How to profit from the Kwai application (comprehensive guide 2024)

How to profit from the Kwai application (comprehensive guide 2024)

This explanation is what you need if making money from the Kwai application is what you are looking for.

In this guide, I will tell you in detail about the ways to profit through the program.

Not only that, but also how to withdraw your profits and the best way to increase those profits.

But first, you should know that making a profit from the Kwai program is not what many content creators tell you.

Through this application you will not be able to earn thousands of dollars, but all I can assure you is that you will earn good sums of money if you take advantage of these methods well.

Now let’s get to know the application more closely…

What is the Kwai app?

Kwai is an application like Tik Tok through which you can profit from sharing short videos and other methods.

In 2021, the application was able to attract more than 700 million users to it, competing with the largest global platforms.

Although there are many rumors about installing the application, they are only rumors, and this is what we will learn about in the next part…

Is the app honest and reliable?

The Kwai program is so far one of the honest profit applications that you can work on without worry.

After personal experience and the experiences of people close to the program, we were actually able to withdraw from the application, whether by charging the balance or other payment options such as a bank account.

So do not worry, whatever amount you were able to win through the application, you can withdraw it.

But the basic condition here is that your profits exceed the minimum withdrawal limit or the minimum balance within it.

If you are wondering how safe it is to use the application, you can use it without worry, as there are no significant problems with the application so far.

Download the Kwai application

Ways to profit from Kwai

If you do not find a clear answer on how to profit from the Kwai program, this topic contains all the current methods through which you can profit.

The most important of these methods are:

1- Profit from creating short videos

Content makers get the highest profits through the application.

Therefore, starting to create short videos is the first profit method on the list of profit methods.

But it is important to know that in order to profit from your content, you must:

  • Your content is completely exclusive and not copied or stolen from any other content creator.
  • You can attract a good number of subscribers and video views.

Profit here depends on two basic means:

  • Profit through the Creator Fund

This fund is available to distribute rewards to content creators, and although its profits are excellent, its conditions have become more difficult these days and are as follows:

  1. You will get more than 5,000 followers to your Kwai account
  2. Videos that have received more than 100,000 views in the last 30 days.
  3. I have posted more than 10 videos in the last 30 days.
  4. Your creator level is level 9

Fulfilling all the conditions above may take some time, especially if the content of your account is not desirable (educational content, for example, has weak interaction with it, unlike comedic content).

From one of the videos on YouTube, I found the following profit table, which explains:

The level of the content creator and the amount he receives for the video when his views exceed 3,500 views per video

Earnings from views from the Creator Fund

  • Profit from joining agencies

Agencies are another way for content creators to profit from the Kwai app.

Here, you will not need a specific number of followers. Mostly, if you get a good number of views per month, you will be able to join.

But here the profits may be somewhat lower than the profits above, especially because they depend mainly on the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Therefore, you first need to have a YouTube channel.

Mostly, you will be asked to upload 30 videos, and they will be credited to your account in order to receive your profits.

If you get 500 likes on one or more videos, you will receive an additional reward as shown in the following table:

Agencies’ profits in the Kwai application

These were the most popular earning methods available to content creators on the Kwai program.

Now let me tell you a set of ways to make money for anyone…

2- Profit from watching videos

Yes, by simply watching short videos for 10 minutes to half an hour daily, you can profit from the application.

Here you will mostly get gold that you can convert into real money.

Here, the Kwai Wheel will appear, which will provide you with a specific quantity or amount that will arrive in your wallet on the application.

3- Profit from entering the program daily

Every time you open the program and watch some short videos, you will get a specific amount of Kwai Gold, which you can convert into money and withdraw from the application or use it in the way that suits you.

Mostly, on the first day, you will get 100 gold pieces, then 200, then 300, then 400, then 500, then 2,500, and so on until you reach 7,000 pieces that you can get on the last day of the month.

Therefore, it is important that you continue to log into the application daily to double the amounts you receive.

4- Profit from inviting friends

Inviting friends is a very important way to profit from the program.

But you have to invite a very large number of people who have never downloaded the application before in order to get a profit.

After the exaggerated fame that the application gained and more than 700 million users joining it, earning money from inviting friends difficult.

For example, for every invitation you send, you will receive an amount of money ranging from 5 Egyptian pounds to 70 pounds.

It is also important to know that registering through someone else’s status link will enable you to win a sum of money once you register.

5- Profit from donations (diamonds)

Here you need to be a content maker, but not only that, but also a live broadcast provider in order to get this type of money.

Here you will get diamonds, which is a currency that is purchased through the application and distributed as a small reward to the streamer.

It is very similar to the basic profit method from Tik Tok , which I talked about before.

What is Kwai gold and how do you use it?

Kwai Gold is one of the application’s currencies, along with diamonds.

But gold is the most common currency on the program, which anyone can obtain.

You can convert gold into real money from within the program in a very simple way.

The actual value of this gold is usually 1 pound for every 10,000 gold pieces.

But the quantities of gold that are distributed from simple parties are large, and therefore collecting a large number of these currencies is rather simple.

How much can I earn daily from Kwai?

The amount of profit from the Kwai program depends mainly on the method you decide to exploit to profit through it.

For example, if you intend to work on the application as a content creator, in the worst case scenario, you will earn $30 in profit per month.

But if you decide to watch the application’s videos and register on it continuously, you will most likely not get more than $15 per month.

But if you decide to start inviting people to download the application, some people have achieved more than $500 per month through this method.

So choose the method that suits you and start working.

How to withdraw your profits from the Kwai application?

Withdrawing your profits from the Kwai application is very simple.

You first need to reach the minimum withdrawal limit, which is 10 pounds, and you can withdraw a maximum of 500 pounds as a normal person.

As for content creators, the minimum is $5.

For ordinary people, you can withdraw your profits from Kwai by: 

  • recharge
  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic wallets such as Vodafone Cash

As for content creators, it is available to: 

  • payoneer bank
  • paypal bank

Also, profits are sent to content creators once a month, unlike ordinary people, who often receive profits on the same day of the withdrawal request.

Download the Kwai program

You can download the program for either Android or iPhone, as it is available on both platforms.

  • Kwai program for Android

On the Google Play Store, the program has received 50 million downloads. In addition to more than 900 thousand reviews, most of them positive.

You can download the program from here.

Beautify meyo kwai app

  • Kwai program for iPhone

On the App Store, the application has received hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and millions of downloads

So of course, if you have an iPhone, you should download the application now.

Download the Kwai application for iPhone

Is Kwai worth your time?

And now for the final lines in our topic…

Is it worth downloading the Kwai program and starting to profit from it?

If you intend to exploit content creation or invite friends, I definitely advise you on the application and it is really worth it.

But if your desire is to watch videos only, I do not recommend it as a profitable means, but as entertainment.

This was a detailed explanation of how to profit from the Kwai program.

I think this is most of the information you may need before starting in this field.

But surely you may have forgotten some information that you would like to ask about.

So feel free to reach out and leave your feedback.

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