How do I get money from my mobile phone? (The best way to prove it)

How do I get money from my mobile phone? (The best way to prove it)

How do I get money from my mobile phone?

You must have wondered a lot, and did not find a clear and comprehensive answer to this question.


In this article, I have collected for you the best methods and sites that you can work on and earn money through using your mobile phone.

There are many ways to earn money from mobile phones, but many of them are not honest and do not pay.

It was therefore necessary to write a guide with methods and applications that have already been tried.

How do I get money from my mobile phone?

Before starting, it is important to know that:

All of the earning sites and apps in this guide have been personally tested, so you’ll find payment proofs for most of them.

If you do not find proof of payment for it, this means that it is reliable and the experiences of others with it have been confirmed, but I did not have enough time to try it.

Starting with…

1- Earn money from surveys and tasks

Surveys are the simplest and easiest way that you can use to earn some money from your mobile phone.

All you need is some time to answer some questions and get paid.

Although there are many applications and websites, the best ones for me are: 

As for mini-tasks, they are also a unique method for those who do not prefer to profit from opinion polls.

Here the tasks could be:

  • Follow social media accounts.
  • Subscribe to channels.
  • Enter your email into a mailing list.
  • Register on a site.

Or other simple tasks through which you can earn money easily.

Here I also have excellent experience with two sites, which I recommend: 

Now let me share with you my payment proofs from previous sites.

Proof of payment from Ysense :

My profits from the ysense website

Proof of payment from Swagbucks :

Payment proof from swagbucks

Proof of payment from Sproutgigs :

Proof of withdrawal from sproutgigs website

Proof of payment from Timebucks :

My earnings from timebucks

Now that you have confirmed the credibility of the above sites, let us move on to the next method of making money from the phone, which is:

2- Exploiting freelance applications

As soon as the word freelancing appears, everyone thinks we are about to talk about programming, graphic design, or other services that require advanced technical and computer skills.

But you can earn good money from your mobile phone through freelancing and providing very simple services.

The most important of these services are: 

  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Voiceover.
  • Teaching terms in your language to foreigners.
  • And others…

So it’s simple, all you have to do is:

  • Find a simple service that you can do.
  • Go to the freelancer websites and register there.
  • Upload your services on the site.
  • Improving the image of the service to attract your first customer.

Once you do this, find some clients and offer your services to them, you can then withdraw your money through an electronic bank and then transfer it to your bank account.

The best freelancer apps that I recommend: 

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

I already have a great experience working on Fiverr and I was able to withdraw $100 last month already.

But I do not want to provide services until I receive money from my mobile phone…

What do you think is the easiest way ever?

3- Playing games on your mobile phone

There are some applications through which you can earn money from your mobile phone.

Although they are not common – and most of them are not honest – I have found some that actually pay.

These applications such as:

This application is considered one of the best Arabic applications for earning money for Android, and here all you have to do is answer some questions for competitions and you can get an excellent amount from your mobile phone.

It is one of the distinctive programs for making money from games that already has hundreds of thousands of positive reviews.

It also provides many other methods that you can use to increase your income from the program, such as questionnaires, tasks, etc.

But this is not what I want to share with you!!! I have something else…

Did you know that you can sell tips in some games on freelancing sites?

I went to the Fiverr website and found the services of trainers for different games, the most famous of which is Fortnite, as you can see in the picture:

Earn money from mobile through games

Not only that, but you can earn money from your mobile phone from some other games, such as PUBG, through services such as:

  • recharge.
  • Selling accounts.
  • Raise the ranking of accounts for other people.

The three services above were already being performed by one of my friends and still are…

So I tell you that you can exploit your mobile phone with it.

4- Walk and earn money

You can get money from your mobile phone easily by walking.

Just walk?


Surely you have heard before about the Sweatcoin application , through which you can earn money from walking .

This is true and I have already tried it.

Here all you have to do is: 

  • Download the application.
  • Register with it.
  • Start walking.

After that, you will be able to earn a currency called Sweat. This currency can then be converted into: 

  • PayPal balance.
  • Digital currencies.
  • Gift vouchers and discount coupons.

Is it that simple?

Yes, and you can also start earning from referrals , as you will get 5 coins for each friend with the possibility of winning an iPhone and other valuable gifts.

sweatcoin app

5- Creating content on social media applications

There is no better way than creating content on applications such as Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook through which you can make money from your mobile phone.

There is no need for proof here. Everyone knows how profitable content creation is.

But what you need to know is that you need persistence and patience so that you can build a huge audience.

After that, the methods of earning vary depending on the social media site on which you create content.

For example: 

  • Instagram: It is considered the best for profiting from contracts with major brands and paid advertisements.
  • Facebook: Provides the ability to profit from videos through the ads that appear on them.
  • Tik Tok: very distinctive for its spread and fame, hence the trend towards paid advertising.

There are also some other fairly new profit applications

  • Kwai app.
  • Meyo app

If you want one application that I recommend, it is TikTok. Start here and move on to the other applications.

6- Create a YouTube channel

About 8 months ago, I came across a channel on YouTube, through which its owner was providing a screen recording of a mobile phone and an explanation of applications for earning and increasing income.

The number of followers on the channel was approximately 3,000.

Today I went again to see more details about it and found that it had reached approximately 23 thousand subscribers.

Here you may see this development as weak, but when you know that the channel is completely dependent on mobile phones to record the screen and also the sound, and it is not professional in the way it is presented, you will already know why this development in the channel’s statistics caught my attention.

  • Monthly views of the channel’s videos exceed approximately 150 thousand visits.
  • YouTube channel earnings guide, 1000 views in this field are no less than $3.
  • So, the channel’s monthly profits from AdSense ads are only $450.
  • This is in addition to the commissions he receives from promoting profitable applications and websites.

But this is not the only channel that works this way…

Hundreds of cooking channels were launched, relying solely on mobile phones to film food at first.


For women looking for work from home, a YouTube channel specializing in cooking may be an excellent option.

Now, if you intend to get started and want more, here are some articles to help you: 

7- Working as a telephone sales representative

Dozens of jobs are added daily requesting a sales representative or customer service over the phone.

Whether one or the other, you can certainly apply for any remote job in both fields, and you will find good job opportunities that you can seize any of.

You can find a remote job in these two fields by:

  • Search for companies in your area and go and ask them about a job directly.
  • Search various employment sites.

There are literally dozens of recruitment and job search sites that you can use to get your future job.

The most important of these platforms: 

  • prospecting.
  • far.
  • Indeed.

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This was my detailed answer to the question: How do I get money from my mobile phone?

I think the methods above are the best, but there are certainly some other methods available online.

Therefore, if you find any other suitable method, perhaps you can contact us in order to add it to the article.

If you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.

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