Ideas for successful and profitable projects for women (28 projects)

Ideas for successful and profitable projects for women (28 projects)

The search for successful and profitable projects for women has become a popular demand…

Whether you want to start a business from home, or you have no problem opening a store… this article is suitable for you.

In this guide, I have collected the best profitable women’s projects, which you can start with no capital, little capital, or a large amount.

You will also find many projects that can be started from home, if you are one of the women who stay at home most of the time.

But it is important for you to know that these projects require you to study well in the beginning before you start any of them.

Starting with…

The best profitable projects from home for women

I preferred starting women’s projects that could be started from home, given the general trend now towards working online, in addition to the presence of a larger number of women staying at home.

Therefore, I think you will be more interested in home projects.

But if you need projects that can be done from a store, all you have to do is move on to the next part of the topic.

Our first project is…

1- Aromatic candle making project

Making aromatic candles is somewhat rare female project

Therefore, it is a successful project that can be relied upon to obtain a good profit and income.

The problem here, though, is the lack of sources from which you can learn to make such candles.

It also needs distinctive marketing to be able to sell huge quantities of it.

The manufacture of aromatic candles is considered one of the most profitable projects for women, certainly due to the somewhat lack of competition in this field in the Arab world.

I talked before about my friend who actually started this project and how the project became one of the projects that generates a good income for her.

But if you need more proof of the project’s success, watch this video to learn about the experience of Nour Zanati, owner of the Relaxant brand:

[wpcc-iframe title=”Egypt Shark Tank| “An orchid-scented candle.” Nour Zanati asked for 500,000 pounds in exchange for 10% of the stake in her company, “Relaxant.” ” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

2- Handmade products project

Are you looking for a successful home-based project for women?

Learning handmade and making products and then marketing them through social media sites is a truly unique project.

I don’t know if you really can or have the talent to make handmade products.

But what I do know is that you can learn anything.

What I trust is your unique ability to create your own future, as my friends did before you.

I have two friends who have already started making these handmade products and specialize in selling:

  • Handmade mugs and accessories.
  • Greeting cards.

Both projects were really successful and generated excellent income for them.

But there are some other ideas you can work with, such as: 

  • Crochet crafts.
  • Manufacture of pottery products.

Whatever handmade products you intend to sell, you must first ensure that: 

  • There is already a demand for it.
  • Its cost is simple and it can be sold at good prices.
  • You can market it appropriately.

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3- A project to manufacture natural leather products

Natural leather products are among the products that have their own distinct audience.

It is a profitable project given the target group in this project.

The price of natural leather products is often high and exceeds $50 per piece, and the profit margin in this project is also excellent and may exceed 60%.

Therefore, starting to manufacture products from natural leather is a very successful women’s project that I highly recommend.

You can manufacture a huge number of products, including: 

  • Bags.
  • Governor.
  • Belts.
  • Accessories.
  • the shoes.

All these products are in huge demand so it will definitely be a profitable experience for you.

You can start at home and manufacture these products manually, and then move on to start your own workshop.

If you need some models, you can benefit from trying: 

  • Mai Raziq: Owner of the Tam Leeds brand, who participated in the Shark Tank Egypt program.
  • Thira: A Facebook page specializing in selling natural leather products in Egypt.

4- Home sewing project

The home tailoring and sewing project was and still is one of the successful and profitable projects for women.

With a sewing machine, another for embroidery, and some other tools, you can start your project from your home.

But the biggest problem you will face is getting clients.

Here it is simple, all you have to do is:

  • Tell those around you that you are starting this project.
  • Marketing yourself via Facebook or other social networking sites.

Before starting…

You need to learn a lot in this field, and my advice is to take a comprehensive Patron course to learn everything you need.

5- A team project to write content

You can gather a team of girls and start an electronic project for girls with ease.

Content writing is just one example of the team specialty you can assemble, and it’s actually the easiest.


There are many specializations in which you can gather a specialized team, such as: 

After that, you can go and offer your services through freelance sites , or employment groups on Facebook.

Once a client contacts you, all you have to do is have your team do the task and then hand it over to the client after it is completed.

6- Online sales project

I have a friend who has already started selling online, specifically selling women’s bags, and has made an excellent income.

My friend’s method is as follows: 

  • Manufacture of bags through workshops that already work with them.
  • Search for a model and photograph products professionally.
  • Start promoting on Facebook and selling through its website.

But you may find it exhausting when you think about your need to manufacture products, or your need for large capital to buy those bags in bulk, right?

There is a simpler solution…

You can work with the affiliate marketing , which means that you market merchants’ products in exchange for a commission from the selling price.

Here you need: 

  • Register on affiliate marketing sites .
  • Search for distinctive bags that you can market (or any other product that you find good to market).
  • Start getting pictures of those products and then market them.
  • When a person purchases and receives the product, you get your commission in your account on the site, and you can then receive it to your bank account or electronic wallet.

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7- Home nursery project

Many women went to work, and therefore there was a need for nurseries to send their children to when their mothers went to work.

Hence, you have an opportunity and an idea for a very profitable and successful women’s project that you can do from your home.

All you need is: 

  • Allocate a good space in your home for the nursery.
  • Start advertising your services as a babysitter.
  • Distinguished dealing with families and gaining their trust.

It is simple and does not require any complications, and the nice thing is that you can start it with almost no capital.

8- Women’s YouTube channel project

YouTube channels are one of the simple electronic projects for beginners .

The nice thing is that you can launch a professional channel from the heart of your home and make an excellent daily income.

I spoke before in detail about the profits of YouTube channels , but what I want you to be sure of is that it is a very profitable and successful project if you give it your full effort.

You can launch a channel in areas such as: 

  • Fashion and style.
  • beauty.
  • Women’s advice.
  • Hair and skin care.

If you need a channel idea without having to appear, you can start your own cooking channel.

I don’t want to be long for you, so here is a group of special articles to help you: 

9- Home food preparation project

If you need a simple and easy project that requires little capital, this project is suitable for you.

Whether you intend to prepare healthy foods, sweets, or any type of food, you can certainly do so and be sure of the success of the project if the quality of your food is worthy.

From my knowledge and personal experience, there are some profitable projects that started this way.

But you can find the motivation to turn this project into a distinctive brand after reviewing the experience of Hind Al-Yamani, owner of Brand Countries:


[wpcc-iframe title=”Egypt Shark Tank | Look how the owner of Country’s project was able to convince the Sharks of her project ” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

10- An electronic blog project

A blog is a website specialized in content.

Yes, like the one you are reading this article with now…

Although the topic may seem difficult at first glance, it is one of the easy and simple projects for women.

But it requires you to pay attention and study well some skills, such as: 

  • Choose the topics you will write about.
  • Learn to write articles.
  • Learn the basics of creating a blog.

After that, with the continuation of this project, you will find great development in your style and skills, in addition to your profits.

There are many women bloggers who have already started this project and have achieved huge sums of money through it, including:

  • Just A girl and her blog: A monthly income exceeding $40,000.
  • The she approaches: approximately $25,000 per month.

Therefore, starting your own blog may be a project of a lifetime for you, especially since you do not need to devote yourself to the entire project.

Some articles to help you with blogging: 

11- A professional Instagram account project

Instagram is what big brands and advertisers love.

Therefore, from home, you can start a very successful project on Instagram.

Your project, which I mean, is your personal, professional account. Whatever type of content you intend to present, make sure it attracts your audience to you.

Mostly, companies seek to hire influencers who already have values ​​that they share with their audience.

And also those who have a specialized audience interested in a specific field.

So maybe it’s better to focus on a type of content that advertisers and businesses will pay for.

Examples of such content include: 

  • Fashion and style
  • the hair
  • beauty
  • Trading
  • And others…

Just make sure to make your account as professional as possible, and be sure to add your contact information so that you do not lose your professionalism when customers communicate with you via Instagram messages.

There are many ways to profit from Instagram that I have previously shared, so be sure to check them out.

12- Bird breeding project

Raising birds of all kinds is a unique women’s project that you can start from home.

Whether you intend to raise: 

  • the bathroom.
  • White chicks.
  • Ducks.
  • Or other birds…

All these birds are already loved by many, so starting this project is a very profitable step.


It is important to know that some of the main risks in this project are the hypocrite.

Exposure of birds to some diseases or viruses will negatively affect the success of your project.

The best thing about this project is the ability to start with the appropriate capital for you.

You can launch the project with a capital of 3,000 pounds , or start it with a capital of 5,000 pounds or 20,000 pounds .

Here the number of pairs you intend to start with is what determines the initial cost of your project.

13- Rabbit breeding project

Rabbit battery was one of the profitable projects that could be started from home.

I think it still exists, but it needs good care and attention from you.

For me, I do not prefer projects that depend on birds or livestock of all kinds.

But if you have no problem studying your project and learning about rabbits, you can definitely consider this project as a profitable home project for women.

14- Natural beauty products manufacturing project

The idea of ​​manufacturing skin and hair care products from natural ingredients is a difficult project compared to all the projects above.

But it is not impossible.

One of the girls from the governorate in which I live, who can be considered a colleague of mine, had already started this project and continued to sell and make a good income for a period of time and then stopped the project.

I don’t really know the reason, but I think it’s the procedures for licensing and registering the trademark.

So if there is not a huge tightening in your country regarding such matters, you can start.

To ensure the success of the project and that even men can launch this project from home, you can watch Hossam Al-Maraghy’s video on Shark Tank and how he started his brand:

[wpcc-iframe title=”[Share Tank Egypt] Hossam is hesitant between a fixed income and achieving his dream” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

Now, what do you think of a group of profitable projects for women, but this time you will need a suitable place to establish your project?

The 13 best successful projects for women

There is no specific order for these projects. No project is better than another. You can choose what is appropriate for you and start.

1- Beauty salon project

If you already have good capital, you can open your own beauty salon.

Whether this salon is small and specialized, such as nail care only, for example.


A huge salon with all skin, hair and nail care services, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and more.

Determining what your project will be will determine the capital needed for the project.

Therefore, you should think about the cost of the project well before starting.

But, is the women’s salon project successful?

Yes, of course.

According to the experiences of some of my close friends, the project is profitable and you can achieve a distinguished income through it.

2- Women’s hairdresser project

Although. Although the hairdressing project can be done from home, I prefer that you allocate a suitable outdoor place for it.

It is also important to improve both your skills and your relationships.

Skills will help you raise the quality of your work, while relationships will help you get more clients.

You can contact the photographers and stylists and tell them that you can provide hairdressing services to the brides of their clients in exchange for a percentage they receive.

Then you can promote your project by: 

  • Create a Facebook page or Tik Tok account.
  • Share photos or videos of your customers.
  • Paid promotion of your hairdresser in your area.

This will ensure that you get clients faster.

3- Women’s gym project

The women’s gym is one of the very profitable and inexpensive small business ideas for women.

I have a friend who actually started her own gym and in a short period of time she was able to collect more than 100 monthly subscriptions for her gym.

Therefore, I know very well that the project is profitable and worthy.

The project is inexpensive when compared to a men’s gym, but the project capital may be somewhat high compared to other projects on the list.

Here the project capital is at least 100 thousand riyals and up to 500 thousand riyals in order to start.

You can reduce the cost of the project by: 

  • Buying used tools.
  • Rent the right place.
  • Start the project in your home if you already have the necessary space.

It is important that you have experience and actually show that you are a good trainer so that you can get subscriptions easier.

4- Tailoring shop project

I talked above about the home sewing project as one of the profitable projects for women.

Here the situation is not much different.

All you have to do is turn your home workshop into a tailoring and tailoring shop.

It is always better to do this after the project in your home develops and you obtain a large number of clients.

5- A project for a clothing industry workshop

The workshop is an excellent step and a very good project to enter the world of manufacturing and trade at the same time.

But the problem here is the cost of the project, which may exceed $10,000.

If cost is not an obstacle for you, I definitely recommend starting.

Then you can: 

  • Wholesale to stores.
  • Marketing your products as a freelancer through social media (200% profits)
  • Launching an online store and selling through it.

6- Clothing store project

Don’t have enough money to start a clothing factory or factory?

The solution is simple: start a simple women’s clothing store.

Whether the store specializes in a specific type of clothing or you sell all types of clothing.

A clothing store is one of the successful and profitable projects that I strongly advise you to do, but in the beginning you must:

  • Find out the best wholesalers to buy from.
  • Find a good store in a commercial area to rent.
  • Start marketing your clothes appropriately.

The most important step to the success of this project is finding the appropriate location to start.

The more your project is in a vital area, the easier it will be to succeed here.

7- Women’s bags and shoes store project

The bag and shoe store is also one of the profitable projects for women that I recommend.

What I told you in the project above applies to this project.

Just make sure: 

  • Finding the best products of the highest quality.
  • The store must be in a good commercial area.

It is also important to hold some offers during special occasions and holidays to attract new buyers.

8- A project to sell women’s abayas

The project of selling women’s abayas is one of the very profitable projects in the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, if you intend to start your business in the Kingdom, I definitely recommend starting selling abayas.

You can do this by: 

  • market.
  • Electronic shop.

You also have the options to obtain the product: 

  • Buy abayas in bulk.
  • Start making it yourself.

This project is successful, according to many experts, and the nice thing is that you can start it with a capital of only 12 thousand riyals.

9- A project for a shop selling natural flowers

On various occasions, roses are given.

On Valentine’s Day, weddings and other occasions.

Who knows what women like except women?

Therefore, the best successful project for women is to sell products and gifts that women need.

Hence, I strongly advise you to start your own rose selling business.

The project cost is simple and the capital does not exceed 5000 riyals .

Therefore, the project will not represent a huge obstacle for you.

10- Wedding dresses rental shop project

Renting and selling wedding dresses is definitely a profitable and successful women’s venture.

But it requires several things in order to start, which are:

  • Large capital.
  • Plenty of space for your shop.
  • Excellent designer dresses.
  • The exterior design of the store is distinctive.
  • Marketing your dresses appropriately.
  • Establish good relationships with photographers, makeup artists, and hairdressers for your nomination.

Completing all the tasks above will enable you to easily succeed in your project and achieve excellent profits.

11- Kafiya project for girls

A cafe project for girls only may be a somewhat weak idea and only a few people prefer it.

But there are actually some girls and boys who do not prefer shared places and where they may not get their full comfort.

Therefore, you can exploit this need and open a café for girls only.

You can start with a small space as a test for your project, and if you find good interest in the idea, you can then develop it.

12- A project for a shop selling accessories and gifts

On occasions and other occasions, the sale of gifts and accessories does not stop.

I have a friend who works in a store that sells various accessories and decorations, and she told me that the store’s daily sales exceed 8,000 pounds.

Since everyone knows that the net profit from these accessories is approximately 40% at least, the net profit here is approximately 3000 pounds, for example.

The cost of starting here is not large, but it is not small either.

You need at least 100 thousand pounds to start in order to:

  • Small shop rental
  • Buy accessories
  • Decorate the shop.
  • Marketing your products.

13- Project for organizing parties and events

Organizing parties and various events is a very profitable women’s project.

One of my friends started this project and now she is responsible for almost all of the weddings in my area.

The success of this project depends greatly on: 

  • Your distinctive taste.
  • Your relationships with others.

Therefore, it is important that you start developing your skills and communication in order to get clients.

What is the best simple and successful women’s project?

There are several projects, each of which can be considered the best simple and successful women’s project, but from my personal point of view, what I would start with if I were in your place are the following projects:

  • Event Planning
  • Electronic blog
  • A clothing store
  • accessories shop.

Whatever project you chose from the projects above is a simple and successful project that does not require a lot of experience from you.

What is the best project without capital for women?

The best project for women without capital is the YouTube channel project.

There are many profit opportunities available to you, and starting the project is also simple and easy, and a channel can be created completely free of charge.

So if you want personal advice, I highly recommend making YouTube your next project.

The most important thing I want to tell you is that without capital you can succeed, but success will be delayed somewhat, so you must be patient and diligent in designing and filming your videos.

Another women’s project that I recommend starting without capital is an Instagram account.

Whatever your choice, make sure to keep going.

The best 100% successful women’s project: you

The best 100% successful women’s project is you.

Investing in yourself and developing your skills and experience is what qualifies you to launch your project or work on the Internet .

Once you develop your skills, you can easily sell those skills and obtain a continuous income.

Or you can then start your own company or website and start working as a social media influencer or enter the field of entrepreneurship.

There are many women who have already started, developed their skills and were able to start their own companies.

Now it is your turn to develop your skills and increase your opportunities in the labor market.

These were the best successful and profitable projects for women that could be done without or with capital, from home, or through a store.

Now tell me…

What project did you decide to invest in? Is it a home project or does it need a designated place for it?


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