How to get Bitcoin in 2024 (all methods)

How to get Bitcoin in 2024 (all methods)

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that was invented, and after its appearance, many other digital currencies began to appear.

Sincethe price of Bitcoin changes daily depending on the market supply and demand for it, this has led many people to rush into trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

But the question that will first appear in your mind ishow do I get Bitcoin?

This is what we will talk about in detail in this topic.Obtaining Bitcoin is not difficult. When you complete this topic, you will learn

how to obtain Bitcointhrough more than one method, and you can definitely choose the method that suits you.

In 2017, the price of Bitcoin reached 20,089 US dollars / one Bitcoin, which is the highest price that Bitcoin has reached since its invention.

Maybe it’s time to get some Bitcoin before it’s too late 


Before obtaining Bitcoin (Bitcoin wallet)

Before searching for how to obtain Bitcoin, you must first choose for yourself a suitable Bitcoin wallet, and what we mean by this is that it is compatible with the nature of your use of Bitcoin and what is the purpose of buying it or obtaining it in any way.

This means that if you want to obtain Bitcoin with the aim of: 

* Simple investments and trades ($100 – 1000) or less. Of course, your choice now is
hot wallets(whether mobile or computer wallets)* Storing Bitcoin and freezing it in order for the price to rise (in large quantities), then you must resort to

cold wallets(hardware wallets). Isolated from the Internet, where Bitcoin is stored until its price rises, it is the safest method. Let ussay that you want to

obtain Bitcoinfor some simple investments or electronic payment, then your choice now in electronic wallets is multiple, but we recommend for you the two best wallets in which you can receive Bitcoin and keep it.Coinbase wallet

It is a comprehensive wallet for digital currencies that contains more than 10 types of digital currencies that you can store on this platform
. It is also distinguished by the fact that you can
trade Bitcoinon it (but this feature is not available in Egypt or some Arab countries)– This wallet provides the service of knowing the price of Bitcoin. Directly from within the platform
– you can send and receive Bitcoin and digital currencies with ease (simple and easy to use)
– the Bitcoin transfer commission is relatively moderate and as the amount of Bitcoin increases, the commission decreases

You can create a wallet from here Coinbase 

Blockchain wallet

One of the best and safest Bitcoin wallets on which you can receive profits
* Supports more than 22 digital currencies
* Provides the ability to purchase Bitcoin via bank transfer (not supported in Saudi Arabia, but available in Egypt), but identity must be confirmed via a photo or government document
* Mining commission Relatively good.
You can create a wallet from here.Blockchain

Faucetpay wallet

For those who obtain small amounts of various digital currencies, especially those who work on Bitcoin earning sites.
The Faucetpay wallet is a very good option for them, as it provides wallets for more than 10 different digital currencies, including Bitcoin.In addition, you can exchange various digital currencies. If you want to obtain Bitcoin instead of any other currency, you can exchange it immediately, and if you want the opposite, you can also instantly. Asfor the withdrawal commission from the wallet, it is very low, as it amounts to 400 satoshis for any amount you withdraw.
You can create a wallet from Here is


How to get Bitcoin 

After creating your wallet or purchasing any cold storage wallet, let us now talk about ways to obtain Bitcoin 
There are 3 basic ways through which you can obtain Bitcoin or any other electronic currency

Get Bitcoin for free

Did you know that you can get Bitcoin for free?
Yes, there are hundreds or even thousands of ways and profit sites that enable you to earn Bitcoin. Perhaps more than being a profit, they are ways through which some companies and sites pay you through Bitcoin in exchange for performing some tasks, whether easy or difficult.
Because we talked in detail about this method, we will skip talking about it and continue the rest of the topic to learn the rest of the ways to obtain Bitcoin, but if you want to know ways to profit, you can see this topic. 

The best ways to earn Bitcoin in 2020

 Bitcoin mining 

Bitcoin mining is the primary way to obtain that currency. This mining process was very profitable in the past, but the process has become very difficult. This is due to the large number of people who carry out the mining process. In addition to the high prices of mining equipment and its need for special conditions.  

There are two main ways to obtain Bitcoin through mining: 

The first way to mine using the power of your device 


 Through this method, you use mining sites and use your device in order to obtain Bitcoin (in the past, this method provided good profits, but in the current period it has become very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a significant profit from this method. 

The best mining sites using your device:

Cryptotapbrowser* Computa

The second method of cloud mining 


Cloud mining is considered the process of investing some of your money in order to obtain more Bitcoin or other digital currencies. There are many sites that offer the possibility of obtaining Bitcoin from cloud mining (cloud mining means paying some money, whether real money or Bitcoin, in return for obtaining a contract. For a certain period through which you obtain profits from mining tools), but this method has now become unprofitable due to the high mining commissions and the fluctuation of the price of Bitcoin.

Cloud mining sites:

Genesis Mining

Buy Bitcoin 

Since Bitcoin mining has become ineffective due to the large number of people who carry out the mining process in addition to extracting most of the Bitcoin (the maximum capacity of Bitcoin is 21 million Bitcoins in the world), some people have resorted to
buying Bitcoin, since it is characterized by a continuous rise and fall in price due to the supply and demand market. Therefore, obtaining Bitcoin for the purpose of investment or storage has become a goal for many people

When do you buy Bitcoin?

There are many opinions about the process of

buying Bitcoin, and because the Bitcoin market is one of the very attractive markets for investment, many people may fall into very huge problems. Some wrong decisions in this market may lead to the loss of most of your capital that you invest, so you must be careful when entering the Bitcoin market. Be careful when purchasing, especially if prices rise significantly.The most important advice we would like to give you before buying Bitcoin is that you should not always be attracted to some expectations that spread over a period of time. Follow the price of Bitcoin and find out its maximum and lowest price, and when it approaches the lowest price, buy, and if you find that the price is high during this period, avoid buying Bitcoin.

Perhaps you should sell if you have some Bitcoin in your wallet

How do you buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is not difficult. There are many sites that you can use to obtain Bitcoin,
but beware,as many of these sites scam users and do not send you Bitcoin after receiving the money.We will now provide you with the best sites through which you can buy Bitcoin in a very safe manner, but if you feel anxious at any moment, do not complete the purchase process and try another site, but so far, the sites that we will present are the best, and fraud operations through them are very few and are considered non-existent.

Buy Bitcoin with Visa 

Many people want to buy Bitcoin via Visa, but do not know the best honest sites through which they can buy without any problems.
The site that we will talk about now, through which you can

buy Bitcoin with a Visa in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or any country,Changelly

  is one of the most famous sites for buying and selling digital currencies. Through this site, you can buy Bitcoin with a Visa. It also provides the possibility of exchanging Bitcoin for other digital currencies, or vice versa. .
The Changelly website I used myself and it is considered one of the lowest sites that receives a commission from you.
Therefore, if you want to buy Bitcoin with Visa, this site is your first choice if you want low commissions, speed in carrying out purchases and exchanges, and very fast technical support. You canregister on the site from here.

Changelly  Coinmama

coinmama is one of the most famous sites for trading and buying Bitcoin. The Coinmama website is distinguished by its presence in most Arab countries. Through this website, you can buy Bitcoin using its credit card or debit card.
The site receives a relatively high commission from each purchase, as it receives 6% of the amount with which the purchase is made.

You can register on the site to buy Bitcoin from here

is one of the most important buying and selling of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
You can buy Bitcoin via Visa or through a bank transfer, and you can also withdraw using these two methods.The site needs to confirm your identity when logging in and when depositing and withdrawing, you must send your ID card in addition to a picture of you with your card to confirm your real identity.

You can register on the site and buy from here


The Binance platform is one of the most famous digital currency trading platforms in the world.
The Banance platform allows you to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies through Visa or MasterCard.– The Binance platform is distinguished by being the lowest platform in terms of commissions that the platform takes
– Daily trading operations on that platform amount to billions of dollars
– A highly reliable platform so far
– The platform’s commission is 3.5% of purchases
– The identity must be confirmed when completing the purchase process with a visa.

Register on The platform and purchase from hereBinance

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal  

Many people are searching for the best site to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, but because some people are afraid to use PayPal to purchase Bitcoin in order to avoid fraud, the number of sites through which you can buy Bitcoin through PayPal is very small, and the most important of those sites that support PayPal is

Local Bitcoin

Local. Bitcoin is one of the most famous sitesfor purchasing Bitcoinon the Internet. This site provides the purchase of Bitcoin from other people and not from the site.The site handles the regulatory process only, and in return it receives a commission from buying and selling operations.

Through the local bitcoin website, you can find many people who want to sell their bitcoins for PayPal. In front of each one of them, you will find the minimum amount for the deal, in addition to whether the seller is reliable or not. You must verify this information before purchasing.

You can register on the site and buy from Here is

Localbitcoin,  the File-up site.

File-up is a site for uploading files, but this site provides the feature of depositing and exchanging currencies. Through the File-up site, you can
buy Bitcoin via PayPaland many other methods such as (Skrill – Neteller – Advcash – Visa) and others. Methods– The site is one of the most famous sites and is distinguished by its credibility so far
– The site’s commission from conversion operations is 10%.
You can register on the site and use it from here


Learn about the best way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal 2020

Buy Bitcoin via Vodafone Cash 

Egyptians are looking for ways to buy Bitcoin through Vodafone Cash, and the most popular way to buy is through financial intermediaries.

But due to the large number of people who call themselves financial intermediaries with the aim of stealing your money, here in this topic we offer you the best and most honest wayto buy Bitcoin via Vodafone Cashwithout worrying about being scammed and stealing your moneyTrident Forum, E-Commerce Section,

Trident Forum is one of the most famous Arab forums on Internet .
This forum provides a section called (E-Commerce Section). Through this section, you can buy and sell Bitcoin through many intermediaries approved by the forum. Inorder for the forum to guarantee the rights of buyers, the financial intermediaries pay an amount of money that is reserved by the forum in order to guarantee the buyer’s rights in In case the broker does not pay.
How do you purchase?
In order to be able to buy Bitcoin, you must create a new topic in which you mention the amount you want to buy with. The financial brokers in the forum will present their sales offers. If you agree on the amount, you can send the amount to the broker and he will send you the Bitcoin directly to your wallet.

Go to the forum from here.Trident E-commerce Department

There are thousands of sites and other methods that you can rely on to buy and
sell Bitcoin, but in order not to be exposed to scams and the theft of your money, the group of sites and platforms that we present in this matter are the most honest, and using any other site to buy Bitcoin or an intermediary may expose you to harm. Sometimes for scams.This does not mean that any broker or other site is fraudulent or is an dishonest site, but based on our personal experience, these methods are the best and most reliable, and whenever we try a site or other method for buying and selling Bitcoin, we will put it in this topic.

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