Projects that have a future (10 ideas that I highly recommend)

Projects that have a future (10 ideas that I highly recommend)

According to the latest statistics, 90% of projects and startups fail.

Therefore, it is natural to look for projects with a future to invest your money in.

Although there are many reasons for the failure of these projects, starting a consuming and widely available project is certainly considered a primary factor for failure.

Hence, I had to collect for you the best 10 projects that if you focus your efforts on them, you will be able to grow in them and get an excellent return on your investment.

Now let me tell you from my point of view what it is…

Top 10 projects with a future

Given my complete conviction in the future of electronic projects

I decided to share with you first the projects that I recommend starting online, and then the most important projects that have a future on the ground.


It is important to know that you need a lot of details about each project, and that the information here is just ideas and simple chat between us.

If you intend to start, you need to delve more deeply into the details of each project.

We started with…

1- Online store project

According to Insider Intelligence , the volume of e-commerce in 2023 will exceed $6.1 trillion.

The magnitude of this number makes launching an online store and starting e-commerce a great step that certainly has a future.

Even if you do not intend to sell globally, the Arab market has already begun to develop, and the volume of e-commerce in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates is doubling annually.

Personal experiences for this project: 

  • A friend’s experience in Egypt: He actually started an online store and started marketing the products on it through Facebook and was able to achieve a good number of sales.
  • A client who owns a honey store in Saudi Arabia: He was able to achieve sales through his store that exceeded 100 thousand riyals in less than a year.

Launching your store is really worth it and you can do it easily with a few clicks through:

  • Shopify platform: If you intend to launch a global store.
  • Basket platform: If you intend to target the Saudi market.

Now, how much does it cost to set up a store? 

It depends on whether you intend to buy products in bulk, market them yourself, or affiliate marketing the products of others.

But as a basic cost, you can start a store for only 99 riyals through the Salla platform .

You need a capital of approximately 5,000 riyals to purchase products.

Or you can use one of the affiliate marketing sites , especially (a merchant site), and choose products through it and start marketing them through your store.

Tips before launchinga store:

  • Select related products for sale in your store (let us assume women’s clothing only).
  • Pay attention to the design of your store and its professional appearance.
  • Learn to launch advertising campaigns on social media and search engines.

2- An electronic services company project

With the development of the Internet and the turn of many project owners and companies to the Internet as a means of reaching customers, it has become necessary to have professionals who provide professional services to these companies.

Since the Internet is constantly developing, it is clear that establishing a company (or even a website) to provide various electronic services is a project that has a future.

You can provide services such as: 

  • Marketing.
  • Content writing.
  • the design.
  • programming.
  • And others…

Of course, you will not provide these services yourself, and therefore you must look for professionals to help you establish your company.


You can start a company that specializes in only one skill, which is the skill that you can do, and after that you can search for others to add other services to your company.

Experiences in this project: 

I have a client on Fiverr who launched his website specializing in voiceover services, and was able to attract more than 20 clients in the first month.


What really helped her was having previous business models and reviews from other clients.

The cost of the project: 

Here the cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Does the company have a headquarters or is it online?
  • Will you start with employees and contracts, or do you intend to resell dropservicing services that depend on Freelance?
  • Which method will you use to reach your customers?

The 3 questions above will help you determine the amount you need to have in order to start this project.


Roughly speaking, launching an electronic services company will cost you approximately $100 to $50,000 to start with.

Tips before starting a company: 

  • Determine what skills you can offer.
  • Research the extent to which brand owners and companies need this service (you can do this through freelance sites )
  • Know where your audience is located so you can determine how you will target them.

3- YouTube channel project

YouTube was, is and will continue to be one of the best areas for freelancing on the Internet .

However, it can become an excellent future project that you can rely on to obtain an income of no less than 50 riyals per day .

But how is that? 

You can turn YouTube into a project without having to learn anything and hire professionals to work for you with ease, through Cash Cow channels.

Cash Cow channels are YouTube channels that you can earn money from without appearing by creating videos such as:

  • Top 10 books on money.
  • The 12 fastest animals.
  • And so on…

These videos usually will not require anyone to appear.

There are actually many people who invested in this project and achieved excellent income through it. Look, for example, at this person’s profits:

Foreign channel profits from YouTube

In just less than two months, he was able to obtain a monthly income of $1,648.

Here this person was able to do this by appointing professionals to do: 

  • Writing the video script (content).
  • Finding people who make professional cash cow videos.
  • Searching for someone to do voiceovers.

Now all you have to do is repeat this process.

So that you don’t have to search much, I already have a guide that I have gathered together with the best professionals. You can view it here: Buy ready-made YouTube videos .

The cost of the project: 

Here the most important factor in determining the cost of the initial investment in your project is the language of the videos.

  • Arabic videos: You can start with $500.
  • English videos: You need at least $2000 to get started.

But the higher cost in foreign videos makes sense, simply because the revenue from English-language ads targeting the United States may reach 10 times that of Arabic content.

If you want more, you can check out:YouTube Channel Earnings Guide

4- Agricultural projects

Agricultural projects, on which human lives depend, have been, since ancient times, and will continue to be, one of the most important projects in which you can invest.

The field has developed and you have better opportunities, knowledge, and agricultural tools that you can exploit.

I already spoke before in a comprehensive guide about the best agricultural projects you can start, so my talk today will be limited only to your following question:

  • Will humans stop eating foods one day?
  • Can you do without vegetables and fruits?
  • What if bread disappeared from the world?

All the rich people in the world know this well, and that is why we see that American billionaire Bill Gates invested and purchased approximately 260 thousand acres of agricultural land in America, becoming the largest owner of agricultural land in the United States.

How can you start this project? 

You have more than one way to get started:

  • Rent a good area of ​​land and then cultivate it.
  • Buying a piece of land and cultivating it.
  • Reclaiming and exploiting some desert lands.

The methods above depend mainly on the capital you have.

So choose what is best for you and start.

The problem you will encounter: 

The biggest problem in agricultural projects is dependence on manpower, so make sure to search for good manpower before starting your project.

In the end, you should also know that you need to know the most important crops in demand in your area before planting so that you can sell them.

5- Healthy food selling project

In the past few years, with the development of health awareness for many people, a huge number in many Arab societies have begun to search for healthy foods.


The opportunity is now available to start your next project selling healthy food.

Whether you would like: 

  • Selling through home via the Internet
  • Opening a small restaurant in your area.

In both cases, I think you will find a good number of people who know well the importance of healthy foods.

add to that…

In the near future, I believe that many people in the Arab world will depend on vegetarian diets, and therefore the number of your clients will certainly double.

Among the excellent experiences in this field: 

Hind Al-Yamani, who presented on the Shark Tank Egypt program her project to sell healthy food products, received funding of 700 thousand pounds in exchange for 50% of her project:

[wpcc-iframe title=”Egypt Shark Tank | Look how the owner of Country’s project was able to convince the Sharks of her project ” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

6- Solar energy projects

My experience is somewhat weak in solar energy projects, but everyone knows well the world’s tendency in the coming period to rely on clean energy.

Therefore, if you have the ability and knowledge to launch a project or technology in this field, I definitely recommend it, and I assure you that it is one of the best projects that have a future.


The problem with this project is that it will require huge capital to start.

I do not know whether you already have the capital or not, but if you do not have it, it is better not to start.

7- An academy project for teaching skills

I don’t know if you noticed what I noticed or not, but the demand for traditional education in schools has begun to decline somewhat.

The university degree has not become as valuable as it used to be.

Therefore, if you want a project that has a good future then it is this skills education academy.

There are a huge number of skills that you can launch your academy to teach, including:

  • Practical skills: programming, design, writing, marketing and sales.
  • Life and recreational skills: music, chess, swimming, and others.

Both types of skills are in demand and have a strong future in the coming period.

I also believe that this academy project has not spread widely, and therefore you have a good chance to compete and get a good number of clients.

8- CrossFit Gym Project

The gym project in general is one of the excellent projects of all times.


In some areas, the concept of CrossFit has not spread widely, but it has already begun to spread, and I believe that many will already start practicing it.


If you have space and an excellent location, you can start your own gym, and focus your marketing goal on CrossFit in order to attract those interested in it.

You can also start a women’s gym project, which I consider one of the best women’s projects, if you already have the experience to launch it.

9- Storage and shipping warehouse project

I told you above about the spread of e-commerce.

But does everyone really have warehouses for their products close to shipping companies?

Mostly not.

So you can think about the future and create a warehouse to store products and integrate them with your own shipping company.

From here you can get commissions or a fixed cost from each sale and also from each shipment.

Although the project is one of the projects that I highly recommend, you need to study the project well, know all the needs of your project, and obtain the necessary licenses and insurances to start.

You also need: 

  • Large space to store products from different merchants.
  • Secure the store well.
  • Marketing professionally and providing the best shipping methods for sellers.

10- Working Space Project

Quiet Cafe project for study or work is one of my projects that I have already decided to open.

I don’t know if you see what I see, but many people have begun to turn to self-employment via the Internet, and students will not stop studying either.

Mostly, both of them need a special and quiet place that encourages study or work.

Therefore, I decided to start a workspace project, which I believe will be a profitable project for you as well, if there is not already one in your area.


You need to study your area and find out if there is already a competing place.

If you cannot find it or its location is far from you, you can start your own project and be sure to achieve a good income through it.

However, you need to market your project well.

These were the top 10 projects that have a future in my opinion.

Now tell me…

Which of the above projects do you think is best for you to start?

Do you have any questions about any of their projects? If you have, feel free to reach out and leave your comment.

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