How to earn $50 a day? (Top 5 methods in detail) 2024

How to earn $50 a day? (Top 5 methods in detail) 2024

Want to know how to earn $50 a day?

$50 a day is a lot of money, but you can achieve it if you set a goal in front of you and divide it into simple steps.

Therefore, since this amount is often large, you will need to invest in all the methods found here.


Some of the methods here can be started with no capital at all.

What I need you to know is that: You must then invest in this electronic project so that you can reach the amount you want daily.

Now, if you want a detailed explanation of each field, let me tell you…

How to earn $50 a day from the Internet?

There are certainly some other methods that you can work on, but the group in this topic is the best and the one that most people work on and make more than $50 a day from.

Blogging, for example, is my field from which I make this income, so I will talk about it in the next part…

1- Own a blog

You need a huge Arabic blog with high advertising prices so that you can earn $50 a day.

But if you can invest some money in foreign content, English blogs that target visitors from the United States are the best of all.


  • Profit per 1000 visits to Arabic content: $5 (in the best case scenario)
  • Average profit per 1,000 page views on US-targeted content: approximately $26.

And therefore…..

  • You need 10,000 visits per day to Arabic content to reach a daily profit of $50.
  • But you only need 2000 visits per day from the United States and you will find your income is 50 dollars.

Therefore, if you have an amount or capital that you can invest, I definitely advise you on foreign content.

But if your capital is low or you do not have capital at all, all you have to do is start with Arabic content.

Steps to earn $50 a day from blogging:

  • Learn to write articles (there are many good resources on the Internet).
  • Launch your own blog.
  • Start writing consistently and make some of your money in articles.
  • You need at least about 600 articles on your site in order to get 10,000 visits per day and thus 50 dollars.
  • Start promoting your articles, whether on Facebook or YouTube, to attract some readers.
  • After that, you need to apply to the AdSense program and wait for your site to be accepted.
  • If you are not accepted, apply again until you are accepted (after fixing the problems that he advises you about).

Note: In order for you to build a real business and a strong website that will bring you the income you desire, you must provide excellent content to your reader in order to reach the fame of other competing sites in your field.

You can learn how to create a blog and earn money from it in detail by clicking on the previous link.

2- Start a YouTube channel

YouTube channels are a treasure trove of profits, and that is why you find many Arabs who have already begun to launch their channels and profit from them.

Whether your videos are entertainment or on scientific topics, you will find people interested in your content, and thus you will earn much more than just $50 a day.

But that’s only if: 

Your videos were fun and worth the viewers’ time and attention.

Despite the success of many channels, you should know that thousands of other channels have failed and their owners have not achieved anything from them.

So do not rely on YouTube being profitable.

Rely mainly on providing valuable content, and once you continue, you will find your channel numbers constantly increasing.

Steps to earn $50 a day from YouTube: 

  • Create a channel with a professional appearance and description.
  • Create a professional intro for your videos.
  • Don’t forget the purity and quality of the sound (use a clear, loud microphone).
  • Use a fun style in your video to attract your audience’s attention.
  • Provide valuable information if the videos are explanations.
  • The image quality of your video is very important if you are making entertainment videos.
  • Try to run competitions on an ongoing basis for your audience to increase interaction on your channel and increase spread.
  • Try to collect the largest number of subscribers to your channel (at least 1,000) and get 4,000 hours of video views.
  • Now it’s time to apply for the Adsense program to start earning your channel .
  • In order to get $50 a day, you need at least 20,000 views a day on Arabic content and only about 5,000 views on foreign content.

Even if you do not want to appear on YouTube, you can earn money without having to.

Advice: Start publishing content continuously on your channel (at least 5 videos per week) and make some ads to increase people’s access to your videos (this is the best way to avoid despair from a weak start).

3- Forex trading

Trading in general is considered the best way to get an excellent income, but only if you are professional enough.

Forex is trading in foreign currency pairs. You sell the dollar and buy the euro or vice versa or any other two currencies with the aim of making a profit from those transactions.

It is also one of the riskiest types of trading (because of the leverage that enables you to multiply your money up to 1000 times).

Therefore, although earning $50 a day through it is very normal and there are people who profit more than that, many people, especially beginners, lost most of their capital in it.

But if that is the case, why am I putting it in this topic for you?

Because it is indeed an excellent way to transform a small handful of money you have into a very large amount that you may not be able to count.

How to earn $50 a day from Forex?

  •  First, you need to learn everything about Forex as a financial market.
  • After that, you must learn everything about the trading platform that you will use in terms of indicators, how to enter deals, etc.
  • Now you have to learn everything about technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the market.
  • It is also important to look at some of the trading strategies used by professional traders.
  • You should also focus on specific currency pairs and practice trading them continuously.
  • You also need to practice trading for a period of no less than 3 months through a demo account.
  • Finally, you must choose the best trading platform to start, and here I recommend the Exness platform as a start.

Note: After learning everything above, you will still lose a percentage of your money, but now you know well how you can analyze the market again and compensate for your losses, so it is important that you learn well even from your mistakes.

The most important note: Never start trading without learning all the basics of Forex .

4- Affiliate marketing on social media

With affiliate marketing on social media, you can easily earn $50 a day from it.

However, it does not achieve passive income, and therefore it is the 4th method on our list.

Whatever country you live in now, you can do affiliate marketing on social media.

The nice thing here is that the matter is not limited to marketing only to your country (although I prefer this because your knowledge of it will be better), but you can market to any other country.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is the numbers.

It depends entirely here on the analysis of your numbers, through which you will often be able to improve your advertising campaigns and increase your profits.

I have a friend who works with a client in Egypt who finances advertising campaigns worth 80 thousand pounds per month, and his profits from it are approximately 30 thousand pounds (more than 50 dollars per day).

How to earn $50 a day from affiliate marketing on social media?

  • Determine the product you will be marketing (I have created more than 30 affiliate marketing programs that you can review).
  • After that, you need to get to know your target audience better (where can you sell the product? – What age are your target customers? – Are they women or men? – etc.)
  • Now you have to determine where exactly your audience is located? On which platform? (Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Snapchat – Tik Tok)
  • You must now become a professional at launching advertising campaigns on this platform
  • After that, you must learn content marketing (so that you can convince your customers by focusing on their benefits from purchasing your product).
  • Now you have to analyze your campaign numbers, make some adjustments, and see their impact on the results until you reach the best result.
  • After that, you have to prepare for your second campaign for another product, and so on.

Note: Most affiliate sites pay commissions through PayPal, so make sure you have an account in order to receive your commissions.

5- Selling courses

Now you have a skill and you don’t know how to exploit it…

Courses are one of the best areas of work on the Internet that can bring you continuous income without stopping, even if you stop!!

Suppose, for example, that you decided to learn content writing and became very professional at it, what now?

All you have to do is start preparing an intensive course in which you explain your experiences in content writing in an enjoyable way and transfer your experiences to other people who are actually interested in learning content writing.

You may think that you are not good enough to offer a course or educational course, but who among us is good enough?

How will you know if you are good or not if you do not present what you know?

Steps to earn $50 a day from selling courses:

  • First, you must identify your strengths (what skill can you offer?).
  • Next you should outline what you will present in an external paper.
  • Now prepare the content for each subtitle you have already placed.
  • Start now transferring the content written on a sheet of paper to one of the presentation programs (Google Slides – Powerpoint).
  • You can seek help from someone who has good taste and experience in designing presentations to turn your content into interesting explanations.
  • Now you have to start recording your audio explanation on those slides.
  • Now you have to use one of the video editing programs in order to edit your video in the best way.
  • Now is the time to upload your course to one of the course selling sites (udemy – skillshare – Yafaa – or your own website).
  • After that, the final step is to promote your course, whether paid or free.

Advice: The best way to promote your course is YouTube. Create a channel and start uploading some short videos in the same field as your course on an ongoing basis. Once the number of subscribers to your channel increases, you will find some purchases occurring automatically.

This was a detailed explanation of how to earn $50 a day through the 5 best methods this year.

Of course there are other ways, but if you focus on one of these ways, I assure you that you will achieve this amount with ease.

Now tell me…

Which of these methods do you think is best for you? Is it blogging, YouTube, or marketing?

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