can say that the followers that are purchased or obtained through programs are just a facade and nothing more.

Since the majority of people who do this are people (you are one of them) and not companies, my advice to you is:

Buying followers for your personal accounts will not make you an influencer. You need to have a real influence on your followers in order to deserve your position among other influencers.

Important note: The vast majority of these accounts are not accounts of actual people and will mostly be fake accounts.

Information on the speed, according to the influencer marketing hub , about the number of followers and the rate of interaction:

  • 8% interaction for accounts with less than 1,000 followers mostly.
  • 4% engagement for accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers.
  • 2.4% for accounts that have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.
  • 1.8% interaction on Instagram accounts that include from 100,000 to one million.
  • 1.7% for those accounts that have more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

Therefore, any significant decrease or huge increase in this interaction rate (and this is what actually happens to those who buy accounts), companies know that it is exploited by illegal methods to inflate either the number of followers or interactions.

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2- The decrease in the number of followers over time

The biggest problem that every person who buys followers for his Instagram account faces is the small number of these followers over time.

This shortage will not be in small numbers, but in noticeable numbers.

For example, my friend who I told you increased his account followers to 10,000 in this way. Do you remember him?

He had 9,800 followers after just a few days.

Therefore, you will find that many sites that sell these followers have a compensation service.

Think for a while….

To what extent will the company compensate for your deficiency? Twice maximum…

The number will certainly decrease after that, and you will not be able to request compensation for it.

Therefore, it is just money wasted on accounts that most likely will not continue to follow you for a long time.

3- Non-targeted accounts

Whether you want to become an influencer on Instagram or you are a company that wants to impress its customers and generate sales, you need carefully targeted accounts to follow you.

Currently, only those who excel in specific niches are making money from Instagram.

Even the providers of comedy or entertainment content are specialists in the entertainment niche.

Therefore, their audience may be somewhat general, but this is due to the nature of what they offer, but the audience is still targeted.

In most cases, the group that prefers entertainment content will be young people, right?

But if you buy for followers, you will get various accounts in terms of: 

  • The countries of those account holders (and therefore the companies will not contact you).
  • And ages (and therefore you do not know your audience and the companies will not know it either).

Therefore, the biggest danger to you here is ignorance of your audience, and therefore you cannot sell or promote anything to them.

4- Close your account

In Instagram’s policies, the danger of buying followers on your account is mentioned.

With the continuous updates to Facebook and Instagram algorithms, it has become easy to identify fake Instagram accounts that are being exploited to provide followers.

Therefore, if your account is detected, one of two actions will be taken against your account:

  • Delete fake followers from your account.
  • Or suspend your account or even close it completely.

Either way, it will ruin your reputation as an influencer trying to make his way in a sea full of whale influencers.

Therefore, brotherly advice: Stay away from buying Instagram followers and make sure to find unique content to publish, then use some ads to grow your account legitimately.

5- Your sales will not change often

Here, it is directed more towards business account holders, whether companies, or influencers who have already planned to use Instagram to promote specific products.

Once again quickly so as not to repeat information…

The accounts that will buy you to follow will be highly diverse and not targeted at all.

Also, most of these accounts will be fake accounts.

Therefore, getting sales from these followers is almost impossible.

6- Your main followers’ lack of confidence in you

If you found an account that provided good content and followed it, and then later found that it had acquired a huge number of followers but without interaction, what would your reaction be?

Most likely, you will unfollow this person without thinking, no matter how good their content is.

This is what I would actually do, I don’t know what you would do!!

But for me, I prefer to follow someone who has a small number of loyal followers and communicates with them and responds to them constantly.

A fair number of people agree with me on this.

Therefore, try not to lose your main followers while trying to buy fake followers.

7- A huge number of spam comments

One of the most important harms of buying Instagram followers is spam or bad comments.

Mostly fake accounts will not interact with you at all!!

But if they interact, you will find a lot of obscene comments, or comments containing information to deceive your followers.

That’s why it’s very important that you pay attention to this matter.

8- Wasted money on non-interactive followers

As I told you above, followers are not engaged, they do not buy, and they bring with them a lot of spam.

In addition to all this, you also pay money to obtain them.

Although this money is much less than the amounts you would pay if you advertised on the platform itself…

However, one interactive follower for whom you pay $1 is better than 100 non-interactive followers for whom you pay the same amount.

Calculate well your return on investment (ROI) and whether it is worth paying any amount for these followers or not.

More importantly, will you be able in the end to recoup the money you paid while making a profit or not?

This is what you have to think about, because uninvested money is wasted money.

9- Keep advertisers away from you

Do you remember the study I told you about above? These are the reaction rates…

Advertisers often use this equation along with many other evaluations to evaluate your Instagram account.

When you buy Instagram followers for your account, you will often break all normal rates.

So companies and brands can discover you.

The truth is that the best thing about making money from Instagram is sponsored ads for brands and becoming an ambassador for different brands.

Mostly this is excellent with girls, but with young men as well, there are a lot of paid advertisements.

Therefore, if you want to maintain good interaction and an excellent relationship with brands that will one day enable you to obtain a special offer, perhaps you should avoid buying any followers for your Instagram account.

Now let me quickly tell you about…

How do follower buying sites work?

When you buy Instagram followers, you get approximately 1,000 followers for $5-10.

Sometimes we find those prices much lower

But is it logical and worth it?

The followers you purchase are either:

  • Real followers: Here you will get high happiness from them, because in return they get a portion of the money you pay to the site.
  • Fake followers: Here you will only get useless bots or accounts without any interaction, and the selling sites do them through special server programs.
  • A mixture of both: This is what most sites for buying and selling Instagram followers do.

In any case, whether they are real or fake followers, they are not interactive at all.

So it is definitely not worth it and there are many alternatives that I will tell you below.

Effective and legitimate alternatives to buying followers

But what if you want to increase Instagram followers and do not know how to do so?

The solution now is through legitimate means, which will most likely be a little slow compared to purchasing.

1- Continuous publishing

Posting widely on your account is the first method you should follow to increase your followers.

The more interactive and constantly updated your account is, the more Instagram will continue to recommend you to other users.

The natural result will be more followers.

The most important advice here is to publish unique content…

Whatever your type of content, you should always publish what your audience needs, exclusive and eye-catching content.

But if you constantly publish and your content is undesirable, you will often not find the result you are looking for.

2- Use hashtags

Hashtags are also an excellent method that will save you the need to buy both followers and likes.

Many people who are interested in certain things follow the hashtag and like the pictures that appear to them.

If your content is very distinctive, you will find that many people have already started following you.

You can use hashtags for places, special products, and even your own psychological state, and you will find many people who share what you share with them.

3- Use Instagram reels

The Ritz has spread widely and has become somewhat of a competitor to TikTok clips.

Since it is popular, it is definitely an excellent way to get more interaction and more followers.

What’s special about reels is that they appear better on Instagram than podcasts or regular posts.

Therefore, using it gives your account an advantage, and thus more fame.

4- Interact constantly

Continuous interaction with celebrity accounts, even simple accounts, on Instagram may help you very much in reaching more followers.

All you have to do is find content similar to the content you are presenting, start following it constantly, and then comment at the appropriate time.

Focus very much on providing valuable content when you interact and never belittle the content creator.

It is also important that you interact with anyone who interacts with your content so that you can add them to your follower list.

5- Encourage followers to share your content

If there is something better than buying Instagram followers, it is creating very unique content that anyone can share as soon as they see it.

Many influencers have been able to gather a huge number of followers this way, and you can do it too.

Just think about viral content that you can start preparing and expect your followers to share.

Then publish it and wait, and you will find the posts come with followers, and this is what we need.

6- Follow your competitors and imitate them

Your competitors in the same field, if you are a company, or other influencers may be the best solution instead of buying???

All you have to do is know what content is popular with them and what their audience wants, then start preparing better or same-quality content.

Most likely, Instagram will automatically promote your content to the same audience or an audience similar to that of your competitors.

But here it is also important to prepare your account and make the bio similar to those of competing accounts.

7- Advertising on Instagram

There is no better platform than Instagram that you can use to buy Instagram followers.

All you have to do is search for strong content suitable for your audience and then start preparing it.

After that, all you have to do is go and promote your post from within your Instagram account.

Depending on your content budget, you will find a good number of followers.

These were the most important harms of buying Instagram followers, along with the alternatives that you can use in this.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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