Google Play Card Earning Applications (Top 10)

Google Play Card Earning Applications (Top 10)

There are many applications for earning Google Play cards on the Internet.

But which of these applications is the best and which one can you earn more through?

This is what we will talk about in this topic.

Here I will tell you a group of honest applications through which you can profit and ensure that you get your card.

These applications that I will present to you here are guaranteed and tested, and you can obtain your card from them by simply withdrawing.

You will also find the nature of the profit from each application in addition to the ease of registering with it.

1- Featurepoints application

featurepoints is one of the most famous applications for making money online and certainly our first application through which you can earn Google Play cards.

Here registration is very easy and available to all Arab countries.

In addition, the method of working on it and collecting points through it is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Answering very simple questionnaires
  • Download applications.
  • Download some games and play for a certain level.
  • Or you will find gift coupons that you can take advantage of.

My experience with the application was very special and I was actually able to withdraw through it, but the proof of withdrawal was through PayPal.

You can try withdrawing via Google Card if you wish.

All you need is 3,000 points (and you can get them very easily) and then request a withdrawal.

You will usually receive your card within 5 days of requesting a withdrawal.

Download the featurepoints application

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2- Swagbucks application

Swagbucks is one of the most famous sites and applications through which you can earn Google cards.

However, the cards are not available for some countries.

For example, in Egypt, I actually tried to withdraw using cards, but the method was not available.

But it is available in some other Arab countries.

In Egypt, we have access to withdrawals in several ways, such as: 

  • paypal
  • payoneer
  • Amazon cards

Swagbox provides more than one category of cards, so you can order: 

  • Google Play card for $25
  • Google Play card worth $50.

Here is the method for earning cards, which also depends on collecting points by:

  • Complete various tasks
  • Answering questionnaires
  • Download games
  • Cashback.

Therefore, swagbucks is also considered one of the most important sites that I advise you to start with.

Download the swagbucks app

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3- Google opinion rewards application

Here you can earn Google Play cards through Google surveys .

Every day, Google makes continuous updates to its services and wants to know customers’ opinions about them.

Therefore, through the Google Opinion Rewards application, the company sends some simple questionnaires to the application users on a daily basis.

Every time you answer the simple question sent to you, you get some points that you can exchange at any time for a Google Play card of the same value.

Almost every month, you can win one or two cards worth 10 to 20 dollars.

Which is definitely good considering it’s a free code.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards application

4- App nana application

App Nana is one of the oldest earning applications on the Internet.

It is definitely an excellent opportunity to win Google Play cards, according to the opinions of more than 10 million users of the application.

The application is very simple and through it you can earn about 400-600 Nana (points).

The most distinctive feature of this application is that you can withdraw a very small amount, only $1, and you can withdraw your card.

How to earn here: 

  • By performing various tasks.
  • Invite friends to register in the application
  • Download games and more.

Download the appnana application

5- Cashkarma application

Cash Karma is also one of the simple and distinctive applications that provides Google Play cards as a means of withdrawing your profits from it.

The application is available for both Android and IOS.

The application has received millions of downloads from the Google Store.

As usual, like all the applications above, the methods of earning are varied, including tasks, surveys, and others.

Here, what is also unique about the withdrawal is that you only need 1,000 points, worth approximately $1, and you can withdraw.

Download the cashkarma application

6- Instagc application

instagc is an excellent application for earning Google Play cards.

You will find many websites already talking about it and how reliable and distinctive it is…

And this is true.

But the problem here is that this application is not available in many Arab countries.

For example, in Egypt we cannot register in this application without a VPN.

Even with a VPN, it may be discovered and therefore everything you have already earned will not be able to be withdrawn.

Therefore, if you are from any other Arab country, all you have to do is find out whether the application is available in your country or not before registering.

Here you can withdraw a Google Play card worth: 

  • $5 up to $50.
  • You can also determine the value of the card yourself, even if it is not within the range.

There are dozens of ways that you can exploit to profit from the site, and if you are currently in any foreign country, you can earn up to $100 per month from the site with ease.

Download the intagc application

7- inboxdollars application

Inbox Dollars is an excellent application for earning American Google Play cards.

But only if you now live in the United States of America.

Therefore, this application is not suitable for Arabs, unlike what is published on other Arab websites.


Some people used a VPN with the site and shared their successful withdrawal experience, but…

As usual, I do not recommend using a VPN because it is prohibited on most sites, and if it is discovered, your account will be deleted and no profits will be sent to you.

Download the inboxdollars application

8- Toluna application

Toluna is a company that specializes in surveys only.

Therefore, the Toluna application enables you to earn Google Play cards by answering questionnaires.

Toluna is one of the most honest companies on the Internet.

So do not worry, all you have to do is go and register on the site, earn some points, then request to exchange them for a Google Play card with the value you need.

It is important to know well that some countries do not have many surveys, but the Gulf countries, European countries, or the United States always find surveys with huge amounts.

Download the toluna application

9- Just play application

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to earn some money from games, Just Play is your appropriate application.

In addition, it is one of the best and most reliable applications for earning Google Play cards…

The application has a great feature, which is the possibility of daily withdrawals every 3 hours.

The application received excellent ratings of 4.9 on the Google Store.

Not only that, but the application has also received more than a million downloads from the official Google store, so I highly recommend it.

Download the justplay application

10- Cash App

Cash app is also one of the distinctive applications for earning Google Play cards that I highly recommend.

Here the application received more than 5 million downloads from the Google Store.

This application has been working for years and has received millions of positive reviews, so you can definitely download it and start working on it without worry.

The methods of earning here, through which you can collect points, are the same methods in all the applications above in this list.

So I won’t explain it to you for a long time.

Download the cashapp application

This was a list of the best honest apps that you can use to earn some free Google Play cards.

There are many other applications, some of which are honest and some of which are not.

So all you have to do is try these applications, work on them, and win some cards.

If you have any questions now, do not hesitate to contact me.

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