Explanation of the Iq Option platform with proof of withdrawal (for beginners) 2024

Explanation of the Iq Option platform with proof of withdrawal (for beginners) 2024

Binary options are one of the most famous methods of rapid trading, and the iq option platform is the most famous in this field.

Therefore, in this topic you will find a detailed explanation of the IQOption website, from registration to withdrawal of profits.

Not only that, but I will also tell you about my experience, my method of trading on the platform, and the profits that I was able to collect.

In this topic, you will find detailed steps that, once you follow them, you will understand everything about this trading platform.

Therefore, this explanation is very suitable for beginners.

Warning: Binary options on any platform are investment instruments with high risks, so never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Now, if you are ready, let us begin explaining this platform with the most important question ever…

Is the Iq Option platform a scam?

Before I thought about writing an explanation of the iqoption platform, I decided to try it myself to make sure that the platform was not a scam.

So… after personal experience and a lot of research on the company’s licenses and the experiences of others, I came to the conclusion that the Iqoption platform is one of the most honest binary options trading platforms available on the Internet to date.

Would you like to prove a withdrawal from the platform? Here’s a collection of my withdrawal proofs:

Proofs of withdrawal from the iqoption platform

Therefore, if you have decided to try the field, you can start trading in it now and start with an amount that is appropriate for you and will not affect your needs.

Register on Iqoption

I believe that you have reassured yourself of the site’s credibility, and it is time for the next part, which is…

How to register on the Iqoption website?

Registering and starting trading through the platform is very easy, and here is how to do it with pictures:

Note: First, you must be at least 21 years old…

(Some sites tell you that he is 18, but in the steps to activate the account, you will need a bank account, and most banks in the Arab world provide accounts for those who are 21 years old, not 18).

1- First, you must go to the official website and you can access it from the button below: 


2- After that, you will be directed to the official website as shown in the picture (click on Start Now): 

Register on the iqoption website

3- Once you click the button, you will be taken to the part for filling in your data (fill in the data carefully): 

iqoption registration information

4- After that, you must fill in your data, such as name, address, etc.

Make sure that your first and second names are the same as the name on your bank statement (in English). You will find out why in the section on activating the account in this guide.

After that, all you have to do is enter the email address you registered with, activate the account, and then log in.

Explanation of the Iq option platform from the inside

Once you register on the platform and log in to your account, you will find yourself in front of this interface (if you are using a computer or laptop):

Explaining iqoption from the inside

As you can see in the previous image, there are 9 basic elements in the front end of the platform. Let me tell you everything in it in detail:

  1. Deposit: Once you click on it, you will be directed to all deposit methods.
  2. Trading: Here you will be directed to the trading platform where you can trade with real money or a demo account with fake money.
  3. Personal information: Here you will find all your information that you added when you registered.
  4. Documentation: Here you will find 4 basic things that you must prove to be able to use the platform freely (you will find them below).
  5. Portfolio: Here you will find your entire capital and how much you own.
  6. Withdrawal: You will be transferred through this option to the withdrawal request page (we will talk about it in detail).
  7. Track your balance: Here you will find your withdrawals and deposits that you have made.
  8. Your trades: Here you will find all the trades you made through your account.
  9. Support: From here you will be directed to platform support if you have any questions.

All of these options are important, but what really matters to us now in the next part of the topic is the Trade button, because now we will learn about…

Explaining the IQOption trading platform from the inside

Once you click the Trade button, you will be transferred to the trading platform, and you will find many options in it, as shown in the picture below.

Explaining the insider trading interface in iqoption

To simplify, here are the 18 most important options you will need: 

  1. Through this stock you can switch between the real account and the demo trading account.
  2. I talked about this before. Here you will find all your deals that you are currently investing in.
  3. Here you will find your trades that you have completely completed, whether with a gain or a loss.
  4. Through this option, you can chat with other traders and also communicate with platform support.
  5. From here you can see the most profitable traders from the platform and their profits, whether in your country or any other country.
  6. This is a tool to help traders and is a market analysis.
  7. In this option you will find very excellent educational videos to teach you trading.
  8. Through this option, you can join competitions between traders to win prizes of up to 30 thousand dollars.
  9. A tool to help you understand many things and answer some of the questions you need to know.
  10. Alerts regarding your account in the event of any problems
  11. The shape of the price movement (as you can see, I always prefer Japanese candles, some prefer the line, and so on).
  12. Duration of one candle.
  13. Here you will find drawing tools such as horizontal and vertical lines and others (important for professional traders)
  14. In this option you will find auxiliary indicators that help predict the price movement.
  15. Here you will know the percentage that you will get from this trading deal in case of profit.
  16. Trade option if you expect the price to rise.
  17. Trade option if you expect the price to fall.
  18. From here, you determine the deal you want to work on, whether Forex, binary options, or raw materials such as gold, oil, and so on.

How to enter a trade in iqoption?

Here it is very simple. All you have to do is specify some things in the deal and enter at the appropriate time.

To make it easier for you, look at this picture: 

How to enter a trade in iqoption

In this picture there are 5 stocks. These are the ones you will use when entering any deal: 

  1. You must determine what you will trade. Here you choose the currency pair (British Pound/Japanese Yen).
  2. After that, you must specify the transaction amount (here I set it as $100).
  3. Expect the price to rise
  4. Expect the price to drop.
  5. This white line is what you should pay attention to, as all transactions must be completed before it.

Note: There is a Time button above the box for setting the deal amount. It is also important if you want to change the duration of the deal, but I always prefer to work on quick 30-second deals.

If you choose the correct timing to enter the deal, your profit percentage will most likely be greater than your loss percentage.

Because I chose the right timing in the previous deal, the result was as follows: 

Transaction results in iqoption

Register on Iqoption

Now to the most important part…

How to activate your iqoption account?

Activating the account is very important so that you can deposit and withdraw without any problems.

If you do not fully activate your account, you will face problems with withdrawal, and this is the reason why many people believe that the platform is a scam.

For example, when I activated my account on the platform with my personal card and tried to withdraw to my Skrill Bank account, the withdrawal was not completed.

This was mainly because I did not fully verify my data in Skrill.

Therefore, you must ensure that your account is fully activated by proving your identity on both the platform and your payment method.

Now to activate the iqoption account: 

Do you remember the option to activate the account in the explanation of the iqoption interface above?

You can now click on it and you will be taken to the next page: 

Activate the account in iqoption

As you can see in the picture above, there are 4 steps to fully activate your account on the platform:

  1. Confirm your email: by going to it, opening the registration message, and clicking on the link sent to you from iqoption.
  2. Confirm phone number: Through a message sent to your phone with a code that you add to the platform.
  3. Add your complete information: Here you fill in all your account information (confirm that it is real and correct).
  4. Proof of identity: This is the last step in which you upload your ID card or passport.

Note: Here you do not need to have your name on the platform in Arabic if your card is in Arabic. The important thing is that the name and picture be the same and all the data is clear.

Now let’s deposit some money into the platform…

Deposit methods on the iqoption platform

Depositing on the Iq Option platform is very easy. All you need here is $10 and a suitable payment method.

Note: If paying via Bitcoin (I prefer not to do so), the minimum amount will be $50.

For me, I always prefer Skrill Bank (I explained Skrill Bank and the method of activating it in detail. Make sure to read it so that you can withdraw through it).

It is very simple as in the picture (3 basic steps):

How to deposit into iqoption

  1. Select the payment method (Skrill – Perfect Money – WebMoney – advcash – Visa – MasterCard – Bitcoin).
  2. Specify the amount (10 is the minimum. You can certainly deposit 15 or 20 depending on your desire).
  3. Click on the Proceed button to complete the payment and you will receive it.

Once you do this, you will be transferred to the bank to log in and approve the transfer.

Mostly, you will find the money in your account directly on the platform at the same moment with electronic banks, so this is the best.

Methods of withdrawal from Iq option

Withdrawing from Iqoption is somewhat different, as there are some conditions that you must follow for withdrawal:

  • First, the deposit method must be the same as the withdrawal method.
  • The minimum withdrawal is only $2.
  • If you use two methods for depositing, they must be the same means for withdrawing in the same proportions.

The above condition means that if you deposit $60, $40 of it using Skrill and $20 using Perfect Money, and you add $30 to your amount, your balance becomes $90:

  • You must withdraw 2/3 of the amount ($60) using Skrill.
  • And 1/3 of the amount ($30) using Perfect Money.

The best feature of withdrawing from iqoption is that there is no commission if you withdraw once a month.


If you wish to withdraw more than once a month, you will pay a commission of 2% of the withdrawal amount each time after the first time.

Withdrawal methods: The same deposit methods as above.

Another feature, which is the best for me: when requesting a withdrawal using Skrill, the funds reached my Skrill account at the same moment.

My simple strategy for trading on the platform

My strategy for trading on iqoption is very simple and may not be the most professional among all those strategies out there.

However, it achieves good results and the gains outweigh the losses: 

Trading strategy profits in iqoption

As you can see in the previous picture, in 16 minutes I made approximately 8 trades, 5 of which were profits and 3 were losses.

Certainly this is not the best thing, but when I tell you that the profit was $13.60 and the loss was $7, meaning that the profit in approximately 16 minutes was 6.60, then this is definitely a good thing.

Especially since I am very conservative in trading and my trade size is usually small, not exceeding $3.

Now the strategy is as follows: 

  • Set the trading duration to 30 seconds
  • Choose price action to be in the form of Japanese candlesticks
  • Set the duration of one candle to 30 seconds.
  • Wait until before the end of the last candle of the white line, and when you find a significant movement in the price, make your decision whether to buy or sell.

Note: This is not investment advice at all, but it is my method of trading, which may or may not work for you, so implement the method at your own risk.

Example of a deal of this type: 

Example of options trading on iqoption

As you can see in the previous image, the duration of one candle is 30 seconds. I waited until I found a successive rise in the price and the beginning of a decline , and I entered a down trade in the last candle, seconds before the white line.

The result was as follows: 

Result of trading transaction in iqoption

This method requires you to be very patient and control your emotions, because entering at any inappropriate moment may cause you to lose all of your money.

But why a 30 second candle and wait even seconds before starting the trade?

Because the duration of the deal is 30 seconds, therefore when you make the duration of each candle 30 seconds, the size of the next deal will become only one candle.

Waiting until a few seconds before the white line makes predicting the next candle somewhat easier than waiting for more than one candle.

Register on Iqoption

This was a detailed explanation of the iq option platform for beginners, which I think had all the information you need to get started.

Once again, I stress that this strategy is very simple and does not guarantee anything. It is just my way of trying to reduce losses as much as possible.

Now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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