Keywords for topics and how to use them correctly

Keywords topics: how to use them correctly

What are keywords?  How to use keywords correctly ? What types of keywords should be used currently? Are keywords important? Of course, these are the questions that come to the mind of every blogger who is new to blogging, so in this topic I try to simplify the topic as much as possible, in addition to putting some of my personal opinions on things I have tried that led to good results.

What are keywords? 

Keywords, or keywords in short, are the

words that Internet surfers use when searching for a specific topic.Let us assume that you are a visitor to this topic. You came from the search engine. The word that you typed in the search engine and this topic appeared to you is considered to be the keyword, which in this case is how to use keywords. Or using keywords in topics or how to add keywords to topics

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What is the importance of keywords? 

In the previous paragraph, we learned about the term keywords, and from the definition of the term we can extract the importance of keywords.
The importance of keywords lies in that they are what lead to your appearance in the search engine when the visitor searches for that word or sentence.

So this means that I can dispense with keywords?

Of course, you can dispense with keywords and relax your mind, but this is if you do not want to get visitors from the search engine.

* Keywords are the first step in SEO, and without them there is no such thing as SEO, as SEO expert Brian Dean says.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that without keywords, there’s no such thing as SEO

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  Is it useful to dispense with the search engine as a source for visitors?

Yes, of course it works, but you must have alternative methods through which you can get visits to your topics, such as Facebook, YouTube, and others.

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The most famous types of keywords? 

There is more than one type of keywords that you can use, but you must know which types you should use when writing a topic.

You must use most of these types in order to reach the largest possible segment of readers.

1- Short-tail keywords,

from their name: They are short words consisting of one or two words
* Short keywords occupy a large percentage of searches (many people search for them) (Advantages
)*With the increase in the number of searches comes increased competition for that keyword and thus the difficulty of targeting that word (

Disadvantages)2-Long-tail keywords,

also from their name, are long sentences, often more than 3 words.

* Searches for it are few compared to short keywords (
disadvantages)* Competition for it is low, meaning that you can target that keyword easily (

advantages)3- LSL keyword

latent semantic keyword Unfortunately, I do not know its translation in Arabic. This type of keyword is a group of words The keyword that is very close to the main keyword.
For example

, the main keyword for your topic iskeywords. The LSL keywords for it may be the use of keywords, the importance of keywords, types of keywords, etc.

Use keywords in topics 

As we mentioned above, keywords are one of the most important SEO factors, through which we can attract thousands of visitors to our topics. Therefore, you must first search for the best keywords for your topic, which a large number of people are searching for, and focus on them in your topics.
1- Use long-tail keywords 
Due to the lack of competition for long-tail keywords, it is always better for you to use them instead of using short-tail keywords so that you can rank on the first pages of the search engine. 
I recommend using it from personal experience 
2- Use keywords in your topic title and subtitles 
The best place to use keywords is in the titles, whether the topic title or the sub-headings and secondary titles of your topic. However,be careful that the title is attractive so that it prompts readers to enter your topic. 
3- Distribute the keywords in your topic 
After choosing the keywords that you will use in your topics, you must distribute them well in your topics 
* Always use the targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your topic 
* Make each paragraph in your topics contain the target keyword once or twice 
* Make the keywords flow in the context of the speech so that the reader does not feel that there is anything wrong 
Never try to stuff keywords or repeat keywords too many times 
4- Focus on one or two keywords only 
When you start writing your topic, always try to focus on one or two words only so that you can focus on them well that will put you at the top of the search results 
If the topic you are writing is long, 1000-2000 words, you can focus on 3 or 4 keywords, but if it is a short topic, do not try to target more than two keywords. 
5- Use keywords in and next to links 
One of the important ways when using keywords is to include those keywords in links, whether internal or external to the topic. SEO experts believe that search engine robots give great importance to links that contain keywords embedded in them. 
It is also a good idea to use keywords next to links if the link does not contain a keyword
6- Use keywords in images 
When placing an image in the topic you are writing, when describing the image (alt tag), try to use the keyword in the description. 
In Blogger, write a sentence that contains the keyword used in (adding an explanation to the image) and also through the image properties. 

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* This was a simplified explanation of what keywords are, their most popular types, and how to use them correctly in topics 
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