Learn CPA until professionalism (the 12 best free and paid resources)

Learn CPA until professionalism (the 12 best free and paid resources)

Learning CPA marketing can be a challenge for many people.

In my opinion, the main reason for this is the lack of good sources that you can rely on.

Therefore, in this topic, I have collected for you the 10 best sites through which you can learn the field of CPA from scratch.

In addition to some special courses at the end.

But success in this field and achieving professionalism is mainly due to how you apply this information.

This topic will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Free sites you can rely on
  2. The best paid sites and communities
  3. Finally, the best CPA courses to teach you everything.

Now let’s start quickly with…

The best free sites to learn CPA

Through the websites in this part of the topic, you will learn the basics in order to enter the CPA field.

Any free explanation usually does not reveal all the secrets, but you will learn a very large part of the field, especially if you learn from more than one reference.

Many people do not have enough money to purchase paid CPA marketing courses.

Or you do not want to pay money in a field that you do not know whether you will continue in it or not.

Therefore, I have put together these sources for you, which are considered the best for learning all the basics.

1- The free course to learn CPA from a revenue expert

Yes, here we have created a free cpa marketing course to help you learn all the important basics.

I will not talk much about our CPA course so as not to offend the certificate.

But if you want to start in this field from scratch and learn many steps in the Arabic language in an organized and easy way, then this course will benefit you and offer you a lot.

Here you will not find duplicate information like abroad.

But also a set of our own lived experiences and experiences, advertising campaigns that were implemented, and the results of those campaigns.

Whether those results are profitable or not.

Therefore, we are not talking about illusions or things that we have not experienced before, but rather basic steps for beginners and professionals from scratch.

In short, what will you find here?

If you want to learn about other things related to marketing, you may find our marketing guide

I think you will benefit a lot from this content.

2- Mobidea academy

Mobidea is one of the most famous CPA sites.

Therefore, when you offer a comprehensive academy for learning CPA and marketing in general, it is natural to find it here as a source.

If you want detailed foreign articles with a lot of valuable information, then this academy is considered one of the most important references that you can use to reach your goal and learn the CPA field from the beginning to professionalism.

I think the only problem you may face here is the English language, but you can always use different translation sites.

3- Affpaying website

Almost all marketers in the world know this site.

Whether you are a CPA marketer or an affiliate product marketer, you will need this site and this huge guide.

Affpaying is a huge network that includes many marketers, offer owners, and others.

You will also find reviews of affiliate sites in addition to other marketers’ reviews of offers.

It also provides a blog rich with distinctive information about marketing in general.

Therefore, if you intend to advance and learn in this field quickly, you should check out the affpaying blog from time to time.

4- admitad academy

Admitad Academy is also one of the most famous sources that you can refer to to learn a lot about marketing.

The main admitad website contains many offers, which we have already talked about in a previous topic.

We are talking here about Admitad Academy, which contains some good lessons that can help you, and you will find many good topics in it.

It is worth noting that this academy contains lessons in Arabic as well as English.

Therefore, if you want to learn CPA marketing and do not have good experience in the English language (which I advise you to pay attention to and develop), you can start learning through the Admitad Arabic Academy.

5- Black hat world

I spoke before about this forum in the topic of online profit forums .

But quickly, let me tell you some other details about it.

This forum is considered one of the most famous foreign forums in the world, which is concerned with many fields, including:

  • programming.
  • Developing websites, forums and blogs.
  • Profit from the Internet.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • CPA
  • And many other topics, such as promotion methods and others.

The most important thing that distinguishes this forum is that you will find within it a lot of good experiences and topics through which you can learn a lot.

6- Affiliatefix Forum

The Affiliate Fix Forum is also one of the good free resources that you can rely on to learn a lot about the field of CPA marketing.

Here you will find great interaction with your questions, in addition to case studies and good explanations to help you get started.

You will also learn a lot about tracking your campaigns, traffic sources, and more.

Now let’s get to know me…

Paid resources for learning CPA Marketing

In this part of the topic if you want to move from the beginning to professionalism.

Also, develop all your affiliate skills in terms of tracking and getting traffic. These sources that I will put here now in this part are the best.

However, these resources are paid, some of which are a one-time purchase, and others are monthly subscriptions so you can get all the learning resources, which may be:

  • books.
  • courses.
  • Special articles.
  • Other people’s experiences.
  • Tracking tools.
  • And others.

You can choose what is best for you and register with it.

This matter is up to you now, and these sites are:

7- STM Forums

The STM Forum is one of the strongest and oldest affiliate forums in the world.

The forum was established and launched for the first time in 2011 and is still the strongest in the field to date.

In this forum, you will find almost all the professional marketers in the world, in addition to many guides to guide you and distinctive case studies in the world of marketing in general, not just the CPA field.

The forum is paid and the subscription is monthly and costs $99.

But if you want my opinion, it’s worth every dollar you pay for it.

What’s special here is that once you join them, you will get tracking tools and other tools worth approximately $1,600.

8- Off play book

It is another distinguished website where you can learn everything related to affiliate marketing and CPA.

But in reality it is not as good as the forum above.

Here you will find many courses from which you can learn, in addition to books and other useful topics.

During this period, registration for new memberships has been suspended, but it may be reopened, so perhaps you can follow the aff playbook from time to time.

9- Offlift

Afflift is also one of the best sites for learning affiliate marketing in general on the Internet.

But I have to differ from STM here in that it offers a lifetime plan worth $350 or a monthly plan worth only $20.

Here you will find hundreds of guides that you can benefit from in learning almost all fields.

In addition, you will be able to obtain many case studies and reports from professional marketers around the world.

The matter is not limited to that, but you will also find a group of distinctive landing pages that have achieved great results for many people, and you can then use one like them to promote your offers.

So I think it’s worth it if you intend to start seriously in this field.

10- wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate, from its name, is a platform that was launched specifically for marketers in the world.

What is special here is that once you register, you will be given your own website with excellent tools that will help you create a successful marketing website.

Here, subscription is not only limited to learning, but you can also build your own website and start earning from it.

The free plan enables you to create only one website with very simple tools and an educational course for using the platform.

However, subscribing to the paid plan at $49 per month provides you with access to 1,400 educational lessons in the affiliate.

In addition to tools for speeding up your sites, as well as protection, etc.

Here you can launch up to 10 very professional websites without paying any additional dollars.

Now let us learn about the last part of our topic, which is….

The best courses to learn CPA marketing

There are very few distinctive courses that you can rely on to learn this field from scratch to professionalism.

Since I searched extensively, I found very little.

Therefore, here are the most important courses that you can rely on:

11- Offervault free course

Do you remember the Affpaying website that I mentioned to you above in the free resources?

Offervault is another site similar to this site, and it has almost everything you need, including reviews and rankings of the best offers, companies, etc.

Here is the addition that the site offers a completely free professional CPA course on YouTube.

In this course you will find a lot of unique information that will greatly help you in learning.

If you want to start learning, you can simply watch the course on YouTube

12- Home Business course: The complete CPA marketing course

This course is considered one of the most popular courses on the Udemy course platform.

In fact, very few courses out there may attract 55,000 students.

Therefore, I believe that this course is one of the distinctive courses that you can rely on in this field.

Here you will find approximately 6 hours of detailed videos in addition to 7 distinctive educational articles.

In this course you will learn a lot, such as:

  • How to choose the best offers and companies in the field.
  • How to get big companies to accept you.
  • Mistakes that most beginners make in this field.
  • How to know your audience and target it in the best ways.
  • How to send a huge number of traffic for your offers at a very low cost.

The price of the course is approximately $12, and you can register here: Home Business: The complete CPA marketing course


Tips before learning CPA or any other field

After getting to know all the sources that you can refer to and rely on in learning this field.

There are some tips that I would like to put in front of you so that you can benefit as much as possible from this information and start making profits.

These tips in brief are: 

  • Try not to distract yourself by following too many sources.
  • Make sure to only watch or read the content you want to learn, and if there is information you already know, try to skip it.
  • Try to choose paid courses from sources owned by professional marketers, even if they are more expensive, instead of choosing cheap courses and regretting spending your money on them.

Thus, I have finished all the sources that I think are the best for you to start learning.

Now tell me…

Is there anything else you would like to inquire about and know?

If you would like to inquire about anything regarding CPA or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or through the comments, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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