Piping in Tik Tok (Does it give money?)

Piping in Tik Tok (Does it give money?)

What is tackling in Tik Tok?

Is it useful? Does the content creator get money through it?

I will answer all these questions in detail.

Whether you are a TikToker or a TikTok who wants to know more about what is happening in this program, this topic will find what you are looking for.

First, let’s get to know…

What is tackling in Tik Tok?

Surely, I watched one of the rounds on a live broadcast on TikTok, and I found the owner of the broadcast shouting, “Kabsoo, kabsoo,” or “Takbis, Takbis.”

The meaning of tapping here is to constantly press on a screen.

Pressing at the beginning of pressing for the first time provides some points to the streamer, but if you have already pressed, it turns into likes.

You can do this: 

  • manually by yourself.
  • Or through one of the programs.

The most famous program that many content creators talk about is Auto Clicker.

The program is available for Android, and there are also similar applications available for iPhone, which you can benefit from.

I found a TikTok video that explains the program in a simple way that you can benefit from:


Now let’s talk about the most important part…

The benefit of tapping in Tik Tok

Is tamping beneficial?


Otherwise why do all the live streamers ask you to do it?

But what are those benefits?

The benefits can be divided into:

The benefit of squinting for the viewer

In the video that I previously shared with you above, setting the program to constantly zoom on the screen enables you to benefit from the components of the boxes that are shared in the broadcast by the content creator.

Usually hundreds or thousands of people watch the broadcast, so the chance that you will open the box faster than these people is slim.

And therefore…

Some people use the “Press Up” program to constantly press the box.

Thus, once the box is opened, they will have a greater chance than anyone else, and thus win coins and Tik Tok points .

The benefit of stacking for the content creator (Tik Toker)

As for the broadcast presenter, the benefits are many, and they can be summarized as follows:

  • Piping is a sharing of the broadcast, and thus it will get more viewers.
  • If the video appears to more people, most likely some of these people may send Tik Tok gifts , and thus it helps you profit from Tik Tok indirectly.
  • A person’s points increase in the case of challenges, and thus may help him slightly in winning the challenge.
  • However, if the challenge is strong and the opponent has more supporters, then tampering will most likely not help him.
  • The increase in subscribers to his account is also a result of nature.

Therefore, it is very normal to find content creators asking you to press 3 times on the screen.

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But the most important question now…

Is it worth the money?

I told you that pistoning may increase your points in broadcasting, but will you get money from it?


Piping on TikTok does not have any direct financial compensation, but it certainly has indirect results in increasing profits.

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This was all about taping in Tik Tok and its benefits, and an explanation of its method.

Now, if you have any questions regarding this topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

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