Investing $100 (best 7 methods) with my own strategy

Investing $100 (best 7 methods) with my own strategy

Would you like to invest $100 and don’t know where to start?

In fact, this is not your problem alone….

I previously asked myself how to invest $100, and I researched like you and many other people.

After hundreds of failed investments and thousands of successful investments, I can now tell you what I have achieved.

But know well before starting that all investments involve risk.

So if that $100 is all you have and on which your needs depend, do not risk it and wait…

If that money is allocated for investment, then let me tell you my best methods and the strategy that I arrived at in the end.

Not only that, but I will also provide you with a group of ways in which you should not invest at any time.

If you’re ready let me show you what I do…

What are the best ways to invest $100? 


1- Investing in digital currencies 

I already talked about digital currency trading and how it has become one of the most important investments in this period.

After using these currencies as a means of payment in many international sites, the demand for investing in them has become very large.
After the price of Bitcoin (the most famous electronic currency) was $0.01 or less, its price in those days at the time of writing this article became $60,000. 
This is definitely incredible!!! 

Digital currencies are not only Bitcoin, there are thousands of other digital currencies such as:
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple 
  • Litecoin 
  • Dash 
  • Altron 
  • Dogecoin
  • And others

These currencies are considered the most famous and largest in terms of the volume of investments and daily trades.

How to start?

  • In the beginning, you have to buy some digital currencies, and here I advise you to payeer bank if you are a beginner
  • After that, decide what currencies you want to invest in (advice: do not stay away from famous electronic currencies, focus on what is traded frequently on a daily basis)
  • After that, go to the Coinmarketcap website and start tracking the price of the currency over the course of a month or 3 months and up to a year and find out its current price.
  • If the currency is at its maximum rise (do not buy and wait).
  • Enter the Payeer website, go to the trading platform inside, and place an order to buy at the price you want.
  • Once the currency reaches this price, the purchase will be made directly.
  • After that, set your own profit percentage and place a sell order at the price you want.
  • Wait, once the price of the currency reaches your price, the sale will occur automatically.


The most important currencies that I invest in are:


  • Ethereum currency
  • Ripple currency XRP
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Sometimes Tron currency 

If you want a platform where you can invest your $100 and that has many currencies (or you want something more professional), I advise you to use the Binance platform .

The most important thing before investing your $100 in digital currencies is….

You study the price of that currency over the past months and find out whether the price now is suitable for purchase or not? 

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2- Binary options 


If you are a risk-taker and want to see investment results quickly, you should consider binary options.

Binaries are considered one of the highest levels of risky investments (but they are somewhat guaranteed, unlike suspicious investment sites that may close their doors at any time).

If you are a risk-taker like me, perhaps you should try this method.
I never recommend investing a full $100 in the beginning (see my strategy below).
$10 is very good as a start, then when you understand the method well, increase your investment.
Binary options are very risky deals that are very similar to Forex deals, but in this case you have one of two options that you choose, either the price rises or falls, and you wait for a period of time of about 30 seconds: 30 minutes until the timer runs out, and if your choice is correct, you win a percentage. From 50% to 99% of the transaction amount. 



How to start?

  • First, you must register on one of the reliable options platforms , and here I recommend Iqoption to you (it is the best and most honest).
  • Make a deposit on the platform (you can try it without depositing at first through a demo account)
  • After that, you must determine what you will trade (gold – dollar – bitcoin – …).
  • Determine your trading amount ($1 as a start to learn how the platform works).
  • Now you have to predict whether the price will rise or fall.
  • If your prediction is correct, you will get your trading amount + about 70% of the amount.
  • In case of incorrect prediction, you will lose the entire transaction amount.
  • Once you win and want to withdraw your profits, you can do so simply via the same deposit method that you used (Visa – Skrill – Neteller – …)
  • The amount will be transferred to you within 2-5 working days only.


Iq option
is considered a good option to start if you intend to work on binary options, as what is distinctive about it is the ability to start with a very simple deposit of $10 and start experimenting, in addition to the possibility of registering a demo account and practicing these trades in the beginning.


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3- Create your blog

Would you like to invest $100 but do not prefer to take a big risk?

Start launching your blog now…
Although it is a long-term investment, I am now telling you with complete confidence that you will get thousands of times your investment.
This is simply because it is the best way to profit from the Internet .
The reason is that it is the link between all means of profit through which you can make money from almost anything.
  • You can place ads and get profits.
  • You can market other people’s products and get a commission.
  • Do you have a product? You can sell it to your audience.
  • Would you like to do a course? You can also sell it to your audience.
  • And thousands of other ways…
How to start?
In fact, I will not prolong the matter to you because I explained it in detail in another topic.
Therefore, I will save you the trouble and provide you with a link through which you can learn everything.

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Now my own strategy for investing $100

They may tell you that $100 is a small amount…

But I will tell you that it is a very good amount to see a return on your investment.

Every $100 I have that I want to invest, I distribute it as follows:

  • $57 (the cost of launching a blog on my favorite hosting, Fastcomet ), which is a low-risk, long-term investment.
  • $10 into high-risk investments ( trading on Iqoption )
  • $33 (I invest it in trading digital currencies on Payeer Bank ), which is an investment with medium risk and also an average speed in obtaining returns.
Do you see how you can diversify your investments with only $100?
We applied the most important investment principle: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”
In addition to our diversification in the speed of return on investment.
I hope you use this strategy and diversify your investments so that you do not lose and despair.

4- Invest in home trading 

If all you have is $100, one of the ways to invest it without suffering major losses is through home trading.

 Where you can search for some desired goods in your residential area, purchase them in bulk, and then offer them to your relatives, friends, and neighbors.

It is certain that you will sell some of these goods, and after you sell these products, you can use the profits to increase your business activity.

 If you are a woman or a girl, you can also buy some cosmetics at lower prices and sell them to your neighbors.

5- Invest in yourself 


Although I know that people looking to invest $100 or something else do not want someone to talk to them about investing in learning or in themselves.
Because you mostly want some way to put their money and wait for a return, right?
However, this investment must be placed at the forefront of investments because it is truly the greatest investment you will ever make.
 Which may ultimately bring you profits of up to 1,000, 10,000, or even 100,000%.


  • You must first identify one of the areas of investment or areas of work that you feel a desire to work in or that you feel that if you start in it, you will become one of the innovators in it.
  • After that, search for the best books and educational courses in this field and pay that money for them.

All the opinions and methods that I found in which people talk about the possibility of investing $100 first require knowledge.

All investors agreed that they would not start any business unless they invested in themselves and increased their knowledge in this field.



6- Open a bank savings account or savings certificates 

Perhaps you did not expect me to include this method among the ways to invest $100.

But it is actually an investment method for those who do not want to take any risks at all.

If you are one of those who avoid risk…

The best way to invest your $100 is by opening a savings account in a bank and putting your money in it.

The more money you have, the more you add to your account and the more you enjoy the account’s profits, which can become large if you continue to make small deposits in your account, in addition to the interest rate from those deposits.

This is certainly based on the principle of compound interest.


7- Invest in Forex 

Are you ready now to increase the degree of risk with your money?

Are you one of those who can bear the loss of that $100 for the possibility of winning $1,000 or sometimes $10,000?
If you are someone who can take risks and enjoy emotional stability and calm, Forex is your field.

Forex is the market for trading foreign currencies on the Internet, and these currencies are traded in pairs through Forex companies (trading brokers).

What makes Forex a dangerous investment is the financial leverage, through which you can trade amounts of up to 300 and sometimes 1000 times your amount, so profits and losses are very large. 

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5 investment areas that you should completely avoid

1- HYIP quick investment sites:

If you really want not to lose your money foolishly, you must completely stay away from those sites that deceive you with imaginary profits that cannot be achieved. How can you, for example, achieve daily profits worth 200 or 300%? Does it make sense to put 100 with someone so that he can make it 200 dollars? Or $300 the next day.
Completely stay away from this type of investment.

2- Pay now to make $1000 per day  

If you really believe that there is someone who is handing over his secrets and methods to you (if he is actually making a profit from this?! And I don’t think for sure), then you should reconsider your calculations because if he is actually making those profits, then why does he want some small money from you??! .

Do not be fooled by these false slogans about highways and various signs of wealth.

3- Investments that you are not familiar with 

Those who seek quick profit often engage in investments that they do not understand anything about, which ultimately leads to the loss of all your money.

Do not be attracted to investments that you do not know about, and if you want to, you must first learn about this field.

4- Network marketing 

Perhaps one of your friends came to you one time and told you that you can make thousands of pounds or dollars a month. All you have to do is bring more friends to pay the same amount, and that’s it, isn’t it? .

Completely stay away from this type of scam. This is not an investment. It is a first-class scam.

5- Gambling 

Perhaps we all know as Arabs how dangerous gambling is religiously, but some may be attracted to those false slogans and that they can make millions. Perhaps some can do that, but do not be attracted because the risk in these gambles is very great and you may lose all your money in an instant.

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