Investing 1000 pounds (the 7 best ways to double your capital)

Investing 1000 pounds (the 7 best ways to double your capital)

You may think that you cannot invest 1000 pounds because it is a rather small amount.

But after you finish reading this topic, you will have the best 5 different ways to take risks so you can choose from among them the best for you.

First, before anything else, you must know that there are two schools of investment:

  • The first school: Do not put all your eggs in one basket and diversify your investments.
  • The second school: Wait for the right opportunity, put all your eggs in one basket, and get the biggest return.

The first investment model is the most famous.

But think with me a little…

How can you diversify your investments if the amount you want to invest is very small, such as 1000 pounds?

In fact, you can diversify your investments, but only in a maximum of two ways. This is my personal opinion, if you want a decent return.

Now let’s move on to…

How to invest 1000 pounds?

As I told you above, there is more than one way you can invest your money, and the risk in each one is different from the other.

Here I will start with you with the least dangerous methods and move on to the higher ones.

The difference between these methods is the speed of obtaining the return. If you choose the higher risk, you can see profits or losses faster, but if you choose the lower risk, you will see the profits more slowly, but the loss may not exist at all.

Choose what suits you and I will tell you the best diversification opportunities from my point of view that you can do ( just wait for the end of the topic )

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1- Invest in an electronic blog

Electronic blogs are the least risky online projects and the most profitable with continuity.

So far, I have more than 6 blogs, and the cost of launching each one is less than 700 pounds per year.

The return after 6 months may exceed 1,500 pounds.

For example, here are the profits from one of my blogs, which gets a small number of visits (you can reach the same number in a maximum of 6 months).

E-blogging profits

I think that earning $100 a month with a small investment of less than a thousand pounds is fantastic.

The most important advice that you must adhere to is: Continue publishing and writing in a distinctive style and do not despair after the first and second months if you do not see profits. The fifth month is your lucky number in blogging.

To begin: follow the guide on how to create a blog and profit from it in detail, and if you encounter any problem, just go to our Facebook page and ask me, and I will answer you with all the details you need.

2- Invest in marketing on Facebook

Have you seen any ads on Facebook in the past few days for products of shoes, clothes, watches, or even educational sites?

This is one of the most important skills that you definitely need to invest in.

You can benefit from this investment in 3 ways: 

  • Affiliate marketing for merchant products (there are many of them, just read our best affiliate marketing programs
  • Buy your own products in bulk, create advertisements and sell them at higher prices.
  • Launching advertising campaigns for others (my friend makes approximately 5,000 pounds a month from this skill without paying anything).

Investment here is divided into two parts:

  • Part One: Investing in yourself and learning to launch advertising campaigns.
  • Part Two: Investing in sponsored ads, where you pay to show your ad to people from different governorates.

Mostly you would not want to pay any amount to learn, right?

Unfortunately, regret is the natural result.

Because although there is a lot of free information on YouTube through which you can learn to launch advertising campaigns, it is random and unorganized.

It certainly does not contain all the information you need.


If you are serious and want to invest your small amount in the correct way, you must learn in the correct way and invest in yourself first.

Very few Arabic courses in this field can be considered excellent.

Therefore, my choice for you is Hani Hussein’s Facebook advertising course, who is currently considered one of the most famous Arab marketers.

The price of this course is $97 .

But since you intend to start correctly, I have brought you, as a follower of the profits expert, a very special offer:

  • The price of the Facebook advertising course is $97
  • In addition to the Google Ads Professional course, its price is $49.

The offer is: The two courses together are priced at $77, or approximately 1,200 pounds, which is an exclusive offer for us.

A course for learning advertising by Hani Hussein

3- Invest in women’s accessories trading

One thousand pounds is certainly a very small amount to start a profitable business, but simple women’s accessories are very low in price.

The best thing about it is that it is in great demand and its profits vary.

A relative of mine owns one of the most successful accessories and cosmetics stores, and one time he told me that simple accessories such as:

  • Rings
  • The two earrings
  • Hair tweezers
  • Ordinary chains

It is his best seller and the highest in terms of profit percentage.

In fact, it was a bit strange for me until he told me the profit percentage:

  • The rings he sells for 10 pounds have a wholesale price of 3.5 pounds.
  • Chains, for example, he sells for 25 pounds, which cost him 10 pounds.
  • Rings and other things in the same way.

Therefore, if you want to invest this small amount, perhaps you can simply start creating your own group on Facebook and then offer these simple accessories to it.

Note: This method is considered excellent for girls, so you may consider enlisting the help of a relative of yours to manage this group.

4- Invest in trading

Trading is the riskiest way to invest your money.

But it is definitely the method with the highest return!!

Because your amount is very small, your trading options are very limited, which are:

  • Forex trading
  • Binary options

Forex is our beginning: 

In short, the meaning of Forex is trading foreign currencies on the Internet. For example, you sell the US dollar against the euro, or the euro against the dollar, and so on.

It’s a bit complicated for a beginner, but it’s worth starting to learn.

You will need:

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Our second method is binary options:

Binary options are basically Forex deals, but instead of buying and waiting here, you expect the price to rise or fall after a specific period of time. If your prediction is correct, you get up to 96% of your investment amount in addition to the original amount. However, if the prediction is wrong, you lose your amount. Completely.

This is why it’s so dangerous, but it’s definitely worth a try someday.

Here you can invest $10 , which is good, and the experience will not cost you much

Here you will need:

5- Invest in raising pigeons

The pigeon breeding project is considered one of the best small projects that you can do.

Here you can start with less than 1000 pounds and get a return within 3 months.

I was nominated for this project specifically because I have been doing it for several years and the return from it has been very good.

What you need in brief:

  • 10 pairs of pigeons cost approximately (350-500 pounds).
  • A small place you can start with (a small room – a nest on the roof)
  • Suitable food (pear, fodder, wheat, etc.) The monthly cost for this amount is approximately (250 pounds)

Within 3 months, you will find the start of production. You can then go to one of the markets and sell to one of the merchants, or you can sell it to poultry stores.

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6- Invest in a YouTube channel

You may not know this, but YouTube is very profitable!!!

Perhaps more than any other field of profit on the Internet , but it certainly requires courage, continuity, and a lot of information that you must provide for free.

For example, when we studied the profits of YouTube channels in Arabic content, we found that the lowest channel could earn $1/1,000 views in total on the sum of its videos.

You can certainly create a channel on YouTube without paying anything, but it will take a very long time to achieve a return.

Therefore, investing those few pounds that you have may help you significantly increase the speed of obtaining returns.

There are two basic ways to invest in a YouTube channel: 

  • Invest in content and have people make additional videos for you.
  • Invest in advertising your channel.

Putting a portion of your amount as an investment in content is very important because it will greatly help you to publish regularly and reach a larger number of people, thus increasing your channel subscribers for free .

As for advertising your channel, it will definitely help you increase your audience faster.

Therefore, if you actually intend to launch a channel, I strongly advise you to diversify your investment between the two options above.

Here are some articles to help you get started: 

7- Invest 1000 pounds in the bank

The interest of only a thousand pounds in the bank is negligible.

In fact, the fees for opening and managing an account at the bank annually exceed twice the return.

Today, it is one of the highest banks in terms of returns, and let us assume the National Bank. For 1,000 pounds in a certificate with a return of 11% annually, which is the highest, you will get 110 pounds annually from it.

But if we look at the annual expenses of the account in: 

  • 200 pounds administrative expenses and account statement.
  • 100 pounds for the visa you obtain.

These amounts are approximate and sometimes more.

So your loss now is approximately 190 pounds.

Do you think this is an investment you should make?

If you have a larger amount, certainly saving in banks and getting interest on your money is good, but for those with small amounts, believe me, it is not worth it.

8- Invest in learning

If you want my personal opinion, this method should be at the top of your list, but you probably don’t want that.

So I put it last.

Investing in yourself and learning a new skill is the investment with the highest return in the long term.

90% of people believe that investing in themselves is a waste of money, so they do not think about it at all.

But you should avoid this and learn a skill that you can then sell for thousands of dollars.

The most important skills that you should invest in are: 

  • Content marketing
  • Writing creative content.
  • SEO (also known as search engine optimization).
  • Video design and editing.
  • Launching advertising campaigns.

These were the 8 ways in which you can invest 1000 pounds and get a fairly good return for your money.

Now tell me…

Which of these methods do you think is best for you?

Have you decided to start blogging or do you prefer trading?

If you would like any assistance in any of the ways above, do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us on Facebook.

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