How to make money from the Internet for beginners 2024 (best methods and sites)

How to make money from the Internet for beginners 2024 (best methods and sites)

You searched a lot about how to make money from the Internet for beginners and did not find an answer that satisfied you?

Or is this your first time searching for ways to make money?

Whether it is your first time or you have already searched before, this topic has been developed specifically for you and everyone at the same stage as you.

Because I am here now, after 4 years of research and experience, sharing with you the best sites and methods for making money from the Internet for beginners in 2021.

Therefore, I need you to be as careful as possible with me and have complete confidence that the information that I will share with you is real and guaranteed .

Not only that, but you will find some of my payment proofs from these methods.

In the end, I hope that this article will encourage you and convince you as a beginner that you can make some money from the Internet.

Now if you’re ready, let’s get to know me…

How to make money from the Internet for beginners 2023

The answer to this question is not easy at all. It took me 4 years to be able to formulate it this way.

Therefore, I will divide this topic into two main parts, the first for secure sites and the second for easy methods.

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Now, if you are ready, let’s start first with…

The best sites for making money online for beginners

As I told you above, these sites are tested and I have already withdrawn through them.

However, it is important for me to tell you that the amounts that you can achieve through it are not large and you cannot live on them.

but rather….

The best solution is to use these sites to collect some small money, $100 , and then invest it in one of the 22 areas of profit from the Internet that I previously shared (be sure to check out these areas).

Now let’s get to know our first site, which is…

1- Ysense website

If you are from Egypt, skip this site and go to the next site.

But if you are from Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf states, or an expatriate in a foreign country, then you should definitely start here.

The ysense website is one of the very special sites for me, through which I was able to earn more than $550.

My profits from the ysense website

  • It is a site for beginners who have no experience or capital at all.
  • One of the most reliable profit sites out there so far.
  • You can earn mainly by answering surveys and various tasks.
  • You can even withdraw your profits once you reach $5.

So I consider it the best for me and I think it will be the best for you too.

Go to ysense

2- Picoworkers website

Now, if you are from Egypt, then Picoworkers will certainly be the best site for making money from the Internet for beginners for you.

Many people ask me whether the site pays or not, and here is my proof of payment >>>

Proof of withdrawal from picoworkers

I talked about it in the topic on ways to profit from the Internet in Egypt , but let me mention it again quickly.

  • Honest and reliable website
  • Here is a way to earn money by completing simple tasks requested by other people, such as registering on sites, writing a comment, subscribing to their channel, watching videos, and so on.
  • In my personal experience, you can earn about $1 to $5 from the site daily.
  • You need $5.40 before you can withdraw your money.
  • You also need a PayPal or Skrill account to withdraw your funds.

Register at picoworkers

3- cointiply website

cointiply has become one of the most prominent online profit sites for beginners for me in previous periods.

But the matter here is different, as it offers an opportunity for those who want to enter the world of crypto.

Indeed, I had an excellent experience with this site, earning about $150.

  • It offers an opportunity to earn through surveys, offers, faucets, etc.
  • Withdrawing your profits requires that you reach $3 or (30,000 currencies).
  • You can approximately get $0.25 to $3 per day.

Register at cointiply

4- Timebucks website

It is also a distinctive site for Egyptians, Moroccans, and certainly all other countries.

It is also one of the easiest profit sites that I have used for a while and I still use it sometimes until now.

I was able to collect more than $210 from the Timebucks website.

My earnings from timebucks

  • The nature of the work of this site is like all the sites above.
  • You can earn approximately $50 per month.
  • The minimum amount to receive your money is $10 and it is transferred directly to your account in Payeer Bank .

Register at timebucks

5- Twitter website

Yes, you can profit from the famous social media site Twitter. This is true.

But even though it is considered one of the excellent and very easy sites for beginners, especially if you are already posting tweets on a daily basis.

However, it is not considered a quick profit method at all.

Here the profit depends mainly on 4 steps: 

  • Create an account and start posting on it regularly.
  • Increase the number of followers well until you reach 20 thousand followers as a minimum.
  • After that, you can start profiting from your account, either by selling paid ads, affiliate marketing , or other things.
  • The last step, which is my favorite, is selling the account, as you can sell it for about 50 to 2000 dollars, depending on the activity of the followers and the target market.
  • You can sell your account either on the Playerup website or through the acc-market website .

I strongly advise you to read:Guide to making money from Twitter 2021

6- Instagram website

Certainly, you can profit from Instagram , and it is certainly also one of the best sites for making money from the Internet for beginners.

But only if you love taking pictures (especially girls).


I was a fan of anything from pets to haircuts.

Simply like Twitter above, you can profit from all the methods mentioned above, but I prefer Instagram more in: 

  • Affiliate marketing products.
  • Promote your own store after a while.
  • Definitely paid advertising.
  • Finally, you can also sell your account, especially if it specializes in a specific niche, such as perfumes, makeup, dogs, etc., at excellent prices, sometimes reaching $10,000 per account.

There are more difficult methods here, which is to design specific images and then publish them on your account, but the easiest way is to use what is already available.

7- Tiktok website

Surely you have already heard that once you invite people to download the Tik Tok program, you will receive a commission.

Although this is a very simple profit method for beginners, it is not permanent and you can exploit it during this period, but whether now, tomorrow, or at any time in the future, it will stop.

Therefore, you can actually profit from Tik Tok, but also through methods like the ones I shared with you above.

Although it is feasible, I believe that the two best methods are:

  • Promote yourself and increase your fame and thus you will get advertisements.
  • Migrate followers to your YouTube channel, so you can profit from YouTube and the videos that you upload to your channel.

You may think that this method is not useful.


Believe me when I tell you that it is one of the very, very profitable methods in the current period.

8- Kalamco website

Now with another one of the sites for making money from the Internet for beginners, but it is relatively easier than the one above.

I already talked about this site in the topic on profit sites from the Internet in the Arabic language .

But let me tell you briefly what your role is on this site:

  • The site acts as a platform through which you can publish your own articles.
  • You write an article about anything, whatever it is, and then publish it on the website.
  • The site displays some ads on your articles, and thus the site makes a profit from your efforts.
  • Therefore, the site shares with you in the end a portion of the profits, approximately 80%.
  • So your entire role is to write good topics and attract traffic by promoting your topic.
  • The more articles you write, the more views you will get and thus the more profits you will make.

So simple.

Certainly better than this site, which works in the same way, is to launch your own blog, and although many people think that the topic is complicated, it is not at all.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about this field, my advice to you is to look at the guide:Create a blog and profit from it

Register in Clamco

These are the 8 sites that I always recommend to beginners, and any site other than these sites is better to stay away from because the profits through it will be non-existent.

Now, if you want to move from the very primitive level of websites to a somewhat better and at the same time simple level, then it is time to move to the second part of our topic, which is the best for me, which is…

The best ways to make money online for beginners

There are many ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, but despite that, many of these methods are:

  • But his profits are very small and negligible.
  • Or it will take a lot of time to get money from it.

This is what you should keep in mind since you do not yet have any skill that you can promote and sell.

But I will try as much as possible to provide you with good methods in terms of return and at the same time not slow in terms of the time you need to start making profits.

Always remember that you can provide these services on the Free Lancer websites for beginners that we previously talked about.

Now, if you are ready, let’s start with the first method, which is…

1- Promotion on websites and forums

This is a method that does not require anything from you, neither skill, nor money, nor anything, and at the same time, it is one of the most desired requests on freelancing sites .

Promotion in forums

Here you will not need anything except:

  • Know the best Arabic forums in which you can post.
  • Register in most of these forums (and do not forget to save the registration information in your own file).
  • Go to the Khamsat website, Fiverr website, or any of the famous websites and publish your own service in the same way as in the picture above.
  • Once someone orders what you offer, you will get a fee, which is usually $5.

To be honest with you, this method is not fast, but it is also considered the most suitable for a beginner who does not have any skill or money, because all you will do is go and post the link to the website or video in the forum.

But if you want something faster, let me tell you the second thing, which is…

2- Launching advertising campaigns

Launching advertising campaigns is completely different from marketing.

Although some people think that managing other people’s advertising campaigns is difficult, I consider it a way to profit from the Internet for beginners.

This is simply because it does not take a genius to complete the matter, only the ability to learn and apply.

There is more than one site through which advertising campaigns can be launched, including:

  • Google.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • And others..

But what I want you to start learning are the first and second options ( because you will get a lot of customers and thus excellent profits ).

For example, look at the prices and the number of times the service is requested on the microservices site Fiverr >>>

Preparing advertising campaigns for social media on Fiverr

I have one of my friends who manages Facebook campaigns for many people, and he does not have any strong experience in content marketing or anything else.

This is simply because you are responsible for launching the campaign, adjusting its settings, and following up on it, and not the marketing content, which I consider to be the most difficult part.

Although this is easy, it requires you to learn, preferably from an Arabic source, in order to understand well what you need to do.

You can master Google and Facebook ads through the two best courses in Arabic content so far, which are: 

Each of these two courses is about 25 hours of videos and case studies that teach you everything from scratch.

So I highly recommend investing in it.

Surprise: If you want to master Google and Facebook ads together, I have brought you an exclusive offer on both courses for a limited time.

This is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Note: The price has been raised to $77 and will be raised again due to increased demand.

3- Enter data using Excel

I will not tell you that using Excel is easy and suitable for beginners.

But what I will tell you is that you can master Excel and earn hundreds of dollars a month from providing this service.

Profiting from data entry is a topic I talked about in detail, and you can read about all of its methods.

But here I will be very specific and talk only about this program.

This program is considered one of the Microsoft programs that you will find on any computer, and its primary goal is organizing spreadsheets and entering data, in addition to making dealing with that information easier.

Although you may think that entering some data into this program is very easy, it is not so.

But if you see the volume of requests for this simple skill online, you will start learning now.

Look, for example, at the volume of requests and prices for this skill in this image>>>

Data entry services on the Fiverr website

It’s obviously in high demand, but where can you learn it?

I will certainly not leave you searching a lot for the matter, as I have brought you the best sources for mastering the Excel program, which are:

Now let us learn about another way to make money for beginners, but it is easier than this, which is…

4- Writing on Word

Although this is simple, you can definitely profit from it.

Many people want to convert old papers, books, or PDF files into Word files, and here comes your role.

You can provide this skill and write their files for them for a small sum of money.

This service is already required on the Khamsat website, as you can see in the following image>>>

Profit from writing on the Word program for beginners

However, the skill that is very much required on foreign sites (which have higher prices) is file formatting, as you can see in the picture >>

Requests for flower services on Fiverr

Therefore, it may be necessary for you to learn how to design and format Word files, and then you can offer this skill at excellent prices on these sites.

Of course, do not worry, you can learn this very easily, as it is an easy and guaranteed skill for beginners.

The best source for learning this skill is:Introduction to Ms word course on the Alison platform.

Note: We have a guide on ways to get writing jobs on Word from home, which I advise you to check out.

5- Managing social media pages

Managing social media accounts is considered the easiest way to make money online for beginners.

However, there are many people requesting it.

This is simply to save their time.

As a manager of a social media page or account, whether Facebook, Twitter, or others, you will be responsible for: 

  • Responding to customer inquiries.
  • Submit a report on purchases from advertisements, especially if you manage a sales page.
  • Interact with customer comments and responses.
  • Post continuously on the account or page.
  • Know the negatives of followers and tell your manager about them.
  • And so on….

These are all simple services that you can do, and you often do them continuously every time you log into your Facebook account.

But this time you will do it and get some money.

The amount varies depending on the nature of the work and the type of client (individual – company), but in most cases you will get 1,500 – 5,000 pounds per month. This is approximately ($100 – 400 dollars per month).

Note: You can sell this skill on freelancer platforms, but it is better to go to Facebook groups for marketing, and you will find many job applications for social media account managers.

6- Create a YouTube channel about cooking

There is no need to explain to you why you should seriously think about making a profit from YouTube .

It is enough just for me to tell you that some Arabs make profits of up to 10 thousand dollars a month, much more than on YouTube alone.

This is what we found in the study we conducted to learn about the profits of YouTube channels (you can view it for more details).

But why cooking channels specifically?

The answer simply boils down to two reasons:

  • The first reason : It is very suitable for beginners and does not require advanced equipment (I found many very famous channels that film their content with a phone).
  • The second reason: These channels receive a very large number of views, in the millions.

Number of views on cooking channels on YouTube

If we apply what we found in the study that for every 1,000 views here, $0.5 to $1.5 is offered, we will find that:

  • The first video: His profits were between $10,000 and $23,000.
  • Second video: His profits vary between $2000 and $5000.
  • Third: Profits between $4,000 and $9,000.

Although these profits were certainly over very long periods, as you can see there is a video from 4 years ago.

However, it is still only one video and it achieved all these profits with very simple capabilities.

This is what I want you (especially ladies and girls) to do.

Here is now a group of the best resources that will help you become a professional YouTuber: 

7- Audio transcription

We cannot answer how to make money from the Internet for beginners without talking about one of the best methods ever.

Transcription simply means converting audio content into written content.

This means that your job is: listen to some content and then write what you have heard in a Word file or an external paper.

If you want my personal opinion, this is considered one of the best methods for beginners.


This skill is often in high demand on foreign websites, as you can see in the picture>>

Audio transcription services on Fiverr

Therefore, the required language will be English.

This means that you must:

  • Your English language must be good so that you can work and present this skill.
  • Your spelling skills are good.
  • Don’t forget to develop your writing skills and increase your speed.

Audio transcription is also required on Arabic sites, but not in the same number as on foreign sites.

Read also:The comprehensive guide to getting a job online in dollars

8- Voice over

As I mentioned before in explaining the best work from home for women, I will also mention here voiceover as one of the best ways to make money from the Internet for beginners, especially girls.

Although the male voice is also in demand, the female voice is more in demand.

Therefore, if you are a girl or a woman and want a very simple way to make money, then you should definitely start doing voiceovers.

Here all you have to do is:

  • Read a script given to you in advance by the person purchasing the service.
  • Practice reading it more than once until you master it.
  • Now you have to record this text that was given to you.
  • Listen to the recording again to find out whether the content is good enough or not.
  • Now deliver it to the customer and get your money.

One of the best things about Voice Over is that it is in high demand, whether in the Arab or foreign world.

Therefore, even if you do not master the English language at all, you can profit from this method.

Just make sure:

  • Providing excellent service and treatment.
  • Recording with a clear microphone (or a good mobile phone).
  • Record in a quiet place away from noise.

9- Answering opinion polls

Although many people and major sites do not talk about paid surveys.

But like it or not, it is one of the ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, which, in my personal opinion, offers very good profits.

This is certainly true if questionnaires are desirable in your country.

Therefore, in this case, I am not talking about Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, or Syria, but:

  • Saudi Arabia.
  • The UAE.
  • Kuwait.
  • the two seas.
  • Qatar.
  • foreign countries.

If you live in any of the countries above, congratulations, you will find many of them and earn approximately $200 a month as a minimum.

The best site that offers you profits is Yougov , which I highly recommend you start with.

Read also:The best survey sites for money

Now let us conclude this guide with a group of things spread on the Internet that I did not want to include for you here.

10- Additional very simple ways to make money for beginners

As you can see in the title above, they are very simple methods.

In more clear terms, it is a group of methods from which you will not be able to achieve more than $10-$60 per month.

Therefore, I did not want to distract your attention from the most important methods with a bunch of trivial things, which if you take advantage of the wasted time to learn any skill from those above, you will achieve a return 100 times greater than those methods.

Now let me briefly outline these methods for you, and if you want to learn more about them, all you have to do is click on the method and it will turn into a complete topic that explains it and includes the best sites that you can register with.

These methods are: 

Thus, I have finished my detailed answer on how to make money from the Internet for beginners in 2021 and 2022 and in what period of time.

Now tell me…

Have you tried one of these sites or methods above? Have you had experience with one of them?

if it is not….

Which one have you chosen to start earning from?

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