Explanation of the Coinpot website with the faucets it supports (comprehensive explanation) 2020

Explanation of the Coinpot website with the faucets it supports (comprehensive explanation) 2020

Are you looking foran explanation of the coinpot website ?

This is exactly what you will find here, with the most important faucets that the site supports and how to increase your profits from it.
Not only that, but also everything related to deposits and withdrawals from the site, in addition to the extent of the site’s credibility and is it really a fraud, as some say? 
So let’s quickly move on to…
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What is Coinpot?

Coinpot is one of the mini digital currency wallets or what is known as Micro wallets.
The goal of the site or wallet is to store small amounts of digital currencies that you obtain from faucets or various sites.
Coinpot supports 6 different digital currencies , which are:
  • Bitcoin core: which is the basic Bitcoin currency 
  • Coinpot Tokens: This is the wallet’s currency and its price is somewhat close to Bitcoin (and it has an important use that we will mention below).
  • Bitcoin cash 
  • Dogecoin 
  • Litecoin
  • Dash 
These are the only currencies that the Coinpot website supports and that you can receive in your wallet. Any other currency cannot be present in your wallet.
Now let us answer an important question for you that you would like to know before completing the topic…

Is coinpot a scam?

Some sites say that Coinpot is a scam.
But my personal experience was different with the site…
When the minimum withdrawal limit was reached, my money was requested to be withdrawn and it was transferred without any problems.
This process took about 3 days, but this period may extend to 5 days sometimes.
But don’t worry, it is an honest site so far.
(Always try to take precautions and not take risks, even if he is a million percent honest.)
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Explaining the interface of the Coinpot website from the inside

After registering in the wallet, you will find yourself in front of a page that contains many different things, such as this image >>>
Coinpot explained from the inside


Now let us explain each of the numbers in the picture: 
1- News
Inside this window you will find all the important news related to the coinpot and the faucets associated with it.
It is a group of lottery tickets that you can win or buy. Each ticket costs 1 Token.
Here the prize is offered to one winner only (he gets 0.5 of the value of the tickets purchased or won). 
The other half of the prize is presented to 5 people and the value is distributed equally among them.
3- Multiplier 
It is a gambling game (predict a number whether it will become more or less, and if your prediction is correct, you win from double the amount to 1000 times the amount depending on the risk, and if the prediction is wrong, you lose the entire amount).
As I mentioned, it is a game of chance or gambling, so trying it and working on it depends on your personal conviction (but we do not recommend trying it)
>>>>>> See the picture: 
coinpot multiplier explanation


In this section, you will find all the tasks that, if you complete them, you will receive a (bonus) from the wallet, which is a prize of currencies.
These tasks may be: 
  • Do a specific number of Claims or (profit) from 100 taps, for example, and you win 100 coinpot tokens.
  • Use the multiplier a specific number per month
  • Mining different currencies 
Prizes usually range from 100 to 500 tokens.
5- VIP Rewards
One of the new features that has been added to the site, through which you can earn a very strong daily income by investing some of your Bitcoin.
This feature is a daily interest provided on the coinpot tokens in your account.
The minimum amount you must have in order to obtain daily profits is 5,000 tokens.
Profit rates vary depending on the amount of tokens and plans and are as follows: 
  • Standard : Quantity is less than 100 thousand tokens >>> 0.02% daily.
  • Bronze : Quantity between 100 thousand – 500 thousand >>>> 0.04%
  • Silver : Quantity from 500 thousand – one million >>>> 0.06%
  • Gold : Quantity from 1 million – 2.5 million >>> 0.08%
  • Platinum : Quantity from 2.5 million – 5 million >>> 0.1%
  • Diamond : More than 500 million tokens >>> 0.12%


1 satoshi = approximately 1.1 tokens 
6- Statistics 
This part is not very important to you, but in short it is all the statistics for the site. 
You can know the transfers that took place today, the profits of others, mining, and other things.
7- Arrow 
The most important and most used part of the Coinpot website, and through it we will perform all operations on the site.
 >>>>> See the picture to understand better: 


In each process that will be explained below, we will click on one of these options, so do not forget this picture 😃.
All of these options are available in each of the currencies supported on Coinpot and shown in the image, so there is no need to repeat with each currency.

The most important faucets supported by Coinpot

Coinpot faucets are a group of sites that are essentially linked to your Coinpot wallet. 
Every time you make a claim or win any amount of satoshi on these sites, it is transferred directly to the currency wallet on the Coinpot site.
You must register on these sites with the same email as your coinpot wallet
>>> List of the most important taps: 
  1.  Bitfun.io (the best in my opinion, through which you can withdraw every 3 minutes)
  2.  Bonusbitcoin.co (the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it offers a 5% increase the next day on every claim transaction from the faucet + you can profit every 15 minutes).
  3.  Moon bitcoin : A faucet that enables you to earn bitcoins every 5 minutes.
  4.  Moon Litecoin : A Litecoin faucet that enables you to earn money every 5 minutes.
  5.  Moon dogecoin : Faucet to collect dogecoin / 5 minutes.
  6.  Moon dash : Tap to collect dash coins / 5 minutes
  7.  Moon bitcoincash : Faucet to collect bitcoin cash / 5 minutes.

Deposit on the coinpot site 

I think the only reason you make a deposit on the site is the daily interest. 
Although, my personal opinion is that you should work on these sites and start making a profit, collecting a good amount of satoshi, leaving it in the account, and getting your investment. 
However, some people want to invest and put money, and this is good, but try not to risk large amounts. 
In the coming period, I will present many ways to invest your satoshi, so stay tuned
The deposit process for any currency is very simple. Do you remember the stock we explained above?
  • Click on the first option, Deposit
  • You will be directed to a page with a wallet address to which you can send.
  • Once your amount receives 1 confirmation in the blockchain network, the amount appears in your account.
  • For each currency you will find the minimum deposit for it. Before depositing, look at it because any smaller amount will not reach the coinpot.

Withdraw coins from Coinpot

We now come to the option of withdrawing from the coinpot wallet. This matter is also not complicated. Just follow these steps and the coins will arrive in your account.
Choose the Withdraw from the arrow for the currency you wish to withdraw.

You will be redirected to a page with instructions for the withdrawal process (for example, I want to withdraw Litecoin) 
Withdrawal from coinpot


You will find in the instructions ( in the blue box ) everything you want to know about each currency in terms of (the minimum – commissions – the arrival date of your currencies)
The most important thing is that once you request a withdrawal, a link will be sent to your email to confirm the withdrawal process.
>>>> If you do not click on the link, the money will not be sent, and therefore some may think that he is a fraud.

Transferring from one currency to another within the wallet

From the coinpot website interface >>>> select the currency you wish to convert from >>>> click on the arrow for the currency >>>> choose the third option in the Convert menu.
After that, you will be transferred to the page for the conversion process, which we will explain everything in this image >>>>>


  •  The site does not receive commissions when converting from one currency to another.
  •  Sometimes an error occurs and the conversion process does not complete. You can then wait for 5 minutes and then try again. 

Mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies from the Coinpot website

Some people want to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies from their computer. 
If you are one of these people, you can do this easily through the Coinpot website. 
Here you can determine the hash or mining power yourself (the higher it is > the greater your profits > and the greater your device’s resource consumption).
Coinpot mining you can do through: 
  • Choose the currency you want to mine (from the currencies available on the site).
  • After that, click on the arrow (which we talked about before) >>> and choose option 4, which is Mine 
  • After that, follow the instructions in this image >>>
Mining from coinpot website


The profits from the mining process will be transferred to the wallet of the currency you are mining within a period not exceeding 5 minutes.
Do you have any questions ? 
If there is a part that is not clear or you would like to know anything, do not hesitate to leave your comment, I am waiting.

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