Explanation of adbtc.top, the best site to earn 1000 satoshi in an hour

Explanation of adbtc.top, the best site to earn 1000 satoshi in an hour

The adbtc website is considered one of the most distinctive ads for me to earn Bitcoin.
Although the amount you will get from the site may not be very large. 
However, through some simple methods, you can double your profits and get more profits.
Now let me explain my complete experience with the Adbtc.top website and how I was able to earn more than 0.01 Bitcoin from the site.



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What is adbtc.top? ( Background Information )

  • The siteis honestand pays users
  • One of the best sites for earning Bitcoin by watching ads 
  • It offers many ways to earn Bitcoin. We will discuss these methods below
  • The site is an advertising network for website and blog owners or Bitcoin faucets.
  • Provides information about the Bitcoin price at every moment 
  • It offers a fairly good amount of satoshi compared to other sites for earning money from watching other ads 


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Is adbtc a scam site?

Some may wonder about the credibility of the adbtc website, and some may also tell you that it is a scam. 
But ….
The adbtc website is one of the best and most reliable satoshi earning sites that you can, as a beginner, work on knowing very well that you will be paid.
Or at least not yet.
To ensure the credibility of the site, you should: 
Some proof of payment from within my account on the adbtc website


adbtc proof of payment


Register on the site



Ways to profit from the Adbtc website 

You can profit from the adbtc website through 6 methods, in addition to a method for doubling profits, which I will put below.

1- Profit from surf ads

In this type of advertisement, you open an advertisement to earn between 5 satoshi and 60 satoshi.
The duration of the advertisement usually ranges from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.
After opening the ad in a new window, you can do anything else until the countdown ends. 
That is, you are not required to remain on the same ad page.

2- Profit from Active window surfers 

In this part, you will find a list of several links. In front of each link, the amount you will get from the satoshi + the duration of the advertisement.
In this type, you must wait on the advertisement page until the timer runs out and then solve the captcha in order to get your profit.

3- Profit from Autosurfing

All you have to do in this type of advertisement is open the window for this type and the available advertisements will be automatically played successively. 
You are not required to continue in the same advertisement window or even click on anything after the advertisement ends. The site will continue to run advertisements automatically until it ends.

4- Profit from the faucet

This is the latest method added by the adbtc website, through which you skip a shortened link, and upon completion, you get approximately 8-20 satoshi .
You can profit from this method every 4 hours.

5- Profit from referrals 

You can profit from people who register through your referral link.
And every time they make a profit from the site, you also win a percentage of their profits (without this affecting their profits). 
* The profit percentage from referrals is 10% of the profits of people who watch ads.
* 5 % From the advertising campaigns carried out by these people. 

6- Profit from purchasing referrals 

If you cannot attract people to work on the site and register through your links, the site provides you with the possibility of profit by purchasing referrals and making them work for you.
All you have to do is go to the Referral Market tab, set your budget, and then purchase.
Do not buy referrals for high amounts so as not to lose a lot of profits, and certainly do not make a deposit in order to purchase.


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How do you significantly increase your profits from the adbtc website? 

The best way to earn a good amount of satoshi from the site and withdraw it is through selling referrals.
This method is the best if you want to see a good amount of money. 
Now the method is as follows: 
  1. Invite 2-5 (or definitely more) of your friends to the site through your link.
  2. Tell your friends to continue opening the site and profit from it for 10 consecutive days.
  3. After this period, you will be allowed to sell your referrals (to your friends in this case).
  4. You will be able to view these referrals (if they are profitable from the site until the 10th day) in an amount ranging from 10 thousand satoshis to 60 thousand satoshis.
  5. If they do not continue the pressure until the 10th day or until they are sold, you will be able to sell them, but for a very lower amount.
The profits from this method are: 5 friends (daily profit for each friend is at least 300 satoshi): 
  • The percentage of your profits from referrals is 300 satoshi/friend >>>> so the total is 1500 satoshi .
  • 5 referrals for sale (the price of one referral is 20 thousand satoshis) >>>>> Your profits are 100 thousand satoshis.

Receiving profits from the adbtc website

* Adbtc will pay you once you reach the minimum payment threshold, which is: 
  • 4000 satoshi, but you need an account at Faucetpay.io in order to receive your profits
  • 4000 satoshi to Expresscrypto wallet
  • 33,000 Satoshi to your Bitcoin wallet.
* Payment is made on the site within 3-5 days. 
* You can also use that balance in your account to advertise for your website or blog by putting it in the advertising balance 
*All payments are made via Bitcoin.

How to register on the Adbtc website


  • Go to the website via this link Adbtc
  • Enter your email and enter a password for your account 
  • Add your Bitcoin wallet address 
If you do not have a wallet, you can easily create one through the Faucetpay website 
  • After that, you activate your account by clicking on the link that arrives in your email. 


Review the site’s profit expert blog and is it worth subscribing to or not? 

Yes, of course, 
If you want to earn some Bitcoin quickly and also withdraw your profits easily, I highly recommend the adbtc.top website.
* The Adbtc website provides a large number of ads that you can watch, and thus you can reach the minimum of 40 thousand satoshis in a short period (faster than any site I have worked on).
* You can earn approximately 1,000 satoshi or more daily.
* Although I had subscribed to many sites for earning Bitcoin from watching ads before the Adbtc site>>>>>
 However, I did not reach the minimum level as quickly as Adbtc, even though I subscribed to those sites before Adbtc. 

Do you have any questions ?
If you have any questions regarding the adbtc website or other Bitcoin earning sites, do not hesitate to leave your comment.

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