How to become rich through the Internet (9 real ways)

How to become rich through the Internet (9 real ways)

Can you become rich through the Internet?

Of course you can, but the most important question is how!!!!

The Internet is full of case studies and examples of people who have been able to become millionaires through it.

But this certainly did not happen from one night to another.

So what I want you to know well is that:

For the dream of being rich or the dream of becoming a millionaire from the Internet to come true, it will take some time and certainly double effort, investments, etc.

Therefore, you must know well that to become rich or even a millionaire from the Internet, you must work in the same way that millionaires work.

Now if you are ready, let me answer you clearly…

Can you become a millionaire from the Internet?

Although you may find it exaggerated, you can certainly become a millionaire from the Internet, and the only way to do that is to know what those who came before you did and benefit from their experiences.

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So in this part, let me present to you a group of Arab and foreign models who have been able to earn millions from the Internet.

1- Ariana Huffington

She is one of the founders of The Huffington Post , which is a website (blog) for publishing news.

Her monthly profits from her site alone are estimated at approximately $250 million annually.

There are many other examples such as:

  • Jon Dykstra : Owner of the Fatstacks , with annual profits of approximately $1 million.
  • Magdy Kamil : Owner of Al-Rabehun blog, which has approximately 200,000 visits per month, with an average profit from Google ads of $5/month. This is approximately $1,000 per month (I think more than that), but there is certainly a discount for many of the monthly expenses, but this is only an Arabic model to encourage you (this The information is inaccurate because it was not disclosed.)

2- Abd al-Muhaymin al-Agha

Have you ever heard of the Khamsat website or the Independent website?

Abdul Muhaymin Al-Agha is a Syrian programmer and owner of the Hassoub Network, which owns many other electronic projects.

These freelance platforms receive a commission of 20% from each sale.

In 2013, Khamsat’s profits were only about $200,000 .

Now that purchases from the site have doubled, this amount has certainly doubled several times.

3- Abu Fella

YouTube is definitely one of the best ways through which you can become rich or even a millionaire.

Perhaps the most famous Arab example we have is Abu Fallah.

With a YouTube channel containing more than 25 million followers, he is certainly one of the richest Arab YouTubers (may God increase him) and earns about 36 thousand dollars a month (according to some statistics on his channel views).

4- Fouad Badawi

Fouad Badawi is an Egyptian programmer known as Al-Maaser, and he is the founder of Tielabs, a company specializing in programming and selling website templates.

If you go to the company’s profile on the themeforest website, you will find a total of about 62,200 sales.

Since the average sale of one template here is approximately $59, the total sales are approximately $3.5 million (after deducting the site’s commission, which may reach 60%, so the net income is now about $1.3 million.

5- Huda Qattan

Almost the most famous influencer in the field of beauty in the Arab world.

She has more than 50 million followers on her Instagram account and was able to create a beauty and skin care company whose current value exceeds $1 billion.

There are many other examples that were able to reach their goal through social media, such as:

  • Coach Sama (fitness)
  • Omar Radi (entertainment)
  • Salah Abu Al-Majd (sales)

6- Muhammad Al-Kuwaifi

YouTuber and one of the distinguished Amazon FBA merchants who was able to become rich online through Amazon FBA.

In many of the videos on his channel, you will find that he shares the volume of sales, expenses, and other details that you will benefit from.

7- The ecom king

One of the most famous drop shippers in the world, and almost the teacher for most of those working in this field.

Kamil Sattar, a Pakistani-English national, was able to become a millionaire by becoming a professional in the field of dropshipping.

Therefore, if he and those who learn through him can become rich through the Internet, why can’t you too?

There are also distinctive Arabic models such as: 

  • Ammar Ikom

8- Hani Hussein

Hani Hussein is one of the most famous website owners on the Internet.

The method that Hani Hussein uses to obtain a monthly income from the Internet is by selling his paid courses.

He is almost one of the influencers who most exploit this method and have made excellent sums of money due to his popularity and distinctive methods of promotion.

Therefore, if you want to become rich, but you have enough time to increase your reputation on the Internet and gather popularity that trusts you, selling your experiences through courses may make you a millionaire.

In order to start any of the above projects that we will talk about below, you need capital.

But if you do not have the money to start, you can always resort to profit methods that do not require capital until you get enough money to start and then move on to building your own business.

How can you become rich from the Internet?

After looking at all of these models above, we will find that the only way to become rich from the Internet is to build your own business.

Whatever type of business this is.

Building your own electronic project is the only way to achieve this.

You will not be able to become rich by working as a freelancer, and you certainly will not be able to do so through beginners’ methods of making money .

So let me tell you now a set of the most important ways through which you can reach a million dollars if you can work properly.

Note: You have now learned about the basic idea on which becoming rich depends, as well as some Arabic examples that were able to succeed. Now here are the methods, but in a simplified manner, with the best sources to learn each method.

1- Building your website

The website is the foundation of any business on the Internet.

Although the situation has become much simpler and with just a few clicks you can create your own website, some still believe that creating a website is difficult.

What you need to understand is that there are many types of websites, such as:

  • Blogs: Content sites like this one where you read the topic (which is the best and simplest for me).
  • Service sites and platforms: such as the Khamsat website, which I mentioned above.
  • Personal websites: where you can put information about yourself if you are a famous person.
  • Movie and series sites: like many sites abroad.
  • Employment sites: which have job opportunities.
  • And others…

You can build your website through two basic methods: 

  • Hiring a programmer (which is very expensive)
  • Resorting to various content management sites such as (WordPress, which is the most famous), here you will not perform any programming activity.

If you decide to start, you can use two sources: 

2- Create your own YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is also very simple and does not require any explanation.

But I need you to understand well that to become rich or a millionaire from the Internet, you need to provide very distinctive content to your channel’s audience.

Therefore, you must be careful to produce the content, images, and even the presentation style in the best possible way.

There is more than one way to learn, but you can start simply by watching our channel creation course on YouTube below:

[wpcc-iframe title=”Creating a channel on YouTube (a comprehensive course in detail) 2022″ width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

Then all you have to do now is read the topics you need from our YouTube course

3- Create a social media account and work as an influencer

It’s very simple, all you have to do is:

  • Having more knowledge than those around you in a field.
  • After that, you must create your own account on most social media platforms that are appropriate for you and your content.
  • Now you have to start preparing the content that you will publish on your accounts.
  • Think carefully about a distinctive way to display this content.
  • Now upload and publish this content on your accounts.
  • Speed ​​up the process and start running ads on an ongoing basis for yourself and your content.
  • Finally, think about ways to benefit from this popularity (what is best for you to profit from).

4- Amazon FBA

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world.

Therefore, the idea of ​​​​building a project based on it may be your way to a million via the Internet.


However, I prefer that you build everything yourself because in this case everything will be under your control.

This certainly does not mean that I am telling you that Amazon FBA is a bad method, but what I want to say is that your complete control over the project gives you more powers.

Amazon FBA is: the process of sending a quantity of goods to Amazon warehouses and adding them to your account as a seller, and Amazon sells, delivers, and collects money for you.

Although you may find this easy, it is very stressful:

  • Product selection.
  • Risks in transporting and purchasing goods from China.
  • Amazon customer service.
  • New traders don’t sell well.
  • You need a huge amount in addition to an amount for advertising in order for sales to continue.

The topic is huge, but you can learn everything about it by: 

Unfortunately, the Arabic content is somewhat weak in this area, but you will find some good videos presented by Muhammad Al-Kuwaifi on his channel that you can watch and benefit from.

5- Drop shipping

Here the explanation of the field is summarized in:

  • You create your own online store and place products that you do not own on the site.
  • You now put a profit margin + shipping fees on your product.
  • Now you are running advertising campaigns for the products in your store, and when the sale is complete, you order the product from the first store.

As I told you above, there are many people who have already achieved huge sums of money.


However, the field is very complex and has many details that you need to learn and master.

The absolute best source for learning that I advise you is: 

6- Create your online store

If you are from any of the Gulf countries, then creating your own online store is an excellent idea that may make you a millionaire through the Internet.

But in Egypt the situation is somewhat different.

Mostly, many people buy in Egypt through pages and not websites (but this is only so far).

Therefore, I strongly advise you to create an online store and start selling your own products.


  • In the beginning, you must select specific products to sell and avoid general stores (a honey store only – a skin products store only – and so on).
  • Then you have to choose the products carefully and get only the products required in your selling area.
  • Now all you have to do is launch some targeted advertising campaigns and start selling.
  • Of course, you should study and analyze your numbers and know your profits and expenses very carefully.

E-commerce is an excellent electronic activity, but it requires you to have a great ability to market and analyze, so you must learn that.

Among the distinguished Arabic channels that you can learn from: 

7- Sell your own product

Now again, you have a skill or experience in a field. Did you know that you can become rich by selling it?

I mentioned to you above Fouad Badawi and his company tielabs. There are many other models such as Hani Hussein, The Ecom King and others.

All of these influencers were able to become millionaires by selling their own products.

These products may be:

  • Electronic application
  • A course in your skill area.
  • An electronic book
  • A software solution (such as templates).
  • Paid subscriptions to your site.

But in order to be able to sell your own products, you must first do the following: 

  • Build a huge fan base.
  • Make these people trust you and the content you provide.
  • Find an excellent way to present your knowledge and convince people of your skill.
  • Finally, provide free information to this audience so that they always know that you will offer them something special and thus they will purchase at the appropriate time.

Are there other ways to become rich from the Internet?

Of course there is.

But if you cannot learn it appropriately until you reach professionalism, then it is a way to lose, not to make income.

Here what I am trying to talk to you about is trading.

As you know, trading has several forms that you can exploit, and they mainly depend on two trading methods:

  • Short-term trading (speculation).
  • Long-term trading (investment).

I am not trying here to tell you that one type is better than another, but each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Note: Most successful investors, led by Warren Buffett, prefer long-term investment in preferred stocks with future value (because the risk is lower).

8- Stock trading

Stock trading made Warren Buffett the richest investor in the world.

Warren Buffett’s stock trading strategy was to trade for the long term and buy value stocks that would retain their value and generate profits for a long time.

Or those shares that are valued at a price lower than their true value.

You can find many sources to start trading here. You can, for example, rely on:

9- Forex trading

Forex is a currency trading system, more precisely (currency pairs). Here, you buy a specific currency while waiting for its price to rise against another currency.

The most famous example we have is the EUR/USD currency pair….

Here, for example, you buy the euro in exchange for selling the dollar in the case of: 

  • The price of the dollar decreases or the price of the euro increases: you win the price difference between them.
  • The price of the dollar rises or the price of the euro falls: you lose the price difference between them.

But the secret to becoming rich here does not depend on trading in the traditional way, but rather by exploiting financial leverage.

Leverage is a way to double the amount of your Forex trading deal, sometimes reaching 1,000 times the amount.

Therefore, you certainly understood that exploiting this leverage doubles the profits and also doubles the losses that may occur.

Therefore, you must pay close attention and take the high risk into account when trading Forex using leverage.

Note: You may not have understood anything at all, and this is normal. All you have to do is read the Forex guide for beginners and you will understand everything in detail.

10- Binary options trading

Binary options are one of the very risky trading methods in which many investors lose their money.

However, many people make huge profits from it.

In my services channel on YouTube, the channel owner was able to profit tens of thousands of dollars from this trading.

This is his field of specialization.

I even shared my experience in making profits from iqoption and how I was able to win $300 through a competition launched by the platform.

What are binary options: 

Trading deals in which you choose whether the price of what you are trading will rise or fall in a specific period of time.

If your prediction is:

  • Correct: You get the trading amount in addition to approximately 96% profits from the amount.
  • Incorrect: You lose your entire trading amount.

It is a big risk, but many people who prefer to take risks trade in this field.

You can see:The best companies in binary options trading

11- Digital currency trading

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that exist only on the Internet, and do not exist in the physical world.

Many countries prohibit dealing in these currencies, including Egypt.

But many other countries allow it, and some people who trade in these currencies have achieved very huge profits.

To be honest, many people suffered huge losses in the collapse of the markets.

Therefore, digital currencies are a high-risk trading opportunity and require you to have a good study of the field and also to trade only what you can do without.

What is the best way to become rich online?

The best method that you should rely on to reach wealth from the Internet is to combine more than one method.


If you decide to become an influencer, you must combine social media sites and YouTube, and you can also create your own online store and sell products to your audience.

If you decide to start with YouTube, you can create a website and a store as well, and do affiliate marketing for your audience.

And so on…

The more methods you can exploit, the faster and more securely you will reach what you want.

This was my answer to your question about how to become rich through the Internet?

I don’t think anything could be more appropriate than what I’ve shared with you.

But you may still have some questions…

So if there is something you would like to know, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know through the comments.

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