Profit from the Internet in Egypt 2024 (everything you will need from scratch)

Profit from the Internet in Egypt 2024 (everything you will need from scratch)

What do you think of a comprehensive guide to making money from the Internet in Egypt for the year 2021?

In fact, I hesitated a lot before writing this topic, especially because it is in colloquial Arabic.

But since the topic is mainly directed at Egyptians, I think it is better to keep it in this dialect.

Before preparing this topic, I said when I knew how other sites talked about “profiting from the Internet in Egypt.”

In fact, I found that there is no single topic that talks in detail about this topic, and in fact they all share a group of methods without any personal experiences.

That’s why I decided to write this guide, and I promise you that it will not be another one of the topics found on other sites.

But I will be sharing my entire experience and everything I have learned over the past 4 years.

That’s why I hope that you focus with me very much and let us start from scratch until you are able to succeed and specialize in a specific field.

Ready to start?

Part One: The stage of despair and searching

Your presence here looking at this particular topic means that you have given up on finding a job or project.

Or you need money quickly for a specific reason.

But only a small percentage are looking to start a real career online.

Unfortunately, only the last group is able to succeed and make profit from the Internet in Egypt or any other Arab country its main job (and this is not a small percentage, believe me).

But the good news here is: 

Whatever the reason for your presence here on this topic in particular, you can transform it and shape it so that it eventually turns into a desire for a career where there are no limits to his monthly income.

But the news will upset a large group and will cause them to abandon this topic . The path is difficult and not easy at all, as you can see in the widely spread YouTube videos.

But this should be enough reason for you to enter this world for a reason: 

The more difficult a field is, or the more long-term the return is, this means that very few will succeed.

This means that you can create your own brand and compete if you are tall.

This was the introduction to its summary: 

  • If it comes for easy methods, unfortunately this is not available in Egypt unless you invest. Here I will explain to you the topic of making a quick profit from the Internet. You can read it and determine what is appropriate for you.
  • Profit from the Internet in Egypt is real and a very large number of people make very huge sums of money.
  • Determine your goal and decide that you will build a real project and business, not just play.
  • The most important thing you need to know is that (watching ads for money) is not the right path for you (because I started with it and I was very desperate, believe me).

Now, let me prepare you with a set of tools that you will need as a person working on the Internet in Egypt.

Part Two: The most important tools necessary to profit from the Internet in Egypt

If you are going to work on the methods I will add in this topic, you will need tools that are important in principle, but there are certainly other important tools that differ depending on the path you will take in the end, but you will certainly learn them very easily.

Here you will find important tools that will help you receive any money that will come to you in the beginning, and it is very suitable for beginners.

Because this is a problem I faced a lot in the beginning, and I don’t know how to receive my money, so let me tell you what these tools are:

1- Easypay Visa

My favorite visa…

Not only because it costs you almost nothing (its price is 10 pounds)…

No, more importantly, you can link it to any electronic bank (I will tell you about the most important one of them a little later) and receive your money from this bank through Visa and withdraw from any ATM anywhere in Egypt and follow any bank.

Steps to obtain a visa

  • You will go to any post office near you and have a copy of the card and the card.
  • You will ask them for an EasyPay Visa (its name is that), but you must make sure that it is (it accepts withdrawals and transactions online), because currently there is a Visa only for pensions.
  • You will receive your visa at the same time while standing.
  • Then you will call the mail customer service (their number is on the visa) and you will ask them to activate your visa.
  • It will ask you for your data, card number, and some other information (it will never ask for the visa password).
  • Thus, the visa is now activated and you can receive it and make a deposit through it.

This was the first necessary thing you will need, and it has another alternative, which is a visa for the Bank of Alexandria (Inspire), but stay with what is easiest and choose Easypay.

2- Paypal Bank

Have you ever heard of electronic banks ? If you click on this last word, you will know everything in detail about it.

But what do we have to do…

PayPal is the most important and famous electronic bank, and we do not care here that it is the most widely used bank as a means of payment on most sites on the Internet.

Therefore, any method you will use and any website you will work on will most likely provide this bank as a means of payment.

Steps to fully prepare your account: 

  • First, you will register with the bank and create an account (make sure that your password is strong).
  • After that, you will receive normal money, but there is an important step so that there are no problems.
  • You will need to link the Easy Visa to the one you purchased at the bank a while ago, and this is very easy, but first you will need to go to the mail 24 hours after purchasing the visa and make a deposit of 150 pounds.
  • Then you will go to your Paypal account and do something called (Link a card).
  • You will add all the information related to the visa (its numbers – the 3 digits on the back of the card – the expiry date of the card).
  • Now, PayPal will deduct a small amount from your money (approximately $2) and will ask you for the transaction number.
  • You will go to the mail support and give them your information and ask them for the code of the last transaction made from the Visa to the Paypal account.
  • You will take the code and add it in the required field in your bank account.

Congratulations, you have linked your visa to PayPal and you can now withdraw any money that comes to you from the bank for your visa.

If the explanation is a little complicated, you can see the explanation of Paypal Bank with pictures , and this will help you more.

The last important tool you will need is…

3- Bank account

In fact, a bank account is not necessary to start with, but you will need it at some point.

You will need it after a very short period if you work conscientiously.

If you choose your own business, such as (YouTube – a website), then having a bank account is essential.

There is more than one good bank in Egypt.

But the problem is that most accounts require you to deposit at least 4,000 pounds.

If you have this amount, you can start with Banque Misr, which is considered one of the appropriate banks for making profits from the Internet.

But in fact, my experience with the bank was not excellent because: 

The bank does not send an account statement, which was a problem for me because I needed to create an account with an electronic bank ( Skrill Bank ), and I had to provide an account statement, and I had to go to the bank and obtain an account statement for 40 pounds.

This is despite the fact that I actually pay the costs of the account statement, and it does not come at all.

A final note in this part: Don’t worry about taxes at the beginning of the road. You will not face any problems unless you have a monthly income of at least $5,000 and you can solve them simply.

Start only and work on methods that are not prohibited in Egypt.

We have almost finished the second part of the way to profit from the Internet in Egypt, and it is time for the third and most important part…

The best ways to profit from the Internet in Egypt after 4 years of experience

The most important advice before I tell you about the most useful and profitable methods in Egypt is the following:

Try each of these methods and try to learn them in a week, and if you find yourself comfortable in this field and see that it is suitable for you, focus on this method only and do not distract yourself in any other way.

Then start developing yourself in the skill you chose and master it until you no longer see yourself as really good at this thing.

If you would like applications, here is a list of them:The 11 best applications for making money in Egypt

1- Writing

After 4 years of recycling, I can tell you with complete confidence that writing is one of the most in- areas of profit from the Internet in Egypt and outside Egypt.

Of course, every skill has its audience and people who demand it, but let me talk about writing content because it is the field that I have actually tried.

Approximately $1,000 was my total profit from writing articles for other people before starting my own blogs, and I made profits from it many times that amount.

This is an example of the profits I have already received from freelancer sites (the most important of which are Khamsat and Mustaql):

Profits from writing articles online in Egypt


In fact, this was not the case. Within a day or a month, I kept waiting on the Khamsat platform for one person to ask me for an article writing service. For about 3 months, I kept developing myself in the field of writing in them, and I started a free blog of my own and said I would use this time for myself.

Until someone requested a book containing a part of the site called (Non-Existent Services) and I convinced him that I was the right person, so he asked me for the service for the first time.

Here began a continuous series of profits from various services on Khamsat ( read the full explanation of the site ).

Ok, how can you start in this field?

Read the guide to making money from writing articles, in which I shared a summary of my entire experience and everything you will need in this field.

There is also a guide in which I shared 5 ways to get writing jobs on Microsoft Word if you see that articles are a difficult field.

Now let us see another way to make money from the Internet in Egypt, which is very suitable for Egyptians.

2- Work on your own blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to make money from the Internet in Egypt and in general.

This is because it has an advantage that is not present in most methods, which is that it provides you with Passive Income, or in Arabic, passive income.

You have been working on the blog for a while, and if you work on it correctly, it will still be a golden chicken.

It will continue to provide you with a daily income even after you stop working on it.

But this basically depends on the source of the visitors who will enter your site, so I am telling you that if you are going to start your own blog, learn the basics of SEO (this will help you get visits from Google when they search for a specific word, such as profit from the Internet in Egypt, which you came from for this topic).


It doesn’t mean that it’s the best way, it’s that it’s easy!!!

Blogging is the most difficult way to make an income online, and this is mainly because it is the slowest field of income.

That’s why most people who start are unable to finish and get bored.

I remember my first income from the first blog I made was $126. I was able to collect them after a year of work, but after that, almost double the amount came on a monthly basis.

Let me encourage you and show you some profits from some blogs

Affiliate marketing profits for a blog site on the ysense website (for profit from surveys )

Profit from the Internet in Egypt through marketing on the blog

The earnings of one of the bloggers I follow from advertisements (approximately $100,000 per month)

jon-dykstra's earnings from his foreign blog

These are the profits from the advertisements he displayed on his blog

Now you want to start this method? 

I wanted to make the topic easier for anyone who wants to start, and I created a guide ( how to create a blog and profit from it ). Start with it, and if you encounter any problem, contact me on Facebook or through the comments here, and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Note: The blog costs approximately 50 dollars for a year, which means approximately 60 per month, meaning 2 pounds per day. If you do not have this amount, do not start, but my advice is to start now as if you have entered an association and will receive the final payment.

Because you will see your profits after 8 months, and it will most likely be $100 per month, the minimum, meaning the return on investment is 400/50 (800% per year).

What do you think about startingan online job with a dollar ? (Read this guide and you will benefit from it)

3- Learn video design

Sales of video services on freelancer sites are very huge.

Even if it is not widely spread on Arab platforms, it has buyers in the thousands on foreign sites.

For example: 

My YouTube channel , I buy videos from Alia.

Surely there are a million other people who buy YouTube videos.

What are the most important types of videos required to learn them? 

There is more than one desired type, the most important of which are, for example:

  • Motion graphics videos (at great prices).
  • The White Board (there are many programs that do this, the most important of which is Vidscribe).
  • Screen capture videos.
  • Videos like (Top 10) are royalty-free video clips that are installed to make a video.

I highly recommend it for you to start learning (motion graphics – whiteboard) because their prices are very excellent.

Whiteboard video prices on Fiverr

This was an example of the prices per minute of whiteboard video, so I advised you to start learning it and sell your skills on the Fiverr website in the picture.

Let us now talk about another way to make money from the Internet in Egypt, which has become very famous in recent times, which is….

4- YouTube channels

There are approximately more than a million Egyptian YouTube channels that started recently.

This is actually a normal thing after the profits of YouTube channels became public (you can see the study we did that says that the average profit from every 1,000 views on YouTube is $1.5).

Recently, we talked in detail about YouTube in our free YouTube course

In this guide, you will find everything you can learn from scratch.

But the most important topic you need to focus on is YouTube keywords , because this will help you make your videos appear to many people when they search for any word in your videos.

I don’t want to tell you more about this part because we have many parts, and this part specifically contains many topics that explain each part in it.

5- Instagram

In Egypt, there are no chances that you can make money from Instagram if you target Egyptians.

Unless, of course, you become (or become, and this is more) an influencer and start advertising for big brands.

But I don’t mean anything else at all.

  • You will create an account on Instagram.
  • But you will not post your photos or photos of artists in the field and enlarge it.
  • You will determine a specific field to work on (fitness – finance and business – marketing – hair – skin – cars – etc.).
  • If you can make it in English, it will be a great thing. If you can make it in Arabic, you will also be able to make money from it.
  • Now we will start growing our account in a few ways, the most important of which is (paid ads on other accounts in the same field – and the most important hashtags in the niche you chose) and Instagram will do the rest and start connecting you to more and more interested people, even without paying any money ( he is very smart in this area and you definitely noticed it ).
  • Don’t forget, you must download it at least twice every day (Story – normal photo).

Now our account has reached 50 thousand followers (if it increases a little, you will make very good money from it), but now we can start exploiting it:

  • We will post in our bio that advertisements are available (this is the easiest way for people to know that you accept advertisements).
  • We will go to a website like Khamsat (and you can see the full explanation of the site before you start) and offer a service called advertisements on Instagram accounts (this is one of the most sought-after services in the Gulf countries).

Profit from the Internet in Egypt via Instagram

  • The third way is that we send visitors to our blog through the story (Swipe up), and through it we can make a good amount of advertisements on the blog.
  • If the account is foreign, you can sell it on the Social Tradia website for a very good amount depending on the number of followers (if it is 50 thousand and a large percentage of them interact), it can reach $1000 (15 thousand pounds).

Instagram account prices

If you need more information and methods about Instagram, you can read:The comprehensive guide to making money from Instagram .

Would you like to talk about another field for making money from the Internet in Egypt, but is it not enough?

In fact, there are two methods that I love very much. They can also be an excellent source of income for you in Egypt, but they will require you to study a lot and invest at least 2000-3000 pounds.

I will add them to the topic here, and if I find a large number interested, I will add them.

If you are interested in knowing how to do it, comment because this encourages me very much.


There are many online opportunities, and in fact, no one can master everything.

That’s why, if you remember, I told you to try everything for at least a week and you will find your passion for it and continue it.

Now let’s talk about the last part of the topic that I need to add, which is…

After making money from the Internet in Egypt

There is a mistake that many of us make, and I was very negligent in it in the beginning, but now, thank God, I am very afraid, and I hope you will not make it, and it is…

Fear of investing.

After you are able to get good money (or even a little money from the route you took), it is necessary that you recycle it in the same route.

I’m not telling you to invest in something other than your passion and still have a success story in it.


All I mean is that you start comforting yourself.

what’s the meaning?

I mean if:

  • You chose blogging as your preferred method, and invest a large portion of your income from it in hiring content writers instead of writing all the content yourself and focusing on other things.
  • If, for example, you chose Instagram and were actually able to sell your first account, and you currently have a second account, look for photo designers and invest in your time that you can use to learn a new skill and diversify your income.

Thus, every thing you decide, you start with and you find its return at the beginning.

My method for recycling capital is as follows:

  • 40% of net income is reinvested.
  • 20% for savings.
  • 40% for life necessities and personal expenses.

This is not the best ratio or distribution, but this was the most suitable for me.

Try to fit your income with your lifestyle, but never forget to invest part and save at the same time.

Now your turn begins…

Don’t wait to decide now which method you feel is most suitable for you and try it first.

More importantly, you share the topic with other people so that they can benefit (I started seeing good income when I started benefiting others with most of the information I have).

So participate, and if you have any questions or want someone to help you, do not hesitate to contact me on our Facebook page.

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