Profit from referrals (my experience is earning $3000+)

Profit from referrals (my experience is earning $3000+)

Who doesn’t want to earn from referrals and inviting friends?

In this article, let me share with you in detail my experience with a group of sites and applications that I used to earn more than $3,000 from referrals.

This certainly wasn’t in a month or two, but most of it was in the previous year.

So here I will share a list of my favorite referral programs, explaining each program, its features, and how you can exploit it.

Now let’s talk a little about…

Is earning money from referrals and inviting friends feasible?

Profiting from referrals and inviting people to register on sites or services is very feasible and profitable, but it is better to have your own audience to whom you can promote those sites and services.

By having an audience, I mean that you start creating content and attract a good number of followers.

Content creation is not limited to a specific type. For example, you can: 

  • Creating a blog : Like the one you are reading, it is my favorite way to make money from inviting friends from my audience.
  • Creating a YouTube channel : This is an excellent way to get double profits.
  • Launch a Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, or other social media account.

The larger the audience you promote, the greater your chances of earning from referrals and the more profits you will be able to achieve.

Types of profit from referrals

It is important to know that there are two types of referral earnings:

  • One-time commissions (Fixed CPA) : As it is called, you get a one-time commission once your friend or follower registers.
  • Recurring commissions (Revenue share) : Here you get a recurring percentage of the profits or losses of the person you referred.

Even some new types of referrals have begun to appear, which are a combination of both types above.

You will find that some companies offer you a fixed commission (a small amount) + a permanent commission (a percentage lower than the normal percentage).

First, you must determine which type is best and most appropriate for you, then start promoting.

Now let me tell you…

The best sites and programs for earning money from referrals

The arrangement here is from the simplest, which does not require effort or investment from your friend or follower, to referral programs that pay larger amounts, but which require the person you are referring to invest or purchase a product or service.

Start with the simplest and easiest…

1- Sweatcoin application

Sweatcoin is a kind of sports application, through which you can earn money for walking .

Therefore, all your friend will do is download the program from your referral link, and then start walking.

He will not need to buy or invest anything, so promoting it to your friend is simple.

I made a detailed explanation of the Sweatcoin program , which you can view. Here is the explanation of inviting friends to the application.

Details of Sweatcoin’s referral program:

  • The reward for inviting each friend is 5 coins.
  • You need to refer at least 20-30 friends before you can withdraw.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.
  • You can withdraw via Paypal.

Normally, you will not find the ability to withdraw in the form of a PayPal balance available to your account, and this is very normal.

But once you invite these 30 friends to the application, you will be automatically added to the influencer program and open the possibility of earning PayPal balance through it.

sweatcoin app

2- Ysense website

Basically, Ysense is a site for making money from surveys and simple tasks.

But for me, profit from referrals to the program is the best and most profitable way.

In my experience with Ysense alone I was able to earn over $1000:

My profits from the ysense website

Therefore, if you have some friends who are looking for ways to make money, you can recommend this site to them.

Now let me tell you in detail about…

Ysense Referral Program: 

  • Once you invite a friend and he starts earning, you get $0.10.
  • When his profits reach $5 (the first time only), you get a $2 commission.
  • From all his profits, you get a permanent commission of 20%, which can reach 30 depending on the number of referrals you make.

Due to the three commissions above, this referral program will always be the best for me.

The best way to promote it: by creating content on YouTube or having a blog.


How can you withdraw your profits from the site? 

There are several ways you can exploit them:

  • Skrill : You can withdraw to it once you reach $5.05 in your balance.
  • Paypal : You need at least $10 in your account balance.
  • Payoneer : The minimum amount is $25.

Register with ysense

3- Timebucks website

Timebucks is also one of the sites where you can earn from referrals and achieve excellent amounts.

But here you also need to have an audience looking for ways to make money , and then start explaining and promoting the site to them.

Or if your friends are looking for a site through which they can earn some money easily, you can send them a link to this site.

In my experience, I was able to earn more than $400 from affiliate marketing for the site:

My earnings from referrals to timebucks

Now let me tell you in some detail about…

Profit from referrals to timebucks: 

  • When you confirm your identity, you will get $2 to your account (this is necessary).
  • Then after that, you get an ongoing commission from your friends’ profits of 15% (without affecting their balance).
  • If someone decides to advertise on the site, you get a commission of 5% of the ad amount.

These are the commissions available on the site.

Once you reach $10 in your account, it will be transferred to the payment method suitable for you automatically on a weekly basis.

The available methods for withdrawing profits are: 

  • Payeer Bank.
  • Paypal
  • Airtm
  • Digital currencies.

It is important to know that you do not get any commissions if your friends do not confirm their identity, so make sure to confirm that they do so after registering.

Register at timebucks

4- Coinpayu website

I found many Arab sites talking about profit from referrals to the Coinpayu website, so I decided to add it to the list.

Although I don’t think their referral program is the best.

But since my experience with him was good, and I was able to earn good amounts of money from referrals to him, there is no problem with adding him to the list.

Proof of payment from coinpayu

In the beginning, the site is a site for earning digital currencies by watching ads , answering questionnaires, and other ways of earning for beginners .

Earn money by inviting friends to Coinpayu:

  • Every person you invite to the site receives a commission of 10% of his profits.
  • The site launches a monthly competition in which the person who refers the most friends gets $100.
  • You can also sell the referral for a certain amount added to your account on the site.

In addition to that, the site also provides some plans to increase your profits from referrals through a paid monthly subscription to the site.

But I definitely do not recommend this unless you have a large number of active affiliates.

Register on coinpayu

5- Bluehost referral program

One of the best ways to profit from referrals is to invite your friends and acquaintances who want to start an electronic project, especially a website or blog, to use Bluehost hosting.

Hosting is a necessary component for building any online website, as it is where all the website’s files are stored.

Bluehost is one of the most famous and cheapest web hosting sites, in addition to its good performance and excellent reputation.

So I would definitely recommend starting with Bluehost promotion.

Explanation of Bluehost’s referral program: 

  • A fixed commission of $65 on every purchase made through your link.
  • You need at least two sales to be able to withdraw.
  • You will be paid 60 days after referring clients.

You can join the program through one of affiliate marketing sites , Impact.

From Impact, you can withdraw to your bank account.

6- Fiverr referral program

Fiverr is one of the best work-from-home sites that you can exploit or recommend to a friend of yours who has a skill and wants to sell it.

But you will not profit from referring people to work on the site. Rather, you need to refer business owners to the site, and when they make a purchase, you get a commission.

You can also promote their learning platform Fiverr learn and get a 30% commission of the price of the courses purchased.

My experience with Fiverr’s affiliate program is fairly recent, however, I was able to get $32 in commission.

Explanation of profit from fiverr referrals: 

The site offers more than one opportunity and method to earn money from referrals, for example:

  • Fixed CPA commission: It varies depending on the services that are purchased.
  • Recurring commission Revenue share: It ranges from 20% to 50%.
  • A combination of the two types above: Hybrid: You get a fixed amount in addition to a smaller percentage whenever a person makes a purchase.

Try fiverr

7- Iherb referral program

I think that many of us already know Iherb, but if you do not know it, it is one of the most famous sites for shopping health products and natural health and beauty products in the Kingdom, the Gulf countries, and even Egypt.

Many people already trust the products sold by this American store.

Therefore, you can start marketing some of the products on the site through your referral link.

What is special here is that the site offers – in addition to your commission – a discount coupon to the customer upon purchase.

This will greatly help you attract buyers and get good commissions because you offer them a benefit in the form of discounts.

How to make money from inviting friends and referrals to Iherb:

Here from every purchase you get commissions depending on the type of customer.

  • New customer: Your commission is 10% of every purchase.
  • Previous customer: 5% commission from the current purchase.

This is the best thing about this referral program.

In addition, you will offer the customer a discount at the same rate as your commission.

If you intend to invite your friends, you can benefit from the referral program and get $5 for your friend’s purchase, and your friend gets a $5 discount if it is his first purchase.

Register in the iherb affiliate program

8- Iqoption Referral Program

Iqoption is basically a platform for trading binary options and forex .

But it offers many other trading methods.

I tried promoting the platform and was able to earn $400 from referrals to the platform.

Before promoting this platform, it is important to alert your audience or friends that this is a high-risk investment and may cause them to lose a large portion, if not most, of the investment amount.

How do you earn from referrals to the platform?

The platform offers two basic ways to earn money from referrals:

  • Fixed commission: It varies from one country to another. For example, the commission for a trader from Saudi Arabia was $165.
  • Profit Sharing: Here the platform shares 40 to 50% of its profits from customers with you.

From my personal experience, the first system with a fixed commission was the best, but the platform began to provide it to specific marketers and not to everyone.

Register on Iqoption

These were the best ways to make money from referrals and inviting friends.

Of course, there are many other opportunities that you can take advantage of.

But just make sure to direct your audience or friends to what will provide them real value, and not the ways in which you exploit them.

Now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

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