Earn money from watching ads with CCP payment (best sites)

Earn money from watching ads with CCP payment (best sites)

Looking for a way to make money from watching ads with CCP payment?

Finding sites that provide suitable payment methods in Algeria may be a bit of a challenge.

But, it is certainly not impossible.

Therefore, in this guide, I have collected for you the best sites through which you can watch ads and withdraw your profits via CCP.

Certainly, they are honest sites from which you will be able to withdraw without any problems.

Now let’s move on to…

Is it possible to earn money from watching ads with CCP payment?

Finding Arab websites and applications to profit from watching ads and providing payment methods suitable for Arabs is difficult, but not impossible. So the answer is, it is definitely possible and there are actually two ways that we will talk about in the next part.

From here, let’s move on to the most important part, which is…

How to make money from watching ads and paying CCP?

You need an Arabic website or application to be able to withdraw directly.

But you can work with foreign sites and transfer money from the payment method available on those sites to CCP or the payment method suitable for you.

I do not recommend working on Arabic profit sites or applications – due to the lack of profits from them – but sometimes you may be forced to do so.

Therefore, let us learn about the first option in front of you, which is…

1- Divbux website

divbux is one of the sites for making money by watching ads , which provides many payment methods suitable for the Arab audience.

But in particular, it includes appropriate payment methods in Algeria, such as: 

  • ccp
  • flexy
  • And Algeria Post.

In general, profits on this site are not the highest.

But if you are looking for an ad viewing site that provides direct CCP payment, this is the site that I definitely recommend to you.

Here you will find many ways to profit such as: 

  • Watch ads.
  • Complete tasks.
  • Answer questionnaires.
  • Contests.
  • And others…

All you have to do is choose the appropriate methods that provide you with the greatest profit opportunity and work on them.

A huge advantage here is that the minimum withdrawal limit is very low.

And therefore…

You will not have to work on the site for months until you collect the minimum withdrawal amount.

If you are looking for more information, read:  Divbux website explained in detail .

2- Timebucks website

If there is a foreign site that I always recommend to anyone looking for a way to make money, whether from watching ads, surveys, or even offers, it is the Time Bucks site .

My experience with this site I already talked about.

But I can tell you that I have already withdrawn more than $400 through it.

My earnings from timebucks

To be honest with you, it does not support CCP payment directly.

But it provides the possibility of withdrawal through Payeer Bank and many other banks. You can contact a broker and request that it be exchanged for you, and you will actually find a lot.

  • Here you can earn $5 a day or more if you complete all the tasks on the site.
  • One problem you will face here is that you need to prove your identity on the site by uploading your ID card.
  • If this is a problem, do not register on the site in the first place because you will only be able to withdraw your money this way.
  • If it is nothing for you, I definitely advise you to make money from this site.
  • The minimum withdrawal here is $10.
  • You have the option to activate the weekly automatic withdrawal from the site.

Register at timebucks

3- Ysense website

More than $1000. This is my profit from this site:

My profits from the ysense website

If you are looking for a survey site that supports CCP, unfortunately, I did not find it.

But I preferred to recommend this site to you because it is really worth trying and working on.

Here you can withdraw in more than one way, such as: 

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Amazon cards and more.

You can easily withdraw via Skrill and then search for a broker to transfer the Skrill balance to you via CCP.

The site does not provide the ability to view advertisements except for foreign countries.

Therefore, if you are only looking for sites to watch ads, this site is not suitable in Algeria.

Register with ysense

4- Cointiply website

This site is the best option in terms of earnings from watching ads.

He also has his own application that you can download and work on.


Unlike the sites above, here you can get digital currencies from watching ads, not money in your bank account.

Although you can easily convert these digital currencies into a dollar balance or an Algerian dinar, these currencies may be banned in some countries.

So research carefully whether you are allowed to use it or not in your country.

  • Here payment starts from $3 (equivalent in currencies).
  • Payment is usually made within 5 days in my experience.
  • The site is honest, pays, and has a large number of ads that can be viewed.

In order to receive these currencies, you need a wallet to collect them, and the best wallet I recommend is the FaucetPay wallet. You can create that wallet in a few minutes.

Register at cointiply

5- Get paid to website

The get paid to site I already talked about as one of the good assignment sites that you can work on and profit from.

It is an Arabic website and provides many payment methods suitable for Arab countries such as Egypt and Algeria.

In the previous period, payment was provided via CCP, but this situation is different.

In my review of the site before writing this article, I did not find that it currently provides this method.

So he may or may not provide it in the coming days.

It is also important to know that the minimum withdrawal here is low, only $1.


The problem with this site is that the profits available on it are not large compared to a site like Timebucks above.


You can try the site and see if it suits you or not.

Try the get paid to website

These were the ways to make money from watching ads, paying CCP…

Although not all of these sites offer direct payment in this way, you do have the option to use an intermediary and transfer funds from any method to any method you wish.

Working with foreign sites is more profitable, so I always advise registering on these sites.

Now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

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