Explanation of the Featurepoints website with proof of withdrawal 2024

Explanation of the Featurepoints website with proof of withdrawal 2024

As all our followers know, I consider sites for making money from performing tasks (gpt sites) one of the best ways to make money , through which beginners can collect some money, which they will definitely need in starting their project on the Internet, and here we explain Featurepoints, which is considered one of the The oldest and most reliable of these sites, which I always advise you to join and start working on.


Is featurepoints honest? 

Short answer:Yes, featurepoints are honest and pay

Featurepoints, as a site and application, is considered one of the most honest sites I have subscribed to. Not only that, but the site works hard to pay all dues as quickly as possible, unlike some other sites, which I subscribed to for a period of time and delay payment for several months.

Featurepoints has paid out more than $5 million to users since it was created.

Surely you would like proof of payment from featurepoints now, right?Of course you want, so before every time I subscribe to a profit site, I look for proof of payment, and this is what I always encourage you to do before joining any site. Here is the proof in the picture below:


featurepoints site is honest


What are the ways to earn from Featurepoints? 

You can use featurepoints in

5 different waysin order to achieve the best possible profits:1- Profiting from

surveys Surveys in featurepoints are considered the best and most profitable method. Through some simple surveys that take at most several minutes, you can earn more than 3,000 points (i.e. About 5 dollars).

When you register on the site, you will find many surveys, all of which you can answer and earn thousands of points.
(Surveys are considered the best way to profit, especially if you are a resident of Saudi Arabia – the Emirates – Bahrain – Qatar)

Learn about:

The comprehensive guide to profit from opinion polls  2- Profit from tasks

The second method of profit, which is considered the basis of the site’s work, is the tasks in that method, everything What you have to do is complete some very simple tasks, which include (solving a competition – watching a video – entering your email – entering your phone number – etc.)

3- Profit from downloading applications

If you are working on the featurepoints website from your phone (Android), you now have the opportunity Additional profit is done by entering the tasks for downloading applications and then downloading the applications to earn money directly after downloading the application.

4- Profit from cashback:

If you are one of those who purchase from any online store, then using Featurepoints is a unique opportunity for you, as the Featurepoints website has hundreds of cashback offers on various stores and services, which include electronics stores and also fashion and lifestyle stores.
Every time you want to buy online, go to Feature points and search for the store from which you will make the purchase and take advantage of the cashback service to save some money.

5- Profit from competitions.

Feature Points runs two types of competitions:
– Weekly competition: the value of the prize is $5
– Monthly competition: the value is $100

and the prizes are paid to one winner only.
You can participate in the competition by winning points for every 20 points you earn. By winning it, you win in return 1 token (chance) to win the competition, so the more points you can earn, the greater your chances of winning in those competitions.

Featurepoints payment system 

Your profits will be paid within

3-5 daysof requesting payment.Minimum amount to pay profits

:$5  Payment methods provided by feature points

– Paypal Paypal
– Cash for Visa
– Bitcoin
– Gift cards

Your email through which you registered on the site must be the same as the email of your PayPal account.

Does Featurepoints have a referral system? 

featurepoints has the best referral system I have seen so far. When you refer a friend of yours to the site, the site earns your friend

50 points as a welcome gift,in addition to that you will also earn 50% of your friend’s profits, but without affecting his profits.

Features Featurepoints 

– An honest website
– Various profit methods
– The best referral system in the field
– Monthly and weekly competitions
– The minimum amount for withdrawing profits is low

Disadvantages of Feature points

– There are many ways to profit, but the offers are not many.

How to register on the Featurepoints website 

Registration on the site is very simple. All you have to do is:

– Go to the featurepoints website from the following button


– Fill in your data by writing your email and solving the captcha
– You will be taken to a page where you write your password and name and finish registration
– Go to your email and click on the link that they will send to you
– Start Earning and collecting points.

Do you have a question about Feature points?

Do not hesitate to leave your question in a comment or contact us directly on our Facebook page, as we always answer there.

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