Free Lancer websites for designers (top 6 that I highly recommend)

Free Lancer websites for designers (top 6 that I highly recommend)

Finding Free Lancer websites for designers is easy, but knowing the best among these platforms may be a challenge.

Therefore, in this guide, I have collected 6 of the best freelancing sites dedicated entirely to designers.

5 sites in this list are foreign sites, and only one site is Arabic.

Unfortunately, there is only this Arab website directed to designers.

Before we begin, it is important to know that some of these platforms offer job opportunities such as jobs for designers, and others through them you can display your skills for a specific amount (micro-services).

I will tell you the nature of the work of each site, and now, so that the introduction does not become more boring than this, let me start quickly with…

The best 5 foreign Free Lancer sites for designers

In this part, let me start with the sites that I find easier in terms of the nature of work and application, and then those that require huge skills in order to be accepted.

1- Designhill website

Design Hill is a comprehensive solution for designers and not just a freelance website.

Initially, the platform was famous for being a print-on-demand (POD) platform, but then the platform developed to provide the following:

  • Mini freelance services you can offer.
  • Design projects are also added by clients and you can apply to them.
  • Various design competitions that any designer can join and then choose the winning design.
  • designhill also provides a gallery where you can display your various designs.
  • It provides many other design services, but they are mainly directed to clients and project owners, such as (a logo making tool with artificial intelligence – design templates – and others).

From my personal point of view; Print on demand sites in general are an excellent start for any designer, especially because through them you can turn your design skills into a means of passive income without effort.

Therefore, I definitely highly recommend designhill as a starting point for any designer, or any of the other POD sites such as:

  • Redbubble
  • Teespring
  • printful

2- Design crowd website

design crowd from simple designer sites.

The site is more of a tool to help create designs than a Free Lancer website.

Here, as a designer, you can benefit from the site to get a job through the site’s jobs page.

The jobs here are constantly renewed and their prices are very special compared to the prices in the Arab market.

Some designers were also able to sell design projects and achieve huge profits, as is clear in the picture:

Designers’ profits from the design crowd website

So if you want to get a job or a somewhat extended project and not a simple mini-service, you can try the site through their projects page from here:

3- Dribbble website

Dribble is a full-fledged freelancer website for designers.

Getting started on Dribble isn’t impossible, like the 99designs site below.

As a designer, you can benefit from the site through: 

  • Build a portfolio with your distinctive designs

As for Freelancer, you can benefit from it in the following: 

  • Apply for various projects, such as an independent website or Upwork, but the site is only intended for design projects.
  • Finding jobs for designers, whether from the company headquarters or as a remote freelancer, and this is very common.
  • Sell ​​your ready-made designs through the store.

This list of jobs is constantly updated and more is added to it, so it is important that you follow it daily.

You will find many additional resources that you can benefit from as a graphic designer, such as:

  • The accredited graphic design courses it offers.
  • Models from other designers that you can get inspiration from.

4- Behance website

Every designer in the world knows well what Behance .

Despite its great fame as a site for displaying designers’ work, it also provides projects for designers that you can apply to.

By building your portfolio, owners of various projects can also contact you in order to implement design projects for them or appoint you to a job permanently.

Therefore, it is very important that you develop your portfolio and ensure that it appears professionally on Behance.

5- 99designs website

According to SimilarWeb, 99designs approximately 4.2 million visits per month!!!

As a site dedicated entirely to designers only, I think it is a very large number.

Therefore, applying to work on the site has become somewhat difficult, and requires your application form to be accepted first.

This means that novice designers have no chance of working on this site.

But of course, if you are a professional designer and have great experience, you can apply, upload samples of your designs, and wait for acceptance.

You can benefit from 99designs by:

  • Design projects requested by customers.
  • Best design competitions, in which designers participate and the best design receives a reward.
  • Your profile on the website, through which customers can communicate with you and see your previous work.

And now with…

The best Arabic Free Lancer website for designers

As I told you above, there are not many Arabic freelancer sites for designers.

Therefore, your only option now as a designer who wants to work on an Arabic website is…

6- Tasmeemy website

Although it is almost the only website in the Arab world, it is considered a comprehensive platform for Arab designers.

Through my design, you as a designer and freelancer can benefit from the following:

  • Apply for jobs that are added to the site on an ongoing basis.
  • Upload your designs and sell them as mini-services or art.
  • Get thousands of followers if you are a distinguished designer.
  • Upload samples of your work to the website’s business gallery.
  • Obtain free and paid design tools in Arabic from other designers.

In fact, I somewhat prefer working online through Arabic websites, due to the lack of returns and also the lack of customers.

But if you want Free Lancer websites for designers, but they are not entirely directed to them, you can benefit from:

  • Independent (on which you will find many design projects)
  • Khamsat (through which you can provide mini-services in the field of design)

These were the best websites for designers you can work on.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comment.

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