Explanation of the Kolotibablo website (to earn $99 a month from captcha)

Explanation of the Kolotibablo website (to earn $99 a month from captcha)

Profit from captcha

is consideredone of the easy ways to profit from the Internet. We have talked in a comprehensive topic about profit from captcha and how much you can achieve through this method. Here in this topic we provide you with aexplanationof one of the best sites for profit from solving captcha codes. In this topic we talk aboutthe site Kolotibablo, which is considered the best and most honest in the field of profit from writing captcha codes


Introduction to the kolotibablo website 
– Sadiq website accepts payments, and you will find proof of withdrawal at the end of the topic 
– The site that contains the most captcha codes 
Through kolotibablo, you can double your profits. The more you solve the Captcha codes, the more your profits from the site will increase. 
Withdrawals from the site are made instantly, within a few minutes 
– It contains a large number of withdrawal methods so that you can withdraw your profits in the way you like 
The error rate must not exceed a certain number of codes, otherwise your account will be permanently banned 

The Kolotibablo website provides an application to work through, and through this application you can obtain tasks and recaptcha codes, which enable you to earn $1-$2/1000 captcha. 

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How much can you earn from Kolotibablo? 
Perhaps the question on your mind now is how much can you profit from this kolotibablo website and is it really good or is it useless? 
The kolotibablo website offers profit rates of $0.42/1000 captcha code and $1.5-2 /1000 recaptcha, but if the number of codes you get is low, you can make a discount and you will get a larger number of codes that you can profit from writing.

These are the amounts I earned from the site in about 15 minutes of work 

Profit from the kolotibablo website by solving captcha codes

Is it really possible to earn $30-$50 a month from solving captcha codes on the kolotibablo website? 

I used to think that you could only make a very small amount of captcha codes, perhaps $10 or $15 a month maximum, but when you work on the kolotibablo website, you will find that you can make between

15-$50easily, and if you can type very quickly, you can earn more. Much more than that for several reasons, the most important of which are:– The large number of codes that you can write (it will not stop working)
– The bonus that the site gives you when you solve many codes, when you are in:
The first level: 2% bonus*
The second level: 5% bonus*
The third level: 8% bonus. The more codes you solve, the more bonus you take, which doubles your profits from the site– high profit rates.

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Explanation of the internal interface of the Kolotibablo website 

After logging in to the site, you will find the interface in the image waiting for you 

Kolotibablo website review

1- Working through the site itself (this will prevent you from obtaining high-return recaptcha codes)
2- Working through the kolotibablo website application (working through the application provides you with access to recaptcha codes through which you can double your profits)
3- Through this option, you can send the money that you have won from your account to another account ($0.5 minimum).
4- Through this option, you will be able to monitor your statistics.
5- Referral: Through this option, you can follow the people who have registered through you and Track their profits
6- Through this option you can get other tasks to work on other than working on solving Captcha codes (some special codes – monitoring the work of some people)
7- In this option you will find the basic requirements for obtaining tasks and Recaptcha codes in addition to downloading the application
8- Through this option, you will be able to monitor your work statistics.
9- My errors: Through this option, you will be able to monitor the number of errors you have made and how many errors you have left before your account is permanently blocked (so that the account is not blocked). You have to solve more and more codes correctly)
10- Finance: Through this option you can request a withdrawal of your profits from the site and choose the appropriate payment method for you.

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How to work on the Kolotibablo website 

The Kolotibablo website provides three ways through which you can work on the site, either through:

– The site itself: You can log in to the site and work through the site interface
– An application for the computer: It provides you with high-return recaptcha codes
– An application for Android

* Reducing your profit rate The number of codes you write will help you obtain large numbers of codes that you can solve.

* It is preferable to work through the site itself, even if the profits are relatively small.

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Ways to withdraw profits from the site 

We now come to the important part of the topic, which is how you can withdraw your profits from the site and what is the minimum for this.

The Kolotibablo website contains many ways through which you can withdraw your profits, and the best thing about payment is that you will receive your profits at the same time you place the order. Payment means that

payment is immediatevia:
Bitcoin: The minimum withdrawal amount is0.002Bitcoin
Ethereum: The minimum withdrawal amount is$1 
Litecoin: The minimum amount is$1Advcash:The minimum amount is$1
Capitalist:The minimum amount is$1
Internal transfer For another account:$0.5 

proof of withdrawal from the kolotibablo website

Profit from the honest website kolotibablo

How to register on the site 

Registration on the site is very easy and does not require any skill. Just follow the following steps:

1- Go to the site through this linkKolotibablo
  2- Click on Sign in
3- Fill out the registration form on the site located below.

Explanation of registration on the kolotibablo website

4- Go to your email to find the password for your account.
5- Change the password after entering the site and start collecting profits.

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