Earn $10 a day (the best and easiest ways) 2024

Earn $10 a day (the best and easiest ways) 2024

Earning $10 a day is something that can be achieved.

But although it can be achieved, and even though it is a small amount, it requires some effort from you.

Of course, there are easy ways, but most of what you can earn that $10 from will require you to learn a specific skill.

So in this topic, I will tell you in detail how you can earn this amount daily.

Not only that, but I will also recommend some sites that you can learn from.

Now if you are ready, let’s get started and learn about…

Ways to earn $10 a day

The methods below are diverse and I started from the easiest, which does not require skill, to the methods that require some effort from you.

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1- Carrying out mini tasks

Did you know that you can profit by:

  • Register on various sites.
  • Follow some accounts on Instagram.
  • Like some Twitter accounts.
  • Comment on or subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Watch some ads.
  • Download some applications.
  • And other simple tasks…

From the methods above, you can earn $10 per day.


Although most of these tasks are easy to perform, it takes a lot of time.

Therefore, if you do not have any skill or capital, I advise you to start from here.

The best sites you can work on are: 

  • Picoworkers: The best for all countries. It has more than 500 tasks that you can perform. It is very suitable for Egyptians and has a lot of withdrawal proofs through it:

Proof of withdrawal from picoworkers

  • Timebucks: Another very special site for mini-tasks, whether for Egyptians, Arabs, or foreigners, but the withdrawal methods through it are few, as it only provides Payeer and Airtm banks (I withdrew through it several times as well).

Proof of profit from timebucks

2- Opinion polls

Many brands want to know some of their users’ opinions about their products.

Therefore, indirectly, these companies contact some opinion poll sites and ask them for specific questionnaires and questions in exchange for a sum.

Since these survey sites have a huge base of people, they send these questions to them and give those who answer those questions a portion of the money they have already taken from the brands.

Note: Opinion polls are an excellent way to get $10 a day, but only if you are in one of the Arab Gulf countries.

The two best sites in my experience are: 

  • Ysense: The best and easiest site ever, and I withdrew approximately $800 through it to my PayPal account:

ysense website profits

  • Yougov: A network that mainly specializes in surveys only, and here you are paid via Western Union if you are able to collect a minimum of $50.

3- Writing articles

Writing Arabic articles is one of the most requested services ever.

Every day people start blogs and want some help writing content for their sites.

Therefore, this field will continue, and the more Arabs know about blogging, the greater the opportunities for profit here.

Earning $10 a day is very easy by writing content!!!


You can only do this if you are professional enough to have a good number of clients (at least 3 regular clients per month).

The price of an Arabic article consisting of approximately 1,000 words (and professionally written) is approximately $5.

Therefore, you only need to submit two articles per day and you will be able to earn those ten dollars with ease.

Make sure you: 

  • You can write interesting content (you can search for content writing courses, whether Arabic or foreign, and start learning from them).
  • After that, make sure to build a distinctive portfolio (CV and work samples), even if you write articles for yourself.
  • Now you have to start promoting your service through groups of website owners on Facebook.
  • You can also add your service on the Khamsat website and display it in a distinctive way.

Note: If your English is excellent, you can submit articles in English at fantastic prices of up to $40 per article.

4- Providing publishing services in forums and websites

Once again with the owners of blogs and websites…

But this time you will not be writing for them, but rather you will start promoting their content.

When we publish links to a site or blog on other blogs or sites, this helps the site improve its visibility when someone searches for it.

Therefore, many website owners (especially beginners) often need people to publish for them.

Here comes your role in providing this service to them.

This does not require any skill at all, and at the same time it is in high demand on freelance sites .

All you need is:

  • A distinguished list of Arab forums .
  • You register on these sites and forums.
  • Display your services distinctively on any freelancer website.
  • Once someone requests what you offer, all you have to do is go to those sites and start publishing the content that they will tell you about.

Note: It is very important to see what your competitors are offering you and offer at least double it in the beginning until you get buyers.

5- Own your own Blogger blog

Starting a Blogger blog does not cost more than 200 Egyptian pounds (about 12 dollars)…

The nice thing about Blogger blogs is that they are an excellent source of passive income of more than $10 per day if you work on them properly.

Blogs are: sites through which specific content is shared (such as this blog), and as soon as someone searches for something you have written about, it begins to appear to them if your content is worthy.

How do you win here?

ways to make money from blogging , but in general, most new bloggers rely on:

All you need is: 

  • Choose a profitable niche to write in.
  • Since the average profit from every 1000 visits to Arabic content is $2.
  • So, you need approximately 5,000 daily visits to your blog articles in order to earn $10 per day.
  • The average articles you need vary from one niche to another, but in general you will need approximately at least 250 articles.

Note: Stay away from content in complex fields such as (health – financial and investment advice) because the competition is huge.

6- Start your YouTube channel

There is more than one way to start your YouTube channel .

You can start on your own via phone and at no significant cost. All you need is distinctive content that you write, then display, and then make a professional video montage.

Or you can earn money from your channel without appearing , and I talked about this in detail in a previous topic.

The most important thing you need to do is start.

What you need is: 

  • Choose a name and domain for your channel and configure it in terms of images, tags, description, etc.
  • Achieving profit conditions from YouTube and reaching 1,000 subscribers to your channel and about 4,000 hours of views on your videos.
  • Since the average profits for YouTube channels are about $2/1000 views on Arabic content (such as blogs)…
  • So, you will need 5,000 daily views of your videos in order to get $10 a day from YouTube.
  • Once you reach this, you can add more and more until you reach the appropriate profit for you.

There are many other ways through which you can earn $10 per day.

But I believe that these are the easiest and most effective methods that can be implemented by anyone.

So if there is anything you would like to add or ask me about, please feel free to leave your comment and contact me.

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