How many reports are required to close an Instagram account?

How many reports are required to close an Instagram account?

How many reports are required to close an Instagram account?

A question that is often asked due to the spread of many fake or abusive accounts.


In this article, let me tell you all the information you need so that you can close any Instagram that blackmails you or exploits your personal photos or for any other reason.

In this article, you will find everything you need, starting with what happens when submitting a report to the steps for reporting with illustrative pictures.

Now let’s get to know first…

 What happens when you report an Instagram account?

In accordance with the Instagram User Policies Guide, Meta takes action depending on the type and seriousness of the report.

The reason for the report is reviewed, and when there are many reports for the same reason, the company begins to review the account in order to confirm the reason for the report, and when confirming the reason for the report and its validity, a procedure is used.

First, a warning is sent to the account holder that his account has many reports and he must start correcting the information to avoid deletion.

If the person does not correct this error, final action is taken which may be:

  • Delete the post or tag it with incorrect information or inappropriate content.
  • Delete or close the account permanently.

Even if you do not already have an account, you can report the account through this link:

Does the person know who filed the report on Instagram?

According to the guide for reporting content or impersonation, the account holder does not know who provided the report except in one case, which is reporting the theft of content, which is known as a violation of intellectual property rights.

So if you have any fear that the person making the report will know, this does not happen.

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When does an Instagram account close?

There are several types of reports you can submit on Instagram.

All you have to do is use the real reason for reporting and then action will be taken against the account.

There is no type of report that is stronger than another. It is always preferable to choose the type of report depending on the type of abuse, but the sooner the type of report can be proven, the faster action will be taken.

For example, sharing content that is offensive and violates Instagram policy – and let us assume adult content – action will be taken against it faster than reporting verbal abuse or bullying, because in the second case the report is reviewed and confirmed first.

The most important reasons for reporting on Instagram are: 

  • Fraudulent content (if the content is incorrect and exploits the audience).
  • Adult content (here the content tag will be added or deleted).
  • Any content that incites hatred, racism, violence, or trade in narcotic substances or medicines if the seller is not a reliable health organization.
  • Fake information.
  • Accounts that violate personal identity.
  • Reporting accounts of people under 13 years old.

If the account you intend to report is abusive or impersonates you or one of your friends, you will also find the reason for reporting, and you will find it below with illustrative pictures.

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Now let me answer you frankly…

How many reports are required to close an Instagram account?

According to Instagram’s guidelines and policy, action can be taken against an Instagram account and closed by submitting just one report.

But is this true?

Mostly not.

Therefore, it is important that you send the account link to your friends and acquaintances so that they can also report the account. This will greatly help in directing the violations monitoring team towards the account and getting more attention towards it.

Even with the large number of reports that the account receives, Instagram’s algorithms will often automatically not show the account’s content to others.

Conclusion: When reporting an account that has actually violated policies, abused, or impersonated you, you need at least 10 to 20 reports, and Instagram will take action against the account and close it, but no matter how many reports there are from an account that has not committed any abuse, in most cases, no action will be taken against it.

Usually, when the reason for the report and its validity is confirmed, action is taken to block or close the account within 24 to 48 hours.

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Now let us move on and learn in detail about…

How to report an Instagram account?

In order to report an Instagram account correctly and action is taken, you must follow the following steps correctly.

First you have to:

  • Go to the account you intend to report, then select the three dots at the top, then choose Report.

Report an Instagram account

  • After that, choose whether you want to submit the report, content or person.

Report an Instagram account or content

In this case, we will report an account, so choose to report an account, not content.

  • After that, you must choose the reason for the report, impersonating someone under the age of 13, or something else if it is an abusive account.

The reason for reporting the Instagram account

Here we will report an account that has impersonated you or someone else you know, and therefore we will go to the first option in the previous image.

  • Then choose who this account is impersonating: you, someone you know, a famous person, or an organization.

Who is this account impersonating on Instagram?

In the previous example, I chose to report the person because he is impersonating someone I know, but if you are the one being impersonated, choose the first option.

  • After choosing the person who is being impersonated, you will see the option to select the friend who is being impersonated. Select him and report the account.

Select the Instagram account that is being impersonated

After selecting the account and submitting the report, the report will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken against the abusive Instagram account or one that is impersonating someone else.

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Thus, you have learned the number of reports required to close an Instagram account and how to report the account correctly.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you.

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