Domains: Best Buying Sites (all the information you need)

Domain and the best buying sites (all the information you need)

Whether you own an electronic blog, a service website, or work in various marketing fields, it is very important for you to know that you need a

domainto prove your presence on the Internet, and you may think that you can skip this step and rely on free domains, or that you can use free platforms for blogging and blogging. But trust me when I tell you that the obstacles you will face are countless, whether in applying for affiliate programs or joining one of the advertising networks, and most importantly, is the appearance of your site in a completely unprofessional appearance, which you certainly do not want if you want to build a business and A source of income that you can rely on one day, don’t you think so?!It is very important for me to mention the benefits of a domain and why you should

buy a domainand not depend at all ona free domain. However, due to the many points that must be discussed, I decided to explain all of these details and differences in another topic so that you can understand very clearly what a domain can offer you. Paid and cannot provide the free domain.In this topic we will learn about:

– What is a domain or domain name?
– Who is responsible for domain names?
– Types of domains
– The best domain extension
– How to choose a domain name for your blog or website?
– The best sites for buying domains

What is a domain? 

A domain or domain name is the unique address of your website. It is a unique address that cannot be owned by more than one person at the same time.
If you look up at the title of the blog you are reading now, you will find that our domain is ( This is the name of our distinguished domain, which if you type in any search engine, you will find yourself inside our blog.
According to the proverb used on all sites to explain what is a domain?

We can use the same proverb now (if the website is the home, then the domain is the home address).This was the simplified explanation, and now let us expand on the topic. Technically: The Internet in its current form is a huge network that brings together millions of devices and sites around the world, all of which are linked to each other through a global network of wires. In order to differentiate each device from the other, a unique symbol has been given to each device, which is a Numbers such as:
. Every device has this unique address. Now imagine that you want to browse a website. You have to memorize this number and write it down every time you want to enter the site. Will you remember it?
Certainly not, so domain names were invented to facilitate this matter and make websites more accessible.

* A domain consists of mostly 3 sections: If we take the domain of our blog, for example (,

the first section

(www) is also called the third level domain: it means that this website is on the World Wide Web, and this section can be replaced With a subdomain, if the Profits Geek blog has a website in English, the address will be and so on.– The second section

(profitsgeek): It is the distinguished name of the domain and is also called (second level domain), and this name cannot in any way be repeated for more than one site.The third section

(.com) is called the extension: which can be used by any website and contains several types that you will learn about below.

Who is responsible for domain names? 

The one responsible for essentially organizing domains and setting policies for domain names is a non-profit organization called ICANN (Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers),
which allows domain buying sites to sell and modify domains, in addition to renewing them and transferring them to another company if you wish. that .

What are the types of domains? 

There are 3 types of domains

TLD (top level domain): They are names with general extensions and are classified as among the highest levels of domains in the domain system. They include hundreds of domain extensions, but the most famous are: (.com – .org – .net). These domains can be purchased by anyone.(ccTLD (country code top level domain): These are domain names that contain a specific country code at the end and are purchased to target a specific region. Such as the extension (eg.), which is a special extension for the country of Egypt
Itis said that only a person from the same country can buy a domain that ends with the extension for his country.

(gTLD (generic top level domain): It can be considered a TLD, but it is used to describe a specific category or activity, for example, within this type of domains) .gov), which is used for government facilities,or the extension (.edu), which is used for educational facilities, and so on.

What is the best domain extension? 


After we learned above about the types of domains (extensions), what is the best domain extension to buy?
If you are wondering this, let me tell you that there is no domain better than the other, but depending on the most popular one on the Internet, everyone prefers to reserve a domain with the extension (.com) because it is the most widely used and famous among users.But of course, if you are a technical website, you can buy the .tech domain, or if you are an organization, you can buy a .org or .net domain, and thus there will be no problem or any harm that will happen to you at all.

How to buy a good domain (how to choose the best domain)? 

Choosing a professional domain is the first step that you must take. There are many properties and specifications that a domain must have and that you must pay attention to before purchasing your own domain.
But for your information, more than 400 million domain names have been reserved so far, which makes it difficult for people now to find a distinctive domain to use on their blogs and websites. Therefore, it is necessary to hurry to acquire a distinctive domain before most of the distinguished names are reserved.

Here are now some specifications that you must find in the domain that you have decided to buy:– Always use popular extensions such as (com – .org – .net).It is preferable to start with the .com extension
– Make sure as much as possible to choose a domain name that is related to your field or specialization. If If you are a blog specializing in blogging, you can use the word blog or SEO in the domain, and so on.
– Make sure to choose a short and easy-to-remember domain
– Minimize the use of numbers in your domain name as much as possible
– You can use the

Domain Wheelto help you choose a good name for your online activity.

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The best 5 sites to buy a domain 

There are dozens of sites and companies for purchasing domains on the Internet, but here I present to you the best sites for reserving domains, ranked from the best in terms of several things including (price – renewal price – ease of use – and support)

1- Namecheap (Namecheap)

namecheap is considered one of the most famous Domain sites and hosting in the world. The most important thing that distinguishes namecheap is the low renewal price and very good technical support.
When purchasing a domain from Namecheap, make sure to use your real data so that you can contact support in the event of any problems.
You can reserve a domain from Namecheap for $8.88 and renewal costs $13, which is considered one of the lowest renewal prices for domains.

2- Godaddy

Godaddy is a well-known name in the field of purchasing domains and is the largest in terms of the number of registered domains, but in the recent period the company has raised the prices of domains, so the purchase price has become $13 and the renewal price for a domain is $18, but there are discount coupons that can be used in order to obtain I got a discount on the domain price.

3- is also considered one of the most important sites for buying domain names and the best if you want to trade domains, especially on a site like Sedo, that is, you buy the premium domain and then sell it at higher prices.
– The price of reserving a domain from the name website starts from $8.99 for a domain with a .com extension
– The renewal price for a .com domain is $13


is also one of the distinguished domain reservation sites that has one price for renewing and purchasing a domain. It is $10 for the .com extension.

5- Bluehost

If you want to start your blog on WordPress, the best way is to get a free domain for a year with Blue Host’s hosting.
When you purchase hosting for your site, Bluehost provides you with a free domain for a year, so you do not need to buy a domain from any other site.
Bluehost hosting starts at $3.75 per month.

If you purchase through this banner, we will receive a small commission, which is the source of our profit from the blog, knowing that this certainly will not affect the price, but will provide you with some items sometimes.

Do you have any questions ? 
After I tried to explain in a simplified way everything related to the domain in terms of purchasing and booking and the best sites and extensions. If you have a question about anything, do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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