Explaining my experience with propeller ads with proof of withdrawal

Explaining my experience with propeller ads with proof of withdrawal

In continuation of the series of reviews of AdSense alternatives , we decided to explain in this topic the Propellerads website , which for many bloggers and owners of various websites is considered one of the best AdSense alternatives, especially if your audience is from foreign countries, but my experience now with Arabic content, I will I will explain my experience in detail and what is the worst and best thing I found in Propeller Ads.

 Registration on the site does not require anything, but adding a site inside requires that it be a paid domain and not free as it was before.

Explanation of Propeller Ads, an AdSense alternative 

1- Register on propeller ads 

All you have to do to register on the site is:

– Go to Propeller ads
– Complete the data in the image below.

Create an account on propellerads

– After that, a message will be sent to your email to confirm your account. Go back to it and click on the link attached to the message, then log in to your account. 

2- Add your website or blog to Propeller ads 

After you have successfully logged in to your account, we now come to the most important step, in which we add your blog to the Propeller Ads website, but are there any conditions for the site to be accepted?

– The only condition that Propeller ads requires is that you own a paid domain, and I have nominated for you a group of the best sites on this subject. Just enter the

comprehensive guide to buying domains, and now all you have to do is add your site or blog as in the picture below:– All you have to do now is go to Sites and click Add site

In the image above, you will find some important information such as:
* A free .tk domain is accepted
. * Any sub-domain is not accepted (blogspot – wix – wordpress – etc.)

– After that, you must add the domain for your blog in the form (domain.com) without adding www or add https.
– Copy the code that Propeller Ads will provide you and add it under the Head tag if you are (Blogger) or you can download the file and upload it to the root of your site if you are WordPress or special programming.

(See the picture below)

– Then click on Verify to activate your blog and you can add the advertising units you want. 

3- Types of advertisements in Propeller ads and how to add the advertisement 

Adding an ad to your site or blog is very easy. After adding your blog, click on Add zone and choose one of the 5 types of ads:

– In page push ads
, which are banner ads that appear in the form of small messages on the site from the top or bottom. It contains only buttons. Banner advertisement
– Push notification advertisements
are advertisements in which the visitor subscribes to the mailing list. They are in the form of a notification saying, Do you wish to subscribe to the site? In this type, the visitor can agree or reject
– Pop under
advertisement. Pop-up window advertisement. In this type, the advertisement code is placed, and as soon as the visitor clicks on any part of your blog, a pop-up advertisement appears for the visitor, such as those advertisements on sites for watching movies and series
– Interstitial advertisement
. This type is a pop-up advertisement that occupies part of the screen and is above the content of your blog, and it is one of The most used and most profitable advertisement
– Direct link advertisement
from the name of the advertisement is a link to which you send visitors directly and you earn money from those visits.

After choosing the type of advertisement, all you have to do is take the code for the advertisement and post it on your blog.

4- Profit rates from propeller ads

Many bloggers have said that propeller ads are considered the best alternative to AdSense, and this is what we will talk about now in detail and begin by answering whether the CPM for propeller ads is really high and achieves good profits?

Yes, but it will definitely not come close to the CPM for AdSense. All you have to do is leave the ads on your site for a week or days and you will find that the profit rates have begun to increase (do not judge the rates from the first day and remove the ads).

The best type of The most profitable ads from Propeller are Popunder ads, but they are annoying ads that visitors hate.

Sometimes the

CPM reaches $50or more (see that picture below)

propeller ads CPM


5- Withdrawing profits from the Propeller ads website 

Propeller Ads offers two payment methods

– monthly payment
– weekly payment.

There were more than 5 ways to pay profits on Propeller Ads in previous periods, but in this period the site provides only two methods:

– Paypal
– Web Money.

The minimum payment is

$5with proof of payment. From the Propeller ads website

Proof of payment from Propeller Ads

6- Does Propeller ads offer an affiliate program? 

Propeller Ads offers

5%of the profits of publishers or advertisers.My personal experience and final comments about Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads is indeed an honest site and is indeed considered one of the best AdSense alternatives. Although Propeller Ads profits are already high, in order to obtain those Rates and profits You must have a large number of visitors and you will actually find very good profits.
Propeller Ads with Arabic content is good, but it needs traffic, as I said previously, and payment from the site is good and fast.
To get the best CPM, try to diversify the advertising units and place 2 or 3 different units.
Push notification ads offer good profits if you have an audience from the Gulf countries.

Do you have any questions about Propeller ads?

If you do not find what you are looking for in the topic, do not hesitate to ask us on our Facebook page or through the comments.

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