Is making money from the Internet real? (real experiences)

Is making money from the Internet real? (real experiences)

On this day last year, I stood with myself wondering: Is making money from the Internet real?

Is what you read about in blogs or watched in YouTube videos possible?

I will not deceive you with those false slogans that they tell you and that they were able to arrive in record times, but I will definitely tell you about the extent of the difficulty I faced in the world of the Internet.

About those painful times when I sat alone trying to understand whether I made the right decision or did I put myself in a spiral from which there was no return?

This was exactly one year ago!!!

But what happened this past year that made me stop wondering?

This is what I have put together for you in this topic, even though you may not like what you find here very much.

However, it is the truth that most people will not talk about it directly, like here.

So let us answer your question clearly and in detail.

Is making money from the Internet real?

Yes, making money from the Internet is real, but contrary to what you think, it is arduous and extremely exhausting, and the amounts you want to reach will not be reached unless you double your work, as well as your productivity and creative ideas.

So yes, profit from the Internet exists and there are many real experiences, the most important of which is my own experience.

But what you have to know and understand well is the difficulty of the road and the length of the journey, especially if you do not have any skills and will be starting from scratch.

So let me divide the path into three stages:

The first stage: the stage of research and exploration in the world of the Internet

This stage is difficult…

The first stage is the stage that is always filled with tension and thinking about returning to your normal life.

Sometimes you think about how you are a failure, even through the Internet, you cannot make a small income from it like anyone else.

But my only advice: don’t let yourself feel this way.

This stage for me is the stage of searching for the truth and trying many completely useless methods and sites.

I hope you don’t try and rely only on me. I will put it for you in the rest of the topic and a summary of what I went through.

Mostly everyone here starts with:

  • Clicking on ads.
  • Answer surveys.
  • Watch videos.
  • etc..

Or more precisely, it means ways to make money from the Internet for beginners .

But since you are here, I do not want you to start with these methods. Just learn about their existence and know how they work, but never start with them (although I shared some different methods in my topic that you can work on).

How do you get out of that stage?

  • Select only one method that you have found profitable.
  • Start learning everything about this method from only one source (a reliable source).
  • Now start applying what you have learned, increase your productivity, and exploit your enthusiasm as much as possible.

Now you are about to reach the second stage of our journey, which is….

The second stage: the real test

You can never discover the truth about making money from the Internet without going through this stage?

The first stage was research and excavation, and this stage was the most difficult of all.

Because here you have already started and wasted a lot of time on one of the skills to learn or one of the earning methods to master it, but without any significant return.

Sometimes you find yourself paying some money for nothing.

Then you start wondering…

Is this method I have chosen to learn right for me? Will it provide me with the income I desire?

Many people stop here and return disappointed to their normal lives again, and the cries begin that there is no profit from the Internet.

But unfortunately, they miss out on the most important transitional step in their lives.

This is a stage of constant psychological pressure.

The real test of your suitability for this field.

Do you really deserve to work for yourself and become a successful entrepreneur? Or are you just an employee who revolves in a circle like other people around you?

If you can continue what you started with and develop your skills and abilities in this field to the maximum extent, you will be fully prepared to reach the third and final stage of our journey.

But before talking about the third stage, let us first learn about…

How to get out of this stage?

  • Resist the feeling of failure until the last breath.
  • Continue to continually learn and continually apply what you learn.
  • Always keep in front of you those goals that originally made you think about entering the world of profit from the Internet.
  • Search for job opportunities to present your skills on freelance sites and start earning a side income alongside working for yourself.

The most important advice at this stage: Do not do everything yourself. You are not an employee. Create a work flow system without your intervention except in crucial decisions.

Now you are ready to enter the third stage, which is…

The third stage: the stage of obtaining revenue and expansion

After you get your first income from your online project (because I am definitely not talking here about working for someone else), you will now feel strangely happy.

But it won’t last.

These are not the profits that you were seeking from the beginning. These are much simpler amounts than those that were in your imagination.

So you may have two options: 

  • Stopping and feeling like a failure.
  • Or reinvest the small amount in improving your project.

Because you have already gone through the two stages above, your automatic choice will be to reinvest in your project.

Here, what you do online will begin to expand, thus increasing profits slightly over the previous month.

And so on until you finally find yourself reaching the amounts you had in mind when you decided to start.

The greater your income, the greater your investments and the greater the efficiency of the system you have created.

Until you finally reach what we all strive for, which is passive income, which ultimately achieves financial freedom.

The most important advice at this stage: Do not stop investing in your business until you reach the amounts you expected before starting, and do not forget that you need other people in order for your business to expand. Do not do everything yourself.

Now let me tell you a bunch of…

Real methods and experiences of making money from the Internet

Here is the second and most important part of the topic.

Because the path is difficult, you definitely need some experience with making money from the Internet to confirm the truth of the matter.

So here you will find a group of methods that I strongly advise you to start with, a group of proofs that the method is real, and at the end you will find a link to learn everything you need in each of the methods.

Let’s start first with…

1- The truth about making money from blogging

Although it takes some time, I consider making money from blogging one of the best ways to make money.

In the beginning, if it is your first blog and you publish topics at a slow rate, you may need at least 4 months to get profits.

But what distinguishes blogs compared to others is the continuity of profit for long periods, in addition to the fact that you do not need to work on them daily or weekly.

Here are some real profit experiences from blogging…

Jon Dykstra, owner of Fatstacksblog, earns approximately $100,000 per month.

The truth about blogging profits

Profits from one of my 5-month-old Arabic blogs

The truth about profit from Arabic blogs

As you can see, the number of visits to the blog is small daily, but nevertheless the profits are fairly good.

Starting source:guide on how to create a blog and profit from it. You will find most of the details you need.

2- The truth about profit from YouTube

As of now he does not have a YouTube channel?

Starting from ladies at home and cooking channels to engineers, entrepreneurs and major news channels.

Everyone is trying to benefit as much as possible from YouTube!!!!

making money from YouTube is not really real, why is everyone trying to create their own channel?

It’s logical right?

Profiting from the Internet is real if you definitely intend to work on YouTube and whatever content you intend to provide:

  • Entertaining content and funny videos
  • Technical explanations
  • Recipes
  • Beauty and fashion topics.

It will make you a lot of money if you work hard and continue publishing and improving your videos.

In a special study I conducted to find out the profits of YouTube channels, I found that the profits in Arabic content per 1,000 views are no less than $0.5 and sometimes reach $15 per 1,000, depending on the content you provide (be sure to read that study and learn about the models).

Now to the most important part, in which you will find a group of experiences for making money from the Internet in this way…

The profits of a foreign channel depend on ready-made videos without appearing at all on the channel:

Foreign channel profits from YouTube

As for Arabic content, for example…

Houhou Channel’s profits reached approximately $128,000: 

Hoho channel profits on YouTube

Iyad Abu Ghosh channel’s profits from just one video exceeded $11,000: 

Earnings from Iyad Abu Ghosh channel

And other small channels that achieve very good daily and monthly profits, but certainly that is after continuity and continuous improvements in their content.

Getting Started Source:The free YouTube course that we created is an excellent step to get started. It will teach you many of the basics and real steps that will help you improve your channel and increase its profits.

3- The reality of profit from self-employment

Any website or project on the Internet can be considered freelancing.

But what I mean here are the platforms through which you can present your various skills, whether for example:

  • writing skills
  • Marketing
  • Video making
  • SEO services
  • Make a sponsored advertisement
  • the design
  • Or other.

There are many sites, most of which I mentioned on the subject of Arab and foreign freelancing sites .

But what is the reality of profit through it? Can you make profits and sales from your skills?

The short answer: Yes, you can.

The long answer: Yes, you can make profits from selling your various skills, but in order to be able to do that, you must first develop your skills greatly, search for clients, and know how to convince them that you are the best person to implement what they want.

Now, what do you think of a set of real experiences for profit and withdrawing profits from work in this way?

My own experience with the Khamsat website and selling many services through it:

Despite my lack of interest in providing services and putting most of my attention on my own websites, there are some simple services that I still provide and bring me small profits, as shown in the picture.

My profits from providing microservices on Khamsat

Muhammad Khaled’s experience and how to earn approximately $20,000 from foreign freelancer sites:

fields of work on the Internet. The most important thing is that you always focus your goal on only one field and pay attention to it.

The best source for learning:The World of Freelance blog . Although it is a new blog, it contains many very useful topics for everyone who wants to work as a freelancer.

4- The truth about profit from electronic commerce

10 years ago, no one might have heard of e-commerce.

How can you buy something that you have not seen before your eyes or touched with your hands?

This was the logic before!!! But what if I told you that about 2 billion people around the world buy online ?

This has become the truth now. Everyone wants ways to make their lives easier, so I think the opportunity has come now for you to launch your online store.

Now, what do you think of a group of experiences for making money from the Internet through e-commerce?

The best-selling online stores in the Emirates (exceeding $300 million) in 2020

Sales of the best-selling online stores in the Emirates

In Egypt, sales of some stores exceeded $150 million in the previous year: 

Sales of the largest online stores in Egypt

You may think that only the famous large stores such as Amazon (formerly Souq), Noon, or others control sales.


Here are the sales of some simple electronic stores in Egypt, which exceeded 1 million dollars the previous year:

Profits of new stores in Egypt

Note: The website in the picture above, neelwafurat, specializes in selling books only and was able to generate sales exceeding $1 million, according to the EcommerceDB

Therefore, if you are in any Arab country or even in Egypt, you can now choose a very small niche and create a specialized online store with excellent products and professional images, then start making excellent advertising campaigns and you will achieve a lot of profits.

This was the fourth online method to answer your question, “Is making money from the Internet real?” but it is not the last in our topic.

Now here is the fifth and final method…

5- The reality of profit from creating a service website

All owners of blogs and YouTube channels, as well as store owners, need someone to help them complete their work.

For example, it needs:

  • Blog owners: content writers, editors, SEO professionals, designers, etc.
  • YouTubers to: video editors – video content creators to help them – channel managers – designers – voiceover commentators – etc.
  • Store owners for: content book to describe products – SEO professionals – programmers – photographers – results analysts – marketers – and others.

Of course, the business owner will not do everything himself, otherwise he will not be able to develop his business at all.

Here comes your turn to get a real chance to profit.

He launched a professional website and provided one specialized service that was in high demand.

Why do I think it is better to launch a site that provides a service in one niche and not mini-services like freelance sites?

This is simply for 4 main reasons: 

  • Fewer people working with you.
  • Buyers trust specialists more.
  • You can ask for more money because you are an expert in what you offer.
  • And certainly because the budget in this case will be very small.

Now, what do you think about real experiences of making profit from this method?

  • In the last quarter of 2021, the Fiverr microservices website was able to generate about $75 million in revenue .
  • As for the Arab level, the matter is extremely difficult due to Arab companies not disclosing their profits , but 4 years ago, Abdul Muhaymin Agha, the former owner of the Khamsat website, stated that the site’s sales in 2013 were one million dollars. This means profits of 200 thousand dollars for the site (given that the site’s commission rate is 20). %).

Profits of the Khamsat microservices website for the year 2013

How can you start here: There is no source to teach you the steps with a simple and easy explanation and help you choose the niche, so you have to work hard and search for the most suitable field in which you can find:

  • Professional people to hire for you.
  • Many buyers will buy from you.
  • An opportunity to expand and provide other services to increase your profits.

after that….

  • You will need a domain (your website name).
  • Hosting (to store your site data)
  • An excellent service theme or template (you will find many of them on themeforest).
  • A good marketing plan to promote the services you provide on your website.

6- Other real opportunities to profit

There are many opportunities on the Internet through which you can profit. Perhaps you will not find much experience with them, but they are still excellent real opportunities that provide excellent sums of money.

The most important of these opportunities are:

  • Creating educational courses online and selling them through various platforms.
  • Providing legal, financial, or any other field advice on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing for products and services on the Internet.
  • Launching an e-book and selling it on Amazon Kindle.
  • Online trading, whether Forex , digital currencies , or binary options .

Now, are you convinced that making money from the Internet is real?

tell me now…

Which method did you find suitable for you?

Is blogging your way? Or did you choose YouTube? Or e-commerce?

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