Explaining the 2captcha website, can you earn $15 per month?

Explaining the 2captcha website, can you earn $15 per month?

We talked in a previous topic about

making a profit from captcha codesand what are the best sites. Among the captcha sites that we mentioned in the topic was the 2captcha site. In our topic today, we will talk about this site and review every small detail related to the site and whether it is actually possible to profit from it or not. So,is it possible to profit from 2captcha? ?This is what we know about this topic


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The main points of the topic 
1- About the 2captcha website 
2- Register on the site
3- How to profit from the site
4- Everything related to payment from the 2captcha website 

5- Review and advice of a profit expert related to the 2captcha website

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Explaining the 2captcha website in boring detail 


About the 2captcha website:

It is one of the sites for making money from the Internet for beginners, specializing in making profits from captcha codes. The site has been operating on the Internet for a long time * 
The site honest  and pays users
* It accepts users from all countries
 * The site is considered one of the most famous sites for making profits from captcha
* The site operates 24 hours 7 days
* After registering, in order to be accepted on the site, you need to complete a training test (about 42 Captcha codes), and after that you can start working on the site.
* You can work on the site through your mobile phone, the site itself on your computer, or by downloading the bot. 2captcha on your device

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How to register on the 2captcha website.

Despite some things that I did not like about the site, I am forced to explain the method of registering on the site so that the topic becomes complete and also useful for those who have a love of curiosity and experience.

1- Log in to the
2captcha  2- Click on register, then write an email (that you use), then the password you want for the site, then re-type the password, then register
3- The activation process for your email by going to your email and clicking on the confirmation link that They send it
to you. 4- Enter the site and complete the test (which consists of about 42 captcha). After completing it, you can start working on the 2 captcha.

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How to profit from the 2captcha website

Profiting from the 2captcha website is done through two basic methods:

1- Working on solving captcha codes. Identifying the codes and solving them for a very small amount, usually $0.5/1000 captcha codes

Types of captcha codes on the site:

Regular captcha codes: which are phrases. About letters and numbers that you enter*
Recaptcha codes: pictures that choose what is required of you.Usually, the profit rate from recaptcha codes is higher than the profit rate from regular captcha

2- Profit from referral (referral)
You can profit from 2captcha by referring new people to the site through the referral link Your own and you can earn 10% of the profits of people who register from your referral link (without their profits being affected). Note:


site declares that by downloading the site’s bot you can earn more as a greater number of recaptcha codes are provided.

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Everything related to payment and withdrawal of profits from the 2captcha website.

In general, payment is made within 1-3 days. The minimum withdrawal limit from the site varies depending on the method of withdrawal from the site.

WebMoney: The minimum withdrawal limit is $0.5.2-
Perfect Money: The limit The minimum withdrawal is $1.33-
Bitcoin: The minimum withdrawal is $14-
Advcash: The minimum withdrawal is $1.35-

Payeer: The minimum withdrawal is $0.5This was a group of payment methods on the 2captcha website and the minimum withdrawal for each method was Now we are talking about some reservations about the site,

proof of payment from the 2captcha website

2captcha honest proof of withdrawal

A comprehensive review of the site from the Profits Expert blog (a real experience)

after many articles about profit from captcha codes and the best sites that everyone talks about in most Arab and foreign blogs, I decided to register on a site from this site, 2captcha in particular, and find out whether it is really possible to profit from this site 50 A dollar a month, or 20 or even 10 dollars,and I concluded the following:

1-Profiting from Captcha codes is a real way to profit from the Internet for beginners, and it is considered the best in terms of profit compared to other profit sites (watching ads – etc.)
2- The 2Captcha website is honest and now contains a good number of Captcha codes that you can solve
3- The Captcha codes on the site have been completed. Increasing it, which is considered a good thing for those who want to work on captcha codes.
4- The codes sometimes remain incomprehensible and take a warning, but your account is not closed until after very many times.
5- 2captcha is an honest site, and we in the Profits Expert blog have withdrawn from it more than once. You will find proof of withdrawal
6- The 2Captcha website enables you to earn approximately $10 – $30 per month depending on the number of hours you work on the site and the number of your referrals.

We recommend it as a way to profit on the Profits Expert blog in case you do not have any skills and are unable to continue on the Kolotibablo website.

* This was a comprehensive explanation of the 2captcha site and the most important reservations and reviews we made in the Profits Expert blog on the site. If you have any comments about the site that we did not address in our topics, you can leave us your comment. We are always pleased with your comments.

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