Explanation of Faucetpay wallet (in detail with ways to profit from it) 2024

Explanation of Faucetpay wallet (in detail with ways to profit from it) 2024

Before entering the field of digital currencies, you must have your own wallet, and you can do this simply by opening an account on the Faucetpay website, especially if you receive small amounts of Bitcoin. 


Therefore, I decided to make a comprehensive explanation of this site, which is not only a mini Bitcoin wallet, but also a very strong opportunity to earn various currencies.

If you prefer videos, listen to the explanation of the Faucetpay wallet on our channel

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What is Faucetpay? 


The faucetpay website is a crypto micro wallet or mini wallet for collecting various digital currencies (Bitcoin – Litecoin – Dogecoin – Ethereum – Dash – and others).


The idea of ​​​​the site’s work is basically to provide you with the ability to receive small amounts of Bitcoin from various sites to avoid the large commissions that are deducted from large wallets.


But faucetpay also offers a group of methods that you can use to earn some Bitcoin and other currencies, which we will talk about in detail below.


After collecting a good amount of Bitcoin or any other currency, you can transfer it to your personal wallet.


 There are many wallets that you can use, but the most famous are: 

  • Coinbase wallet
  • Blockchain wallet
The FostPay wallet supports 8 different digital currencies , and you will find them in the image below.


Ways to profit from Faucetpay 


After registering in the wallet, we find the website’s interface as shown in the picture: 


Profit from faucetpay website


As you can see in the picture above, there is a part indicated by an arrow called (Earn). When you click on it, 3 ways through which you can profit appear, which are: 


1- Faucet list


In this part of the site you will find a group of Bitcoin faucets that support the faucetpay wallet.


Some of these faucets you can get satoshi from directly without creating an account with them.


For others, you must create an account with them, work on them for a while, and withdraw your profits. 


These faucets are divided into lists, each list containing a group of faucets for a specific currency. 


Meaning that if you want to earn Bitcoin (click on Choose Bitcoin) and if you want to earn Litecoin (Choose Litecoin) and so on.


Once you choose the currency, you will be shown all the faucets through which you can earn that currency only.


>>>>> See this picture to understand better 

Faucets powered by faucetpay


All you have to do now is click on View indicated by arrow number (4) until you are transferred to the faucet and start earning.


2- Offer walls


In this part, you can earn by completing some tasks and answering various surveys. 


For every 400 points you earn from this method, you get $1.


>>>>> See the picture to understand better: 

Profit from tasks on faucetpay


3- Paid to click 


The last way to profit is by clicking on ads and waiting for about 7 seconds to 60 seconds. 


Through this method, you can earn about 150 – 500 satoshi per day.


>>>>> See the picture below:

Profit from ads in faucetpay


4- Multiply BTC 


This part is a game of chance and gambling, so we will not go into explaining it if you want to try it and get to know it for yourself (but these games are high risk and it is possible that you will lose all the profits you have collected).


These were the most important ways to earn satoshi from faucetpay, and now let us move to the second part of the topic.



Trading and exchanging currency on Faucetpay wallet


In the faucetpay wallet interface, you will find at the top a window called Coin Swap. Click on it and follow the instructions in this image: 



All transfers are executed at the same moment you do so.


(The commission for transfers on the site here is greater than on any other site)

A good opportunity to profit from trading in my opinion


How to make a deposit into the wallet? 


Now we come to the important part of the topic…


How do we make a deposit in Fawcett Pay? Is there a minimum deposit?


There is no minimum deposit for sites and faucets that support withdrawal via FaucetPay, and sometimes the transfer is done automatically.


For sites that do not support the wallet, the minimum deposit was 20,000 satoshi, but this minimum has been cancelled.


How do you make a deposit in Fawcett Pay?


1- In the website’s interface, you will find a button called (Deposit), click on it.


2- After that, you will be transferred to a page containing all the supported digital currencies, along with the address for each currency.


3- You put this address on the site you want to withdraw from and the deposit will be made with it.


4- Make sure you copy the entire address and not part of it, and also make sure that the address matches before withdrawing your profits to it.


>>>> This picture will show you how: 



 Now we move to a very important part for many…


How to withdraw currencies from faucetpay.io


Withdrawing Bitcoin and other currencies from FaustPay is very easy, but what may distract some people is that this process is divided into two steps: 


The first step : Link your Bitcoin or other currency address to your FaucetPay account


If you want to withdraw to another wallet, you must link the deposit address of that wallet to your Faucet Pay account.


>>> See the picture to know how: 



After completing all the steps in the image above, the address will appear below in the table at the end of the image. 


After that we move to…….


Step Two: Request a withdrawal from Faucetpay


Here we move to the button called (Withdraw) which is located in the website interface.


When you press the button, we will find two ways to withdraw: 


Normal withdrawal 

  • The admin confirms the withdrawal within 4 hours.
  • The commission for this type is less than 400 satoshi.
Priority withdrawal 
  • The admin allows withdrawals within 5 minutes only.
  • The commission is quite high, 7000 satoshi.
>>>>>>> See the picture to understand better:
Withdraw Bitcoin from faucetpay


If you want to transfer to another Faucetpay wallet, you can transfer without any commission via the recipient’s User Name.

Referral system in Faucetpay.io wallet

If you have friends who want to earn Bitcoin or other digital currencies, introduce them to this site. 
Send them the wallet registration link. 
When one of them makes a profit, exchanges currencies, or does any activity on the site, you also win a bonus. 
>>>>>> All commissions you will find in this image:
Profit from referral faucetpay



Create your own Bitcoin faucet (free script from faucetpay)

One of the unique things offered by the Faucetpay wallet is the free scripts for faucets. 
If you want to create your own Bitcoin faucet, these scripts may help you.
You can find it by following the steps in this image: 


We will provide a full explanation in the coming period of how to use these tools to create a faucet and profit from it.


Do you have any questions ?
If you have any questions or if there is any unclear part in the explanation of Faucetpay or anything else, do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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