Investing $10 (the best 4 real and legitimate methods) 2024

Investing $10 (the best 4 real and legitimate methods) 2024

Investing $10 may be a somewhat silly idea but it is definitely possible.

Think about it, if you put this small amount in a bank account, how much return will you get?

10% annually at best, which is approximately $1 after a full year.

But the chances of investing a small amount like this online are much better.

Therefore, in this topic, I will present to you some excellent methods through which you can double this amount or at least obtain a better return than the bank return in a period not exceeding a month.

First and foremost, before I start anything, it is important for me to tell you that if your daily life depends on this amount, you should not risk it.

But if this amount is additional and you do not need it and can afford to lose it, you can complete this topic.

It is also important for you to know that I will not, in any way, list unsecured investment sites that offer you daily interest on your money because you will most likely lose your money with them.

Now if you are ready to get started, let me tell you…

How to invest $10 in guaranteed ways?

It is important to know that any investment contains some risk.

Since your amount is rather small, it is natural that you will find the percentage of risk that you will be exposed to somewhat higher than with any other method.

Therefore, you should always evaluate the profit to loss from each of these methods before choosing the method that is appropriate for you.

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1- Invest in binary options

3 years ago, one of my friends advised me to start investing in binary options.

But I didn’t want to try it until much later, about a year ago.

The main reason that prompted me to avoid binary options or binary options is the high risk compared to any other investment.

But what’s wrong with some risk of just $10? It’s not a big amount, right?

Certainly, whatever the risk level, it is better than the HYIP sites that take the amount from you with a false promise to generate continuous daily profits for you.

After I decided to start, I was able to get a profit of $36 from investing only $10, in about one hour.

Of course, I lost a lot before that, but the experience is always worth it.

Therefore, if you, like me, want to learn even by losing some small money, my advice is to try every method that comes before you until you find the method that best suits you.

What are binary options?

Simply put, binary options are deals similar to Forex deals, but in this investment, the return on your investment in the deal ranges from 60% to 99% of the amount with which you entered the deal.

We can talk more simply now and I will explain it to you with a simple example:

  • Want to trade gold?
  • You set the amount of the deal you will enter into at only $1 (meaning you will invest only $1).
  • Now you have two options to choose between (either expect the price to fall) or (expect the price to rise)

Now your choice will be:

  • Correct: In this case, you will get $0.65 to $0.96 in addition to your transaction amount of $1.
  • Incorrect: Here you will lose your entire investment amount, which is $1.

Imagine that you have now made 5 trades, including 4 trades with a profit and one trade with a loss. You will get approximately $2 profit.

This is twice what you will get in a full year by placing your amount in any bank.

Therefore, binary options are considered a great way to invest and achieve imaginary sums, but they also have a very high risk and many people lose their money.

The best platform I recommend to start trading binary options is the Iqoption platform , which I have provided a comprehensive explanation of, along with my method of trading on it and my proof of payment.

Payment proofs from iqoption

You can start on iqoption with only $10 and you can withdraw your funds starting from $2.

The most important feature of this platform is that money is withdrawn to your account in any electronic bank instantly if the withdrawal amount is somewhat small.

What’s also special here is the possibility of opening an account and experimenting with fake money until you get used to the deals, then make a deposit and start completing real deals.

You can register for iqoption through this banner:

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2- Invest in Forex

Everyone will tell you that under no circumstances can you invest $10 in Forex and that the initial amount must not be less than $100.

I actually agree with this but in reality you can start with just $10.

Many Forex companies have now started allowing a deposit amount even lower than the amount you have now.

For example, Exness started making the initial deposit $10.

Therefore, with this small amount you can start in Forex, but do not expect a lot of profits with an amount like this.

What is Forex?

I explained Forex for beginners in detail before, but quickly. It is buying and selling deals for currency pairs, such as currency exchange, but here this investment is distinguished by the financial leverage that enables you to double your amount up to 2000 times your amount.

Despite the huge profits achieved by many traders in the world of Forex, financial leverage makes the loss of the investment extremely possible.

Therefore, you always need to be aware of the risks in every method you start working on.

Forex is certainly less risky than the binary options above, but it is still a high-risk investment.

There are many Forex companies that you can work with, but for a beginner with a small amount such as $10, I advise you to start through the Exness platform .

3- Invest in digital currencies

Digital currencies have become very popular in recent times, and dealing with them has become acceptable in many online stores and major websites.

More importantly, it has become an investment for many people, bringing them good profits.

What are digital currencies?

They are virtual currencies that are dealt with online only, the most famous of which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

The most important characteristic of investing in digital currencies is the fluctuating price.

Which makes investing in it either an opportunity to profit very large sums or to lose very large amounts.

But unlike binary options or Forex, whether the price rises or falls, the currency is still yours, even if the price falls, it is possible that it will rise again.

Therefore, investing in digital currencies is less risky than investing in Forex and binary options.

But therefore it is less profitable and a return on your investment.

It is also important to know that investing in these currencies is illegal in many Arab countries, the most important of which is Egypt, so find out the legal status of them in your country before investing in them.

You can invest in digital currencies with only $10 by buying some low-priced currencies such as Tron or Dogecoin, or buying part of high-priced currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

But before that you must: 

  • Owning a Bitcoin wallet to store your currencies. In this case, I advise you to use one of the small wallets, or what is called a microwallet, which is a comprehensive wallet for several digital currencies, and you can also switch between these currencies. The best wallet you can use is: Faucetpay.
  • If you want to buy a large amount of Bitcoin or other currencies, you may be able to create a wallet: Coinbase or Blockchain.
  • After owning a portfolio, you must now know which currencies you will invest in by following the currency prices and buying when the price falls. I spoke before about cheap digital currencies that have a future that you can review.

The third step is to buy the currency you want to invest in…

There are many sites through which you can buy currencies, the most important of which are:

  • Local bitcoins : It enables you to buy currencies from another person with very low commissions.
  • Changelly : You can buy Bitcoin or any other currency through it via Visa

Finally, after you have purchased, all you have to do is wait until the price rises and then sell in the same way you purchased.

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4- Invest in your knowledge

Or in other words, invest in yourself.

Whether you are convinced or not, investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can make.

Maybe you should use that $10 to buy one of the courses (certainly foreign) in a field you want to work in.

Or you can also buy one of the investment books or financial culture books , which will certainly be a great addition to your mind.

Many people do not prefer to talk about this and want a way to pay money and get something in return.

But if you look at this investment with a future outlook, only then can you know the importance of that $10 that you paid in one of the means that grows you.

I strongly advise you to buy one of the money books and learn the opinions of these billionaires.

Only then can you say that you think like them.

If you do not want to buy one, just download it to your phone or computer and start reading it. 

This was my simple attempt to answer the question: How do you invest $10?

I think there are some other ways, but I only find any use in those ways.

Therefore, if you think that there are other ways that you can benefit from and obtain a good return from, mention them to me, and if you find them good, I will add them.

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