A project with a daily income of 3000 (15 ideas for implementation)

A project with a daily income of 3000 (15 ideas for implementation)

Would you like a project with a daily income of 3000?

This daily income may be a bit much.


With good planning, studying the market, and starting to market and sell professionally, you may be able to obtain a daily income of 3000 from your project.

The ideas that I will share with you here, many people, including me, have been able to achieve excellent income through them.

Therefore, I recommend investing some time in learning the details of each project and then getting started.

Before we get into the details of the projects, let’s talk a little about…

The cost of the project that generates a daily income is 3000

In order to be able to launch a successful project with a daily income of 3000, you need to know the average income of monthly projects.

For example…

If we assume that your project will achieve $3,000, you will most likely need capital that rotates quickly, and your profit margin is large.

Here you have several projects, some industrial, others commercial, and certainly some electronic projects .

So, let me share with you my favorite list of…

The best 3000 daily income projects

Always start with online projects, and the first project I recommend is…

1- A foreign blog project

A blog is a site where content is shared with people in the form of articles.

The earnings expert through whom you are reading this article is a blogger.


In order to be able to achieve a daily income of 3000, I always recommend investing in a foreign blog.

Arab blogs generate good income, but not like the income achieved by foreign blogs.

for example…

Jon Dykstra, owner of the foreign blog Fatstacks, makes a monthly income of approximately $100,000 from his blog, which is approximately $3,000 per day.

The truth about blogging profits

Our goal is 3000 dirhams or Saudi riyals per day.

If we compare the profits above with the profits of an Arabic blog that I launched about 8 months ago, we will find that the profits from Arabic content are somewhat modest.

New blog profits from advertising

To start this project you need: 

  • Determine the blog field.
  • Find topics to write about in this field.
  • Launch a blog, and you can do this easily through Bluehost hosting .
  • After that, I am looking for a book to write English articles for you. I always recommend relying on the Fiverr platform in this matter.
  • After that, keep posting until you get a good number of visits to your blog, then register for the Adsense program.
  • From here you can make a good income from your content, by displaying ads on it.

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2- A foreign YouTube channel project

YouTube channels are also one of the projects that can easily generate 3000 daily income.

Especially if it is in English, and targets an audience from the United States, New Zealand, Australia and England.

The best thing about YouTube channels is that you can without having to appear.

Here I mean the so-called Cash Cow channels, which provided the best way to profit from YouTube without appearing .

The best example of this project is the Alux channel, which often generates more than $30,000 per month.

The steps to work on this project are simple: 

  • Determine the channel idea : Here you can imitate the most famous channels such as Alux.
  • Choose a channel name and adjust its settings: We already have a comprehensive guide for this.
  • Buy ready-made YouTube videos : The previous guide has the best professionals to help you.
  • Finally, publish continuously: until you reach YouTube’s requirements for activating monetization, which include 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video viewing.
  • Profiting from YouTube : This is the last step that you need to know. There are other ways you can make income through which I recommend checking out.

If you want a short guide, all you have to do is read our article on:How to create a YouTube channel and profit from it

3- Cafe project

The café is one of the most successful small projects for young people , and it is a project that can easily save you 3,000 riyals or dirhams per day.


In order to be able to get this daily income it is important that you take care of some things, such as:

  • Your café location.
  • How to deal with customers.
  • The quality of your drinks.

The more you can improve things above, the easier it will be to get a 3000 daily income.

4- Grain trade project

This project is considered one of the best projects that you can start in Egypt and easily achieve a daily income of 3000 through it.

This project is one of agricultural projects that I really had a good experience with.


I highly recommend starting this project.

This project provides a good daily income, but an excellent monthly and annual return can also be achieved from it by storing some goods in order to sell them after prices rise.

The project is good, and worth investing in.

5- Food products trade project

Whether through a grocery store, a huge store, or even wholesale food trade, this project is considered one of the best projects that easily provides a daily income of 3000.

But it requires a huge effort from you and a deep study of the project, the market around you, and what it needs.

As I told you above, there are 3 different ways to start this project, and therefore the cost varies from one method to another.

All you have to do is do a feasibility study for the project, choose the appropriate location for it, and get started.

6- Car maintenance center project

Everyone owns cars now, and a huge car maintenance center project is a good project that you can rely on to obtain the daily income you aspire to.

The best way to start this project is to specialize in maintaining a specific type of car.

Thus, you ensure that you prove yourself as an expert in this field.

You can also add some accessories to this project, such as a car wash and other additions.

This takes us to the next project which is…

7- Car wash project

The car wash project is an excellent project with a daily income of more than 3000.

It is a traditional project that everyone has been talking about for years.

Fortunately, this project is considered one of the good projects worth investing in so far.

But you may find some difficulties in finding a good location to convert it into a laundry, or you will suffer somewhat with labor.

But in terms of profits, the project is considered excellent.

8- A project sufficient for study and work

Here we are talking about Co-working space.

This project is also considered one of the good projects that you can invest in and get a daily income of 3000 with comfort.

A huge number of people have already started working on the Internet, and everyone wants to be in an environment where other people like him work as a form of organization and increasing relationships.

That’s why I definitely recommend starting this project, and you will make a good daily income.

9- A honey shop project

Honey is one of the excellent products for sale in Saudi Arabia.

In a previous topic, I talked about it as one of the most profitable businesses in Saudi Arabia .

Here you can start a store selling honey and other bee products, and start promoting online to provide a daily income.

From the experience of a current client I work with, I can assure you that this project can provide a daily income of more than 3,000 riyals if you can promote your product in a distinctive, professional manner.

You can start your store on the Salla platform with a few simple clicks.

Note: You can start the project by contracting with an apiary to provide you with bulk honey, or start your own honey apiary.

10- Barber shop project (hairdresser)

Whether it is a men’s barber shop or a women’s hairdresser, this project is considered one of the good projects whose daily income may exceed 3000.

Before starting this project it is important that you already have experience with this project.

So maybe you can learn by helping someone else or you can look for people to work for you who already have the ability to style or shave hair.

The hairdresser project is one of the profitable projects for women that I recommend.

11- Car rental project

Car rental for events and weddings is one excellent project with a daily income of more than 3000.

In the Kingdom and the Emirates, you can, for example, start a luxury car rental business.

In Egypt, this project can be started to rent any type of car.

Whatever your country, this project is one of the options that I highly recommend to get this daily income that you are looking for.

As the project develops, you can purchase more than one car and appoint more than one driver to work with you.

12- Cosmetics selling project

The project of selling cosmetics, whether through a store or through an online store, is a project with a daily income of 3000 and more.

But this project requires you to research deeply about the best merchants from whom you can buy wholesale products.

After that, the most important stage in the project begins, which is good marketing for it.

Whether it is through excellent dealing with the customer in your store, and good prices.

Or promote on social media with professional photos.

Why cosmetics?

The secret is simple…

These products are among the most consumed women’s products, and thus a good daily income can be achieved through them.

Not only that, but a friend of mine started this project and is currently making a daily income of approximately 5000. Therefore, I inform you well that this project can generate an excellent income .

13- Restaurant project

The restaurant is considered one of my favorite projects ever.

However, it is one of the successful projects that can achieve a good daily income if it is started correctly and promoted in a distinctive way.

The quality of the foods you intend to serve is also extremely important, and the success of your entire project depends on attention to quality.

So don’t neglect this part.

Do not forget also to search for a good location to start your project and a suitable space for it.

14- Wedding hall project

The wedding hall project is a huge project that can achieve many times the daily income you are looking for.

But the problem is the capital you need to start this project.

A wedding hall requires a huge space to organize it well, and a huge capital to equip it.

Therefore, it is normal for daily income to exceed tens of thousands.

It is important to find a good location for this project because it is a key factor in its success.

Helpfulness is also a factor to consider with nice furnishings and decor.

15- Maqla Tasali Project

The Maqla Al-Tasali project is simple project with a small capital, but its daily income can easily reach 3,000 Egyptian pounds.

The secret in this project, in addition to the quality of the products, is: choosing the project location.

The more the project is in an area with constant movement, the greater the project’s sales and income.

I highly recommend investing in this project if your capital is a bit low.

Now let’s talk frankly…

What is the best project with a daily income of 3000?

The best project you can start is one that fits your budget and the space you can start it with.

Most important of all is that you have some experience in this project.

If you can answer these questions, you will easily be able to choose the project that is best for you and start it.

For me…

The wedding hall project, I think, is a more than excellent project in the current period, but in the past I actually started blogs and it earned me a good income to rely on, which helped me invest in more projects.

Thus, you have learned about 15 projects with a daily income of approximately 3,000.

Now tell me…

Did you find the right project for you?

If you need to know more about any project, do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page, or leave your comment.

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