Guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet (top 18 tested)

Guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet (top 18 tested)

Are you looking for sites for making money online that are guaranteed and pay without any problems?

If you have a bad experience with some sites, like all beginners, this list is for you.

Here you will find a group of the best guaranteed sites for making money online that you can start with without any problems.

This list I was able to compile over years of experience and experience.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about any of these sites. All you have to do is go to the site that you like and start earning.

Are you ready to get started?

The best sites for making money online, guaranteed

Before I start, let me tell you that most of these sites have been tried, worked on, and also withdrawn from.

Therefore, there is no need to worry and search again. Just start with the method you like to profit from.

1- ysense website

After 3 years of experience, let me tell you that this site is the best site for making money from the Internet for beginners .

Although the opportunities for profit through it are greater for those who live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it also offers good opportunities for the Gulf countries in general.

Here you will be able to profit from opinion polls .

What is unique about this site is that the price of the questionnaire may reach $9 sometimes.

My experience with this site : I was able to withdraw approximately $400 from this site without any problems, and I have put the proof in the explanation of the ysense website .

Therefore, if you want guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet, and at the same time you do not have any skills, this site is your best opportunity.

You can simply register on the site from this button…

Go to ysense

2- Khamsat website

One of the best sites for making money online in the Arabic language, and it is definitely one of the guaranteed sites.

Unlike the previous site, Khamsat website is for people with average experience who possess some skill.

The website is basically a microservices platform.

That is, you can earn money from it by offering your skills to others in the form of services, which include, for example:

  • voice comment.
  • Data Entry.
  • Application programming.
  • And others.

Therefore, if you have a skill, whatever that skill may be, you can certainly make money from the Internet through this site.

My experience with this site : By providing simple services, I was able to earn more than $500 through it.

Khamsat is one of the most freelancer sites in the Arab world, so if you want to start offering your services, my only advice to you is to join and get started.

Registration in Khamsat

3- Timebucks website

Like the first site, but for all countries.

Timebucks is one of my favorite sites through which you can make money as a beginner.

Here are about 10 different ways to earn money, including watching videos, captcha, surveys, and even giving likes and follows to Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Whether from Egypt, Morocco, or any Arab country, this site is one of the best secured sites for making money from the Internet.


The only problem with the site is that it only supports Payeer Bank and bank transfers in withdrawals.

My experience with this site: Through this site, I was able to win and withdraw about $160 , and you will find proof in the explanation of the timebucks site .

You can go and register on the site through this button…

Register at timebucks

4- Expertoption website

Let’s increase the difficulty level now in our list of the best sites for making money online guaranteed. Are you ready?

Sure enough, while watching one of the videos on YouTube, you found an advertisement that begins with the following: This is my new car, which I bought from my profits on Expert Option.

Although the advertisement may seem completely illogical, these profits are real.

But certainly not everyone can achieve those profits.

Working on this website or application is not easy (although the method may seem very easy).

On this site, you predict the price of (gold, silver, dollar, euro, Amazon stock, etc.) will rise or fall.

  • You guessed correctly: Congratulations, you have now made a profit of about 80-90% in addition to your trading amount.
  • Your prediction was wrong: unfortunately, you lost your entire investment amount.

Although the way the application works is very risky, we are here to talk about it as one of the guaranteed money-making sites, and this is what concerns us here.

Note that the duration of the transaction that you are trading may be 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on.

Before you start trading on this site, perhaps you can read our list of the best binary options trading platforms and you may find something better for you.

Now all you have to do is click on the banner below to get a free account with 10,000 fake dollars that you can start trading with until you get used to the platform and then make a deposit.

5- Google Adsense website

We cannot talk about guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet and not mention Google.

Since I have already talked about all the ways to profit from the Google search engine, I do not think that repeating information would be a good thing.

So let me talk to you about making money from Google AdSense .

In order to be able to profit from this site, you need one of three:

  • Website (preferably a blog like the one where you are reading this topic).
  • YouTube channel.
  • Mobile application.

All you have to do to make money from this site is to start posting good content on any of the three above.

Then now you apply for the AdSense advertising program and wait for your blog, channel, or application to be accepted or rejected.

Once you are accepted, you can now place ads and earn for every person who views those ads and clicks on them.

My experience with this site: Although it was difficult to reach a good amount in the beginning as a beginner, I was able to win and withdraw more than 1000 dollars from this site.

As I mentioned above, a blog is the best way to profit from Google, so you may want to read the guide: How to create a blog and profit from it .

6- Binance website

Now is the time for a higher level of difficulty, but at the same time a great investment opportunity.

digital currency trading platform in the world.

Which makes us confidently put it on our list of the best guaranteed sites for making money online.

Crypto or digital currencies are the investment of the future. This is my personal opinion, which is in no way considered investment advice for you.


If you look at the prices of various digital currencies over the past 4 years, you will know without a doubt that it is an irreplaceable opportunity.

The rise of a currency like Ethereum from $150 to $2,400 is not something we can ignore.

So, if you are looking for guaranteed sites to make money online, why not start using Binance to buy currencies and store them until they rise, or trade those currencies on a daily basis.

My experience with the platform: In fact, here I cannot tell you if I won such an amount… because the platform is not profitable, but the platform has actually been tried and traded on it for a long time and withdrawals are made through it.

Register on binance

7- Fiverr website

If you have a certain skill and want to get clients to buy your services quickly, Fiverr is the right place for you.

The nature of the work of the site is similar to the nature of the work of the Khamsat website (although it is the original).

That is, all you have to do is offer your services, and once you get sales, you implement the service and receive the profits.

What is unique about Fiverr is the number of service requests that are made on it. As their statistics say, every 4 seconds a service is purchased from the site. Can you believe this?

My experience with the site: In fact, my experience was not very good. My main work was on the Khamsat website, so I did not care much about Fiverr, and this was my biggest mistake.

Of all those sites above, I can confidently tell you that this site is the best in our list of guaranteed money-making sites on the Internet, but because many beginners find dealing with it difficult, I waited and put it in this part of the topic.

Go to fiverr

8- Social media sites

All social media sites can be considered guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet, whether it is:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram.
  • snap chat.
  • etc

But my talk will be focused on the most important and best social media site, which is Instagram.

You can profit from Instagram in more than 10 different ways, and perhaps the best among them is doing paid advertisements for companies.

But I am here now to tell you an easier way.

Here we will enlarge Instagram accounts and then sell them on one of the best sites that I have dealt with.

The sale amount depends on the number of followers on your account, in addition to the extent of their interaction.

All you have to do is:

  • Gather the largest number of followers.
  • Trying to make these followers more interactive.
  • Go to the Fameswap website and offer your account for sale.

Bonus for you: All social media accounts can be sold, but you must specialize in a specific niche. This will greatly facilitate the selling process.

Additional bonus: You can buy accounts through the same site at a small price and then sell them at a higher price on the social tradia website.

9- Redbubble website

Some sites will tell you that teespring is the best.


Let me tell you that redbubble is the best when we come to the field of POD, especially for beginners.

The nature of the site’s work depends on you creating a specific design and uploading it to the site. After that, the site places this design on a group of products such as (T-shirts, jackets, mugs, wall pictures, pillows, etc.).

All you have to do is add a good design for something desired, let’s say, for example (roses on Valentine’s Day – anime characters – etc.), then prepare the shape of the design and adjust it on each product, and the site will take care of printing the design, delivering it, and receiving the money, and you will get the profit percentage that you specified in advance.

What is unique about the site: Unlike all sites that work in the same way, this site is considered the best in terms of sales operations with a store that has good reviews even for products that have not been sold yet, so in my personal opinion, it is the best site you can start with if you have that skill.

I do not need to tell you that the site is one of the best sites for making money from the Internet, guaranteed, as it speaks for itself as everyone speaks about it.

Register on redbubble

10- Amazon associate website

Have you heard about the famous Amazon store?

What if I told you that you can easily make money through it without having to sell products!!!

Like all major online stores, Amazon has one of the most affiliate marketing programs in the world.

Therefore, there is no need to say that it is normal for it to be included in the list of guaranteed money-making sites on the Internet.

Here all you have to do is:

  • Create a blog or YouTube channel.
  • Register in their affiliate program.
  • Start placing products related to your content within the content.
  • For every purchase from your unique links, you will receive a commission of up to 10% of the product price.

Note: Although it is easy to promote Amazon products for the sake of the site’s popularity, marketing through social media is prohibited on the site, so it is necessary when registering on it to have a good traffic source such as the website.

Another very important piece of advice: If this field of profit from the Internet is your choice, it is necessary before you start to get to know the basics of affiliate marketing, as it will make it much easier for you.

Bonus: If you want to target Arabs through social media, the Tagerly platform one of the best platforms you can start with.

11- Picoworkers website

Returning again to easy profit sites, because most of your presence in this article is to learn about easy sites and not sites for professionals.

The main location here is simple tasks.


Someone wants to collect followers for his YouTube channel. He pays for the site, and when you subscribe to the channel, you get some money.

Another person who wants likes on his page pays, and you make a profit when you do that, and so on…

The site has also become one of the best freelancer sites for beginners , after adding mini-tasks as a means of earning money through it.

But in my opinion, the best way you can make money from this site is by watching videos .

I spoke in detail about profiting from it in this way in the previous topic.

Therefore, if you are looking for sites for making money online that are guaranteed and have easy ways to make money, the picoworkers website should be your choice.

Register at picoworkers

12- cointiply website

Another one of the sites that does not require any effort or experience from you.

But this time you are not making money, you are winning digital currencies.

In other words, the Cointiply website provides you with the opportunity to obtain free digital currencies by performing some easy tasks such as watching ads, videos, and surveys.

This site is considered one of the most secure sites that you can start making profits from, and I always recommend it if you want to start entering the field of Creto.

Withdrawing your funds is done through Bitcoin and Dogecoin currencies, and this is done once you earn $5 .

Register at cointiply

13- Swagbucks website

I explained the swagbucks site in detail, along with proof of withdrawal, so you can be sure that the site is secure.

But it is necessary to put it here on the list.

However, let me be honest with you until the end and tell you that the possibility of profit from the site is weak compared to other sites on this list.

This is simply because the site works mainly for foreigners and provides them with the best ways of earning money.

You can profit from the site by completing surveys in addition to cashback, which is the most popular method for Arabs.

Swagbox is considered one of the best profitable sites that support PayPal if PayPal is your preferred option for withdrawing your profits.

Register with Swagbucks

14- YouGov website

If you are not in any of the Gulf countries or foreign countries, skip this site.

Here the site mainly works on paid surveys by major brands.

All you have to do is answer some surveys and you will get points that can be exchanged for money sent to you via Western Union with a minimum of $50.

Yougov is one of the most secure sites for making money online, so there is no need to worry.

Not only that, if you register through this link, you will get 100 points when you answer the welcome survey.

Register with YouGov

15- Etoro website

Would you like to trade on a secure website without even knowing anything about trading?

eToro website provides you with this…

Although I certainly do not encourage you to trade without studying it first.

However, if you are one of those who prefer to engage in investment experiences, you can certainly make money from the Internet in this way.

The idea depends on the copy feature provided by this site.

Simply put, you found an investor who has a high percentage of profits in his investments. All you have to do is copy this trader’s strategies with the click of a button and they will be applied to your money.

Here you can trade company shares, digital currencies, gold, oil, and other investment products.

Advice now: It is necessary that the money invested in this site be money that you do not need for your livelihood so that you do not lose everything you have.

Register on etoro

16- Istiktab website

Most of the sites above are foreign sites, and now it is time for one of the guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet that was launched from the heart of the Arab world.

From the name, you may have known the nature of the work of this site.

Yes, it is true that through this site you can profit from writing articles .

Therefore, if you think that you have the ability to write and can be creative, perhaps you should go to the platform and register on it.

All you have to do is provide a group of your previous works and put them as models for you in the service offer, and you will find a group of website owners requesting articles that you can start submitting and earning money through this method.

In fact, I have no experience working on this site, but I made sure that it was reliable before putting it on this list.

Now let’s talk about the penultimate site on the list of the best guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet…

17- Udemy website

How can I profit from one of the course sites ?

You may think that I am creating any site, but in fact, the Udemy site is one of the best and guaranteed sites for earning money from the Internet.

This is only if you have some skill…

It is certain that those responsible for the site did not include all of the courses on it.

It’s people like you who created all these courses.

Therefore, if you have a talent or skill, whatever that skill may be (writing articles, designing videos, or even juggling), you can start preparing your own course and invite many people to evaluate it for free at first, and when you get some evaluations, you can raise the price of the course and in Every time someone buys the course, you get profits in your account that you can simply withdraw through a large number of payment methods.

And so on…

You can prepare more than one course to increase your chances of profit.

In fact, these courses are one of the best ways to get passive income.

You prepare the chorus once and continue collecting the numbers.

Register on udemy

18- Upwork website

The first time I talked about this site was in a guide to making money from data entry .

Like the Fiverr website, UpWork is considered one of the best sites for making money online that is guaranteed without any doubt, and the nature of the work of the two sites is considered the same.

However, this site is considered more suitable for people who undertake large projects that take a month.

But of course there are small projects that end in less than that.

The bottom line is that Upwork is one of the distinctive freelance work sites where you can offer your skills at high prices compared to other sites.

I put it as the last site because it is more suitable for professionals who are very confident in their skills.

Therefore, if you think that you are suitable to start with this site, it will certainly be a very special choice.

Register on the upwork website

Now that you know the best sites for making money online, guaranteed and proven, tell me…

What site did you decide to start earning through?

Waiting for your answer or inquiry in the comments.

Good luck.

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