File Upload website (detailed explanation and how to profit from it)

File Upload website (detailed explanation and how to profit from it)

Welcome to a new topic from the Distinctive Profit Expert Blog topics. In today’s topic we present to you an explanation of one of the most famous and best sites for profit from uploading files. Today’s explanation is for the File-upload site, which is considered one of the very distinctive sites in the field of profit from uploading files, so we will talk about The site in detail and we explain the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will talk about how to upload files through the site and then after that how to profit from the File Upload site.

What is the File – Upload site?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the File Upload site is one of the file upload sites through which you can upload any file to the Internet and obtain a link to that file that you can then publish. The

files that you upload may be images, a Word file, a PDF file, or something else. Among the types of files, file upload allows you to upload your files to the site, not only that, but it also provides you with the possibility of profiting from your files.

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Can you profit from the File Upload website?

Of course, you can profit from the File – Upload website, but how do you earn through it? The site gives you some money for every download of your file. Profits on the site are at a rate of approximately $2/1000 downloads of your file for Arab countries and about $6/1000 downloads from other countries. Foreign countries, especially the United States of America, Britain and Canada.

Is the File-upload website honest?

The File Upload site is one of the most reliable sites for making money from uploading files so far. It is worth noting that the File Upload site is the most famous site that is used by most Arabs and foreigners, and no one has yet complained about the site’s credibility.

The credibility of the File Upload website
Proofs of withdrawal from the File-Upload website to profit from uploading files 

Features of the File – Upload website?

Why is File Upload unique among all other file upload sites?

This is what we will talk about at this point in the topic* 100 GB storage space
* Storage capacity of up to 10 GB per file
* Uploading files starting from 1 byte only
* You can also sell your files through File Upload and not upload them and profit from Downloads only. Your profit percentage from the file price is 80%, and the site takes 20%.
* The minimum payment is very low, which is $1.
* Payment is made to members within a period ranging from 1-7 days
. * More than 20 different payment methods provided by the site, including (PayPal – Skrill). – Neteller – Bitcoin – Litecoin – Vodafone Cash and Egyptian Post – etc.)
* Through the site you can also exchange digital currencies for real money or transfer your money from one account to another
* You can purchase a premium membership to prevent deletion of your files in addition to blocking ads that show people

defects File – upload site?

* The profit rate is very low for every 1,000 downloads
* The site’s commission when exchanging currencies or transferring money from one account to another is very high, reaching 15%
* Your files are deleted 90 days after uploading them if no downloads are completed

How to profit from File-Upload website? 

As we mentioned above, the File-Upload site is a site for uploading files, but there is more than one way to profit from the File-Upload site, which are: –

* Profit from uploading files $2 / 1000 downloads
* Profit from referrals or referrals, and it is considered the referral system on the File-Upload site. One of the distinctive referral systems where you can earn 20% of the profits of referrals who register through you
* Profit from selling your files. If you have distinctive files, users may pay some dollars to obtain them, then you can profit from the File-upload website by uploading your files and placing People pay a price on it before downloading the file, and the percentage is 80% of the price for you and 20% of the price for the site.

Tips for working on uploading files

Profiting and working on uploading files is not as easy as you imagine, so you must pay attention to some points if you want to start making a profit

– choose the files. Which has a large demand from users
– Prepare a good topic that talks about the thing that users are searching for and put the download link in the topic
– You must learn to publish links to download your topics in the appropriate places. Choose the appropriate groups and forums to upload your files
– Do not despair and try to find new ways. Continuously

, how do I register on the File-upload website?

Registering on the File Upload website is very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1- Go to the
File-upload  2- This registration form will appear for you, fill in the data in it.

Log in to the File Upload website

3- After following the instructions in the image, click on the word submit, then confirm your email, and thus you have registered on the site.

* This topic was to explain the File-Upload website for uploading files and how to profit from it 

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