Explanation of the ysense website (earning $350 per month without skill)

Explanation of the ysense website (earning $350 per month without skill)

After about a month on the Ysense website, I was able to earn $150.

If the site is honest and there is no doubt…

But how much can you earn from ysense?

I know two people who earn about $10 daily from the ysense website.

These two people (Saudis) earn this amount daily from the site, which is about $300 per month on average.

Most of these profits are from opinion polls , in addition to some simple tasks.

If you are from Egypt or Morocco, the profits will be much lower, so I do not advise you to use ysense. Perhaps you will find the explanation of the Timebucks website more useful to you.

But if you want to try it, continue with me to learn a comprehensive explanation of the ysense website.

What is the ysense website?

The ysense website, as we mentioned above, is one of the best GPT sites .

These are sites from which you can profit by performing some very simple tasks, such as downloading an application, solving a survey, or other simple tasks.

The site was launched in 2007, and when the site was called Clixsense, it paid more than 20 million US dollars.

I have already withdrawn about $600 from the site so don’t worry it is honest and tried.

My profits from the ysense website

Watch the explanation of the site on YouTube

[wpcc-iframe title=”Earn $200 a month from the ysense website (comprehensive explanation)” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/QfwSSGO7Cao?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

Features of the ysense website

  • Sadiq website does not delay payment.
  • It contains many ways through which you can profit.
  • ysense was initially created as a site for making money from watching ads , but the option to make money from watching ads was removed and it now works as a GPT site only.
  • It offers the highest profit rates from offers compared to other competing sites.
  • The referral system on the ysense website is considered the best.
  • If you are from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, or the Arab Gulf countries, the ysense website will enable you to earn very good amounts of money monthly, and some of our followers have told us that they earn about 350 dollars per month.

So, in short, the ysense website can be considered one of the best sites for making money from the Internet for beginners .

Disadvantages of ysense website

  • I have not found any defects so far on the site, except that the surveys on some days may become somewhat infrequent.
  • There is also a commission that is deducted if you withdraw from any method other than PayPal.

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How much can you earn daily from the ysense website?

As I mentioned above, the amount you can earn varies from one country to another.

In addition, it depends on the time you spend on the site to solve the offers.


Below is a picture that shows you how much you can profit from ysense surveys only (note that this picture is from an Egyptian account), and therefore in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates these amounts will be double.

How much can you earn from site surveys?Go to ysense

Ways to profit from ysense

We come to the most important part of this topic, which is how to profit from the site.

How can I win as an ordinary beginner who doesn’t know anything?

Profit from offers

The best way to profit from ysense is by completing the offers on ysense, the profits of which usually range from 1 cent to 4 dollars depending on the type of offer.

These offers may be:

  • Watch some videos.
  • Download an application.
  • Perform a test.
  • Play a game.
  • etc.
  • Some simple tasks that any beginner can do.

The most important thing that distinguishes the offers on the ysense website from other offers on other sites is the prices of those offers, which are often much higher than on any other site.

Profit through opinion polls

The ysense website offers many surveys that you can take, and each survey you participate in gives you some money.

It is often $0.5 per survey and sometimes up to $10.

The surveys on the Clixsense website are sometimes not suitable for all people, so a simple survey is conducted at the beginning to determine the extent of your suitability for the survey.

Profit by performing tasks

ysense has a great way to make money through it, which is by performing some tasks, which may be searching for some emails, helping to search for some websites, or other simple tasks.

A competition will be held among the people who complete these tasks on the site the most, and 10 people will be rewarded with sums of money worth $100.

Not only that, every time you complete tasks worth $50, you get an additional $5 bonus.

These tasks require knowledge of the English language in order to complete them.

Profit from referral

The referral system for the Clixsense website (ysense) is one of the best systems for profit from referrals .

This site provides you with:

  • A commission ranging from 10 cents to 30 cents for each (active) person who registers through you (active means that he has earned some money from the site).
  • You take a 20% commission from the profits of people who register through your link if they complete a survey or perform any other tasks.

Go to ysense

 Withdrawing profits from the ysense website

So how do you withdraw your profits from the site after you reach the minimum payment limit?

ysense is one of the profitable sites that supports PayPal .

Therefore, it is natural to find PayPal as a withdrawal method.

1- Withdrawal via PayPal

The minimum amount to withdraw your profits from PayPal is $10 without commissions (that is, if you request $10, you get $10 without deducting any commission or transfer fees).

2- Withdrawal via Payoneer Bank

One of the best options for withdrawing profits for those who can win large sums of money monthly.

The minimum amount to withdraw profits to Pioneer Bank is $50, and a commission of $2 is deducted.

3- Withdrawal via Skrill Bank

Skrill is one of the most famous electronic banks .

The minimum withdrawal amount to Skrill Bank is $5, with a commission of 0.05 cents for every $5 withdrawn.

4- Withdrawal via Amazon cards

For those who want Amazon cards to purchase, the ysense website provides Amazon cards as a means of payment.

The minimum withdrawal amount in this way is $5

Is the ysense website fraudulent (proof of payment)?

Surely you would like to know whether the ysense website is honest or does it not pay users.

But let us confirm that the site is honest and pays users without any delay. For further confirmation, see the withdrawal proof:

Proof of withdrawal from ysense

When I requested a withdrawal from the ysense website to PayPal account, I could not believe the speed with which the money was transferred. The transfer process was completed in about a few hours (and without any commission).

How to register on the ysense website

  1. Log in to the ysense
  2. After entering the site, fill out the form to register on the site, which is as shown in the following image

Register on the ysense website

After filling out the data in the image, agree to the terms of use, then click Join now

Thus, you have registered on the site

Finally , go to the email address through which you registered your account, then confirm the account by clicking on the link that the site sent to you.

* This was an explanation of ysense, how to profit from it, the method of registration, and the advantages and disadvantages. Did you like the topic? If you like the topic, share it with your friends so that everyone can benefit

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