How to attract thousands of visitors to your site through 30 legitimate methods

How to attract thousands of visitors to your site through 30 legitimate methods

If you have been blogging for a long time, you already know the importance ofvisitorsto any website or blog, and that there are thousands of ways tobring visitors to your site. 
If you are new to the field of blogging, you must know well that visitors are the first goal of any blogger or website owner. They are the engine fuel for your website. In order to achieve profit from your blog or website, you need visitors, and if you want to sell your products, you need visitors. But if you You work in the field of affiliate, and you undoubtedly need visitors, but do you know how to bring visitors, or have you found thousands of topics that talk about how to bring thousands of visitors to your site, but you were not able to do that?

If visitors are the profit-generating machine on the site or blog 

Before starting the topic, you should know that these methods enable you to actually get thousands of visitors, but they are not magic methods that take place in a day and a night, but rather methods that require continuous work and effort from you. If you think that you will finish reading this topic, then you find yourself attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. For your site, this is not true. You can close the topic and pursue an illusion that will not happen no matter how many topics you read.

However, if you want to work seriously in order to learn these methods and implement them correctly, then complete this topic to learn

30 ways to get thousands of visitors to your site.This topic is long, but it provides information. Useful and real ways to get visitors so don’t get bored


How do you get thousands of visitors to your blog?

If you want to attract thousands of visitors to your blog, do not worry. I will present to you most of the real methods that enable you to do that, but you must learn how to use these methods correctly in order to attract visitors to your site or blog. There are 3 methods: 
1- Free ways to attract visitors 
2- Other paid methods used by many business owners
Both methods are popular with search engines
3- Traffic exchange sites (traffic sites)  
This method is not preferred by search engines 

 Free ways to get visitors to your blog or website 

1- (SEO (search engine optimization

How to get visitors from search engines

It is preparing the site or blog for search engines, in other words, making your site or blog easy to be browsed by search engine robots. 

According to these statistics, there are about 5.5 to 6 billion searches on Google only every day. Can you imagine this number?
Using this number, you can imagine the importance of SEO and how many visitors you can bring to your site dailyonly if you can understand SEO correctly.

SEO includes many factors that affect the ranking of your site and the number of visitors who enter your site or blog daily, and the most important of these factors are (content – backlinks – use of images in your topics – social signals from social networking sites – posts for your topics – the length of time the visitor stays on your site – And other factors) Therefore, you must

understand SEO and the most important factors on which it depends.  You must know the best keywords that people search for, and you must know how to use them in your topics correctly if you are seeking to get visitors from the search engine. Therefore, I advise you to look atwhat keywords are. And how to use it correctly

2- Comment on other people’s blogs 

Get visitors through comments on other blogs

Marketing and publicizing your blog yourself. Do not write topics and sit around waiting for thousands of visits to your topics. Go to blogs that are in the same field as your blog and put comments on the topics providing important information about those topics, then put the link to your website or blog in this comment. 
Post your comment after thanking the blogger for the topic and the effort he put into it so that he does not delete your comment 

3- Share your unique topics on the forums 

Forums are a tremendous source of getting visitors, and the most important thing that distinguishes forum visitors is that they are targeted visitors, meaning they are interested in the same field as your blog.  

When choosing the topics that you share in the forums, choose distinctive topics that contain a lot of useful information. In this way, you will attract the attention of these visitors to you and your blog, and thus you will get followers for your blog. 

You can view the most famous Arab forums so that you can participate in them and target visitors

4- Answer people’s questions in major forums 

Another way to attract visitors to your blog is by presenting what you are good at to the people who want it. By answering these questions (in a professional manner), you are pushing these people to search for you and your site to benefit from your expertise and the topics that you present. Thus, you are bringing targeted traffic to your blog. 
5- Write topics periodically 

The importance of writing topics constantly to get visitors

According to statistics conducted on the hubspot , blogs that write topics on a regular basis, more than 16 topics per month, receive approximately 3.5 times more visits than those sites that publish 0-4 topics per month. This demonstrates the importance of constantly renewed content in obtaining visitors to Your blog

6- Use long articles 

Some studies that have been conducted have shown that long articles of more than 2000 words receive more visits than short articles, and they also receive much more social shares on social media sites than short articles. 
In long articles, the focus is on more keywords, thus obtaining more visits from the search engine 
7- Tell those close to you about your blog or website 

Another very good method for beginners is to tell family or friends about your blog or site and ask for their evaluation of the topics, appearance, etc. This method is considered very good in order to obtain visits to your site. 
If they are not interested in the content of your site, you can request that they share your blog on their social media accounts and thus reach a larger number of people. 

8- Write topics that interest people 

In order to get visitors to your blog or website, you need content for that blog, and in order to attract visitors and make them read your topics, you need to write topics that interest them, topics that they want to know about.  
Do not write about dead topics that do not interest anyone, as no one wants to know about things that are already known or that do not make sense 

9- Make your site responsive 

The importance of a responsive website in attracting visitors

The number of Internet users via mobile phones is increasing day after day. Therefore, in order not to lose this important source of visits, you must improve your site and make it responsive to all devices. Thus, users of various devices can access your site or blog and read what you share without difficulty or any errors. 

10- Make your website or blog brand 

In order to be able to get targeted visitors and also keep old visitors coming to your site or blog, you need to offer something special that no one else can offer.  
Provide real information and benefit to your visitors so that they continue to enter your site continuously and benefit from the real value you offer them. 

11- Visitors from Twitter 

How to get visitors to your blog from Twitter

Twitter is one of the social networking sites that you can rely on to get a lot of visitors to your website or blog. You can create a special account for your blog and automatically share all your topics on Twitter in order to get visitors through it.  
You can use the hashtag above the post in order to get more visits 

Note, it may not be very different from you 
The previous 11 methods are the ones I rely on in my other blogs to obtain targeted visits, and they are effective methods with good results. 

12- Create a Facebook page for your blog 

Facebook is the third website in the world in terms of the number of visits and users, and therefore we cannot ignore a very important source of visits, such as Facebook, through which you can get thousands of monthly visits to blog posts and thus increase your profits from your blog or website. 

You can create a page for your blog on Facebook and constantly publish blog posts on it, thus obtaining thousands of visits through it. 
When publishing topics on Facebook, use attractive and unique titles that encourage visitors to enter your topics.

Facebook is one of the most important sources through which you can bring visitors to your website and blog.

13- Obtaining visitors from Facebook groups 

Just as you can get many visits from your Facebook page and get targeted visits through forums, Facebook groups that specialize in the niche that your blog talks about are considered a tremendous source of targeted traffic that can bring thousands of visits to your blog on a regular basis. 

You can get visits from these groups by constantly participating and posting useful information in addition to links to your topics in the comments 

15- Get visitorsfromPinterest

Pinterest is a photo site where you post pictures, but there are many people who use Pinterest as a great way to bring traffic to their blogs. 

You can put wonderful and distinctive images for your posts on Pinterest, and people will enter your site when they click on them  
Pinterest is a great source of traffic to your blog, and it is also a great source of traffic for those working in the affiliate field 

Read also the 10 best sites to get free professional photos for your blog posts 

15- Link your website to your social media accounts 

Get visitors to your site from social media sites

Another way to exploit social networking sites to get visitors to your topics is by adding the link to your website or blog in the bio of your accounts on social networking sites. Thus, when someone enters your account and finds a link to your website or blog, he will access it and thus you will get… Free visits to your site 

16- Share your old topics again on social media 

As we talked before, social media sites are a huge source of traffic for any business, especially for your blog or website, but despite that, when you share your topics, they may not reach some people, so you have to share those topics many times, and thus those topics reach more people. Thus, you get more visits 

17- Obtaining visitors from YouTube 

YouTube, according to Alexa, is the No. 2 site after the giant Google in terms of the number of visits. Therefore, you can use this huge source of traffic to bring thousands of visitors to your blog by creating a distinct YouTube channel through which you present useful topics, then you place the link to your topic or blog in the description of the video. Thus, you will get many visits to your blog through YouTube 
When creating a YouTube channel, try to create a distinctive channel that provides useful and distinctive content so that people subscribe to your channel 

18- Advertising exchange with other blogs 

As another free way to get targeted visitors to your site or blog, you can do an advertising exchange with some other blogs, and thus an exchange of visitors occurs between your blog and other blogs.  
* The advertising exchange process is done by placing a link to your blog in another blog and placing the link to that blog in your blog 

That is, visitors who enter your blog may go to other friendly blogs, and visitors on those blogs may enter your blog. 

19- Write in other blogs  

Or what is called a guest writer , where you can ask some blogs in your field to write a topic for them in exchange for placing a link to your blog at the end of the topic.
When writing in other blogs, place a link to your blog or a topic in your blog within the topics as a source. This brings greater interaction from readers than placing your link at the end of the topic.

: If you are a writer and have distinctive content and a good method, you can now blog with us. Read the terms of the guest writer at the top. Blog

20- Make your site fast 

One of the most important factors in bringing visitors to your site and keeping them there is the speed of the site. It is certain that you have browsed some sites and when you found them slow, you quickly exited the site without completing the topic. Therefore, in order to keep visitors on your site, you must improve the speed of your blog so that you do not lose visitors to your site. 

There are many factors that affect the speed of your site, the most important of which are images and ads (try to reduce the size of images and avoid placing many ads). 
You can test the speed of your site or blog through

Google’sPageSpeed ​​Insights* PageSpeed ​​Insights offers you many suggestions to increase the speed of your blog. Try to apply these improvements to your blog or site.
 As much as possible, try to improve the speed of your site

21- Create a mailing list 

The mailing list also plays a major role in keeping visitors coming to your blog, and thus you have obtained real followers for your topics. Therefore, you should not neglect the mailing list and try to attract a lot of visitors to subscribe to your blog’s mailing list and constantly send new topics to your followers. 

22- Contact bloggers in the same field as yours to evaluate your topics 

You can also communicate with bloggers in the same field in which you write and ask them to read your topics and give you some advice about them.
If your topics are distinctive and good, these bloggers may share your topics with their followers, and thus you will get many visits to your blog. 
Many bloggers may refuse or not respond to your messages, so do not despair, as it is certain that some bloggers may respond to you. 

23- Build good relationships with other bloggers, whether in your field or in other fields 

24- Write viral topics 

Viral topics or viral news are exclusive topics that occur in a certain period of time and attract the attention of a large number of users. You can use this news to attract many visitors to your site or blog. 

Paid ways to get visitors to your site 

In these methods, the website or blog owner pays a sum of money in exchange for visits to his topics or his site. These advertisements are usually used by business owners or those who work in affiliates, as well as blog owners. 
These are not all paid ways to get visitors 

25- Search ads 

Get visits from Google Adwords

Ads are search results that appear to a person when searching for something related to this ad. The most famous of these ads are Google and Bing ads (google ads – bing ads). 

26- Advertisements on social media sites 

Because social media sites are a very large source of traffic, you can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to get visitors to your topics or your site from the most famous social media ads (facebook ads – twitter ads – Instagram ads). 

27- Text ads  

This type of advertising is similar to an advertising exchange. In this type, you place a link to your website or blog on a famous website or blog in exchange for a sum of money monthly.  
You can get these text ads through: 
* Microservices sites 
* Communicate with blog owners 
* Infolinks advertising network: one of the most famous text advertising sites 

28- Content advertisements 

This method of advertising is more suitable for those who sell products or those who work in affiliate marketing, but it is also used by website owners, such as link shortening sites and others, in marketing their sites.  
This type of advertisement is done by writing a topic about your product or site on one of the famous sites or blogs in exchange for an amount of money that is agreed upon with the owner of the site or blog. 

29- Advertisements sponsored by famous social media sites 

This method is very similar to content advertising, but in this method your site or product is marketed not through a website or blog, but through social media celebrities, whether Facebook pages or famous people on Twitter or Instagram.  

This method of advertising is done by paying a certain amount to the page or person in exchange for marketing your product or site 

Obtaining visitors through traffic exchange sites 

Traffic exchange sites or PTC sites are also considered a way to get many visits to your site or blog, but this method is not preferred by those who want to build a real business or business on the Internet, as the giant Google also does, and therefore other search engines do not prefer this method. may sometimes penalize your site and prevent archiving
I will not talk about this method of getting visitors because I do not prefer it, especially if you want to build a useful website in which you provide important information to others. 

* This topic was to explain the 30 best ways to get thousands of visitors to your blog 

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