How to make money online for free (start now)

How to make money online for free (start now)

Most young people are looking for ways that enable them to

profit from the Internet for freeand without any capital, and there are actually hundreds of ways that enable you to do this, but first you have to determine what amounts you expect to obtain from these methods?I may present to you profit methods, but the profits from these methods will be very small compared to what you expect to obtain. Allfree profit methodsin most cases have low profits, but there are other methods that enable you to profit for free, but they require a great deal of effort (and therefore good amounts), and we will put The most important ways, whether that require effort or that do not,in order to achieve what you want with ease, and because we do not know the amount you expect to receive, we will now present for you the best ways to profit from the Internet for free, ranked from the highest profits, and from which you can achieve good amounts of money ( Greater effort) to the ways in which you can earn small amounts of money that do not exceed 50 – 100 dollars per month. You just have to focus on what you want and choose what is best for your personal needs.

The best ways to make money online for free 2020 

I can provide you with more than a thousand ways and sites for profit in this topic, but so that the topic does not become long and boring, I will try to summarize the most important methods that you can start using and make real profits quickly, but I always advise you to collect the capital necessary to start one of the
ways to profit from the Internet.Which require you to invest your time and money in it.You will find a link to a topic below each method to explain the method of profit in detail so that the topic does not become long.

1- Writing articles

is one of the most important

methods of working on the Internetthat anyone can start with and achieve a very suitable monthly income that may spare you the need to job or any other work, but if you really wantto profit from the Internet for freeby writing articles, then you must learn the basics of article writing.There are hundreds of content writers on the Internet. You will find them in large numbers in the communities of bloggers and website owners on social media sites, but only a few are those who enjoy As follows:

– An interesting style for the reader
– Using titles and dividing the topic into paragraphs
– Using keywords correctly in the topics
– How to use platforms such as (WordPress – Blogger)
– Sufficient experience

Learn how to write a topic that tops the search engine 

Therefore, if you can achieve some of the things that these writers lack, you will guarantee yourself permanent work with website owners, and you can also choose the appropriate price for your effort if you have sufficient skill.


The best way to learn is to monitor other websites and learn from their writing style. A good writer is essentially a good reader.

Learn about the comprehensive guide to profit from writing articles 2020 

2- Profiting from social media

is one of
the best ways to profit from the Internet for free, which anyone can do, but it requires effort and time.Do you know what people who have pages on Facebook, accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or any of the social media sites benefit from? ?
You may know or you may not. In addition to the fame that these people get, which advertisers and companies seek to advertise with, they can profit from many other ways, which are only provided to them by social media sites

. If you own a page on Facebook with a large number of followers, you can Profit from (placing ads on videos – advertising for some companies and taking a large fee – selling visits to some sites. You can put site links in a post on your page and thus the site owner gets visits that enable him to profit – bringing visits to your own site – commission marketing for some products – selling those Page – etc.) Do you realize how many ways you can earn money for free?

You just have to create a page on Facebook and start taking care of it– but if you have an Instagram account with a large number of followers, perhaps you should read

the comprehensive guide to profit from Instagram in 2020  – as for those who have Twitter accounts with a large number of followers, you can Also read

the comprehensive guide to making profits from Twitter 2020  3- Create a YouTube channel. You

may already know this, but YouTube is one of the most important

ways to profit from the Internet for freein this era. YouTube is one of the most important and most used sites on the Internet and the most important thing in starting to work on it. YouTube is a business that does not require any special skills at the beginning or investment or payment of any kind.The profits from YouTube are very large if you can take care of your channel,but you must know that once you create your YouTube channel, you must provide useful content that provides real value to your audience, or perhaps you can create an entertainment channel, games, or other channels, but you must always develop and update your methods. In your equipment, whether a camera or your style of presentation.
You will not need all of these things in the beginning, as many people started their channels and achieved fame on YouTube with screen recording programs and doing captions.
All you have to do is find the appropriate idea and present it well, and after obtaining followers, you can now profit from your channel without paying any money.

Learn about

the guide to profit from YouTube for beginners 2021  4- Create a free blog

One of the basic ways to prove your presence on the Internet is blogs, and of course Blogs are my favorite way to make money from the Internet, and I advise everyone to create their own blogs, pay attention to them, and learn to

profit from their blogs. My advice to you regarding blogs is not to create a free blog (because my personal experience in starting for free was very bad), but because I know that many people either do not have Money to start or they do not want to risk some money and they do not know whether they will continue blogging or not, so you can start earning money from the Internet for free through a free blog.
Contrary to the common belief of many people, free blogs are useless and you can only profit from them. When I started a free blog, I was earning good amounts of money every month, but that was after a period of time, about 4-6 months.

Blogging in general is a way to connect hundreds of ways through which you can profit from affiliate marketing, shortening links, and uploading files and advertisements. Therefore, you must own a blog. From now on, if you have enough ambition that drives you to profit and makes you seek financial freedom.

What are blogs and how to create your blog in a simple way from scratch

5- Affiliate marketing for

Affiliate marketing

is one of the most important areas of profit from the Internet, which enables you to achieve sums of money up to 50 thousand dollars per month, according to many bloggers and website owners, but of course I will not tell you that you can now reach this number. Or even part of it, but what I can tell you with certainty is that if you have ambition and put before your eyes a clear goal that you are moving towards, then you can reach this amount after intensive learning of all the methods and means of electronic marketing and of course having your own audience of followers.But if you want to work on affiliate marketing and want toprofit from the Internet for free,then I can advise you to start profiting from affiliate marketing on the website.

For those who do not know, is an online store that has hundreds of thousands of products that you can market 

Working on is divided into two methods, one is free and requires a lot of effort, and the second is paid, and you can profit from the first day of work in it, but in order not to prolong the topic for you, I will let you learn about the free and paid methods through this topic. 

The comprehensive guide to profit from

6- Profit from microservices 

Do you have any skill?

Writing, translating, creating videos, having a distinctive voice, using Photoshop, or creating websites?If you possess one of these skills, you canprofit from the Internet for freevery easily and without any effort.There are many sites called microservices sites or freelancer sites that you can register with and start displaying your skills in an attractive way on them, and you will get many buyers for your service, but in the beginning you must pay attention to that skill, work on it, and develop it in order to provide a distinctive service that will make you take many… From positive reviews, you can thus achieve large sums of money from the services that you provide.

The value of those services that you provide often ranges between $5 as a minimum and up to $1000 depending on the quality of your service and the extent of demand for it.

Learn about the comprehensive guide to making profits from freelancing websites 2020  

7- Profiting from performing tasks

is one of the easiest ways

to profit from the Internet for freeand does not require any effort, hard work or skill. In this method, you register on one of the sites for profit from performing tasks and complete the various tasks on the site (download the application – Watching a video – answering a survey – etc.)Mostly, the profits from this method are not a large amount that you can rely on, but it provides you with some small money that you can use whether to create your blog or develop one of the skills that you possess, thus increasing your productivity in the work that you do.

– There are many GPT sites or sites for profit from tasks, but the two best sites I can recommend to you, and we have worked on them and withdrawn from them before, so they are honest sites are: the



Read also the best sites for earning money from performing tasks (to earn $50-$100 per month)

8- Profit from surveys 

Profiting from surveys is considered one of the most important

ways to profit from the Internet for beginnersand those who do not have any skills or experience, but you should know that this method is not very effective in Egypt due to the lack of advertisers’ demand for an audience of Egyptians, but small amounts of money can be achieved from it for Egyptians. As for… For non-Egyptians, whether Moroccans or those living in the Gulf countries, it is a good way through which they can earn fairly good sums of money.There are many sites through which you can profit from the Internet for free by answering questionnaires, but the two best sites that I can recommend to you are the


9- Profiting from captcha

is one of the easiest ways that I advise any beginner who wants to start entering the world of profit from the Internet.

Captcha, or what are called verification codes, is one of the most important ways to profit from the free Internet, which requires any investment or payment of a small amount.This method depends mainly on solving those codes that prove that you are a human and not a robot program, and in return you get money for every 1000 A captcha code that you can solve.

There are many sites on the Internet through which you can profit from this method, but as usual, I recommend to you the two best sites that you can work on, the



Learn about the guide to profit from writing captcha codes 2020

10- Profit from shortening links 

Shortening links is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet for free for many people, and what I can say is that you can multiply your profits from this method several times if you own your own blog or YouTube channel, but of course there are many profit strategies from shortening links that we explained from Before, which you can use to profit without owning your own website or YouTube channel

This method of profit depends on you bringing visits to the shortened link, so the site owner earns money through the ads that appear to the user and then shares some of the profits with you. 

The two best sites through which you can earn money are: 

website(the most honest for more than 10 years and the easiest to use)shrinkearn

website(high profit rates but difficult for the visitor to use)

You can also learn about the 15 best honest sites for making money from shortening links 

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