Investing $5,000 (9 ways that can double your money)

Investing $5,000 (9 ways that can double your money)

What is the best way to invest $5000?

First of all, I do not know at all the currency of the amount.

But since we are in Egypt, let us assume that it is currently 5,000 pounds, or its equivalent in dollars, 330.

If you are from any other country, you can know the value corresponding to this amount and apply all methods to it.

As usual, before I start with you and tell you my favorite methods, it must be noted that investing is definitely not for everyone.

You cannot start investing if you do not have a good income that you can save an amount of.

Therefore, I advise you to start by looking at methods of improving income that we talked about before in this blog.

But if that 5,000 is in excess of your needs, salary savings, or any other method, let us begin.

But first let’s get to know…

Before investing any money…

Before thinking about investing any amount, no matter how small or large, you must determine a set of things:

  • Amount: Now you have already set it as 5000.
  • Online: Or a project on the ground?
  • Speed ​​of return: When do you want to see a return on your money?
  • Risk: The amount of risk you can take.
  • Diversification: Do you want to diversify your investments in more than one way, or do you want in one way?
  • Experience: Do you have previous knowledge and can you perform these methods or not?
  • Ease of doing: Will it require a lot of effort or do you want something that is not stressful?

After you determine your personal needs according to your comfort, knowing how to invest any amount will be very simple.

Each of the above elements, despite its advantages, contains some fatal flaws.

for example:

  • Everyone wants a quick return, but can you bear more risk to get this return?
  • Diversification is excellent and avoids the possibility of loss, but does your amount bear diversification? Is simple yield right for you?
  • And so on for every element….

Therefore, identifying these elements is the most difficult part, and the next part is the starting step, which in most cases only a few take.

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Now let’s get started quickly and get to know…

How to invest $5,000 online (online)

Mostly, many people believe that investing on the Internet is more risky than investing on the ground.

Despite the spread of this belief, it may be correct if we are talking about investment sites that take some money from you and give you a percentage that is completely unreasonable.

However, there are many other legitimate methods that certainly vary in difficulty.

Here I will suggest to you 8 ways in which you can invest this amount online, and the risks here are varied.

But if you want information about better projects and investments, you can see the most profitable investments in Egypt

Let’s start first with…

1- Invest in an electronic blog

A blog is the lowest-risk investment ever made on the Internet.

The profit expert in which you are reading this topic now is one of my 5 blogs and I profit from it in two basic ways:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing for various products.

So when I tell you that you can invest less than $5,000 and achieve a 10-fold return, I know very well what I am talking about.

A blog is a simple website on which you can share information in the form of articles.

  • The cost of creating the entire blog, including hosting, domain, and template (does not exceed 1,500 pounds or 100 dollars).
  • You need to buy articles from professional writers (the price of the article is approximately 50 pounds – approximately 4 or 5 dollars).

This is the entire cost you need to get started (the more articles you publish, of course, the faster you will get revenue).

For example, one of the blogs that has not completed a year yet, after publishing almost 100 topics on it, has earned me this profit: 

E-blogging profits

Its monthly profit is approximately equal to 20% of the capital invested in it after a year (this means approximately 240% annually).

What investment achieves this?

I strongly advise you, if you intend to start, to read the guide:Create a blog and profit from it .

But you should know because it is the least risky and one of the slowest investments you can make.

Mostly, you get a return after 6 months of investment and continuous publishing.

You can certainly speed up the process by purchasing a ready-made blog with the amount you have. Mostly, its profits will be small, ranging from 15 to 30 dollars per month.

But this is definitely an excellent return on your investment compared to putting it in a bank account. Mostly, the return will not exceed $5 per month.

get to know me:

2- Investing in Forex

5000 is an excellent amount to start in Forex, especially if you do not have sufficient experience.

Forex is also one of the fastest-returning investments. You can see the return on your trading operations in real time.

In short, Forex is trading in foreign currency pairs (such as changing currencies at an exchange or bank, but online).

Unlike changing currencies in Forex exchange, it has an advantage, which is financial leverage .

In short, companies or trading platforms offer you an opportunity to double the capital you enter into the deal, up to 1000%.

If you decide, for example, to open a deal with $10 and use a leverage of 1:500, your trading amount is now $5,000.

And therefore: 

  • If the price moves a very small number such as 0.0005 in each currency pair (dollar/euro, for example)
  • If you use leverage your profit from the deal will be $2.5.
  • But if you do not use this leverage, your profit from the deal will be $0.005 (half a cent).

This is a very simple example to explain to you how this type of investment can bring you a large return in a very short time.

But Forex is a vast sea full of information and other secrets.

If you want to know more, you can simply read:What is Forex and an explanation of its trading for beginners?

3- Investing in digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies are also one of the best investment methods that you can use with an amount of 5000 or less.

But if you are from Egypt, skip this method to the next method, because the laws now prevent all activities related to digital currencies.

But if you are from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Morocco, or elsewhere, you can certainly achieve huge profits from currency trading.

For example, if you purchased a currency such as Litecoin less than a week ago with the amount you have now, your profits will be approximately $32 (in less than 6 days).

Profits of trading digital currencies

But as usual in any field of trading or investment, quick profits and high risks are also high. If you bought the same currency a month ago at a price of $227, your loss now would be approximately more than $70.

Litecoin prices falling

Therefore, the lesson learned here is to choose the most appropriate time to buy, which will most likely be in the event of a market decline, even if you want to get a quick return. Waiting is better than losing more than a quarter of your capital.

There is more than one platform through which you can get started.

But I always recommend two platforms: 

Of course, if you want to read more currencies, you can learn about:

4- Investing in binary options

Remember Forex above?

Binary options are Forex trades but with a fixed duration.

In Forex, you can buy a specific currency and leave it with you for the end of the day or more than one day, but here every deal you enter into has a predetermined time of 60 seconds, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, and sometimes half an hour, after which the deal is closed automatically.

But in fact, this is not the only difference in this type of trading, here:

  • You select one of two options: the price will rise or fall after the expiration of the period.
  • Once the period expires, you get up to 96% of the value of the transaction amount (unlike Forex).
  • In case of loss, you lose the entire trading amount.

Therefore, binary options are the highest risk investment ever, but they are also the highest return, as you can see.

As for the platforms, there is more than one reliable options trading platform that you can start on, but my choice, which I have had a good experience with so far, is Iqoption .

  • You can start by depositing only $10 (but the higher the deposit amount, the greater your chances of recovering losing trades).
  • You can withdraw starting from only $2 via Skrill, Visa, and other methods.
  • You usually receive the withdrawal amount in less than two days.

Register on iqoption

This leads me to give you some advice: 

  • Start with the lowest amount you can risk ($10 or $15 is a good amount to try).
  • First, use a demo account to learn.
  • Beware of greed and the desire to gain more.
  • Prepare your bank account to withdraw profits before starting trading.
  • It is preferable to use a Skrill account to start (it is the best bank in this field).

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5- Invest in a YouTube channel

YouTube is also one of the best ways to invest 5,000 pounds. Certainly, if you mean 5,000 dollars or Saudi riyals, the matter will become better.

Unlike blogs, investing in YouTube may be somewhat faster because you get views by simply releasing some videos continuously.

In terms of the number of subscribers, you can launch an advertising campaign on YouTube whose cost does not exceed $99, and you will get the first 1,000 subscribers to your channel.

If you intend to create the channel and do everything in it yourself, this is definitely not considered an investment.

But there is a type of channel that has begun to spread, which is cash caw.

I talked about it before on the topic of freelancing on the Internet. You can see it for more details.

In short, these are channels in which videos are created without a person appearing. They are short videos that are stitched together in addition to reading a script or text on a specific topic.

The most famous examples of these videos: 

  • The 10 fastest cars in the world
  • 5 things you should know about…
  • 10 people who are the smartest ever.
  • Did you know….
  • Motivational videos.
  • And others….

You can get all of these videos from freelancing websites.

But if you want advice, start a foreign channel because its profits are double that of any Arabic content, and here the best site to get these videos is Fiverr.

How to invest here: 

  • Determine the budget for the videos you will purchase here. The best starting amount is 3000 (for two months, each month is 1500).
  • Buy videos (I collected the best sellers for you in a previous topic entitled Videos ready for YouTube )
  • In the first and second month, launch ads worth $1,000 per month to advertise your channel (here I have set out for you to launch ads in the first method of buying YouTube followers )

If you want more information about YouTube, simply follow the free YouTube course that we wrote or the videos that we upload to our YouTube channel, and you will find a lot of information to ensure the success of your channel and start profiting from it.

6- Invest 5,000 pounds in the stock market and stocks

The stock market is definitely not my favorite way to invest, especially if it is the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Not because it is bad and cannot make profits from it.

But because I have no experience with it, it cannot be traded comfortably on the Internet, and a broker is required.

Although more than one trading program has appeared, it is still under trial or receives a rather high commission.

However, there are many ways and online platforms through which you can invest $5,000 in the stock market and foreign stocks, such as: 

  • Etoro platform (good for beginners)
  • fpmarkets platform

You can try any of these platforms, as they are both reliable so far.

7- Investing in marketing products with commission on social media

This method is widely suitable for Arab countries, with the exception of the Gulf countries, because our presence on social media networks is greater, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here the investment consists of 3 stages:

The first stage: learning 

Here, before starting anything, you must learn everything about launching advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

You can do this for free via YouTube, but you will not get everything completely.


You can get a paid course that includes all the details that will make you a professional in launching the two types of previous advertisements.

The best comprehensive Arabic course so far is Hani Hussein’s course, which consists of more than 20 hours of educational videos, case studies, and more.

The price of the Facebook advertising course, $97, is a bit high, but it is worth it.

If you intend to start and seriously invest in yourself, I have brought you a much better offer:

Facebook Advertising Course ($97) + Google Advertising Course ($49) at a price of $ 77 . There is an offer currently for the two courses at a price of only $47 . I hope you get it as soon as possible.

A course for learning advertising by Hani Hussein

The second stage: finding suitable products for marketing

Finding products available for you to market as affiliates in your country is the difficult step.

If you are in Egypt, I have made things easier for you and collected for you a group of platforms that provide you with good products and pay trusted people.

The most important of these platforms:

  • Affiliate done me
  • Friday Market Affiliate
  • Trader platform

If you are from any other Arab country, you can discuss the topic of affiliate marketing networks and choose the appropriate company for you.

The third stage: launching the advertising campaign

Now that you have learned and have sufficient knowledge, it is time to turn that knowledge into money.

  • Create a page on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Try to increase the number of followers because it gives a good indicator to the buyer.
  • Upload pictures of the product you have chosen, upload it in a post on your page, and write some marketing lines for the product.
  • Create an advertising account on Facebook and prepare a visa to pay for your advertisements (the best visa in Egypt at the present time is Yalla pay and you get it from the Egyptian Post).
  • Respond to your customers, take their data, then add that data to the affiliate marketing platform, and when the product is delivered, you will receive your commission in your account.
  • You can now withdraw your money to your phone wallet or to your bank account, depending on what the platform provides.

8- Invest in an affiliate marketing store

The above method was not suitable for the Gulf countries.

But certainly creating an online store and marketing products with commission through it is the best way.

Because the culture of buying from online stores in the Gulf countries is high, and therefore you can start your store and market it, and you will get sales in a short time.

You will take all the steps above, but instead of uploading pictures and writing the description in a Facebook ad, you will place it on your store.

Here you also need to learn how to launch advertising campaigns, especially on Google and Instagram, so you need the display above.

A course for learning advertising by Hani Hussein

Note: You can also deal with suppliers or merchants and buy from them if you do not want to deal with platforms and receive a commission, but this matter requires a capital greater than just 5000, whether riyals, dirhams, or other currencies.

9- Investing $5,000 on the ground

Above, I told you 8 detailed ideas that enable you to exploit your amount or perhaps double it several times in a fairly excellent time.

But some people do not prefer to invest on the Internet and want to invest this $5,000 in something that they can do on the ground and manage on their own.

Although the risk in both cases is equal, or perhaps in the current period, those projects in your environment have a higher risk due to the surrounding circumstances.

But let me give you some ideas that you can also start with with this amount:

  • A simple tailor shop.
  • Mobile coffee cart.
  • Raising different birds at home
  • Small herbal shop.
  • And many other ideas…

If you would like more information, learn about:The best project with a capital of 5,000 pounds in Egypt (10 profitable ideas)

What is the best strategy for investing $5,000?

If I were in your place now, my way of investing this amount would be diversification, because I do not want to risk all my investment money in one opportunity, even if it will achieve more profits than you.

Therefore, my strategy will be to divide this capital between at least 3 ways:

  • A very low-risk method (50% of the amount): Create a blog.
  • Moderately risky methods (35% of the amount): represented by affiliate marketing of products.
  • High-risk methods (15% of the amount): whether binary options, Forex, or digital currencies.

This was the best way to invest $5,000 for me.

I already told you what I prefer and that blogging is my main passion.

Now tell me…

Which of these methods above do you find best for you and most appropriate in terms of method, speed of return, and risk?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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