Money-making applications such as Tik Tok (top 5 alternatives) 2024

Money-making applications such as Tik Tok (top 5 alternatives) 2024

Finding some money-making apps like Tik Tok was somewhat difficult for me at first.

Especially with the presence of many applications that some other sites talk about and which are no longer available in trusted application stores.

Therefore, in this topic, I decided to collect for you the best alternatives to Tik Tok through which you can profit.

Some of these applications are very similar to TikTok, while others, and the way to profit from them, may be slightly different.


All of these applications are social media applications used by millions of people and who have made good profits from them.

Now let me not prolong the introduction and talk quickly about…

The best earning applications like Tik Tok (Tik Tok alternatives)

These are not all TikTok alternatives, but they are the ones through which you can make money.

Therefore, you will certainly find some other applications that can be considered an alternative, but you will not find that you can earn money through them in most cases.

1- kwai application

The first application on our list, which I talked about in detail in explaining profit from Kwai (be sure to read it).

Kwai is another Chinese app that is an exact copy of TikTok, but with more earning opportunities.

Here you can profit from several ways, which I will not talk about in detail because I have already explained them, and the most important of these methods are:

  • To become a content creator on the application
  • Watch short videos
  • Log in to the application on a daily basis.
  • Finally, invite friends to download the program.

All of these are ways through which you can profit.

The most important thing that distinguishes Kwai, in addition to the presence of more than 100 million active users of the application, is its reliability in payment.

The application pays according to my personal experience and the experience of many of my friends and content creators on YouTube.

Therefore, I highly recommend working on Kwai if you need an alternative to Tik Tok.

Beautify the Kwai application for Android

Download the Kwai application for iPhone

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2- Likee application

Likee is another alternative that has received more than 500 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone.

But due to its great popularity, profits here are much lower than in Kwai.

  • The application is also an identical copy of Tik Tok and specializes in short videos.
  • The app is honest and pays.
  • Unfortunately, the ways to profit from Likee are few and are limited only to (becoming a verified content creator – hashtag challenge – live broadcasting and gifts offered by users).
  • The application is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Beautify meyo likee app

Download the Likee application for iPhone

3- Triller app

Triller is one of the new music and short video sharing applications compared to other applications available.

However, despite this, the application was able to attract more than 10 million downloads through the Google Store alone.

Therefore, given that it is a new application, trying the application before others may be a strong advantage for you.

But is it possible to make money through it?


Triller is a free program to make money , but the only way to do so is through donations from your fans.

Here you are donated through gold coins that are converted into diamonds and then withdrawn as real money.

Although the application is honest and pays, I do not find it a good opportunity like the Kwai application above, for example, and that is simply because the available profit methods and the number of users here are small.

But if you want a competitor application to Tik Tok that may become famous in the near future, this application is a good alternative.

Beautify the Triller application for Android

Download the Triller app for iPhone

4- Spoon application

I explained the spoon application in detail before, so here I will also share with you only the basic information about the application.

The Spoon application is a social media application that is not considered a direct alternative to Tik Tok due to the difference in the way they both work.

But it is a communication application through which you can earn money.

  • The application has received more than 10 million downloads from the Google Store
  • The application is available for both Android and iPhone.
  • Here you can use the application in (live broadcasting – creating audio posts – podcasts – sharing stories – etc.)
  • The application provides only two ways to profit, the first through your subscribers or followers and the other through donations (stickers) through which they donate.
  • You can withdraw your money through this application once you reach $50 in your account in Pioneer Bank.

Although it is considered one of the applications similar to Tik Tok and you can make money through it, I do not prefer it and I have already talked about how strange the application is.

Beautify the spoon application for Android

Download the spoon application for iPhone

5- Meyo application

The meyo application is also one of the social networking applications through which you can make money.

But here too, the way the program works is completely different from the nature of Tik Tok’s work.

Here the nature of the program’s work depends on conversations, live broadcasts, and joining chat groups, and not short videos.

  • The application has received more than 10 million downloads through the Google Store.
  • The application is also available for iPhone users.
  • You can earn by responding to chats with friends.
  • The application also provides some tasks that you can earn by completing.
  • Here you can also profit from inviting friends to the application
  • Finally you can start playing and get money.

The Meyo application is an honest and reliable application that pays you, but the problem with this application is communicating with people you do not know and starting conversations with them, which may be considered somewhat strange.


If this does not represent a problem for you, then the application is good and you can profit from it (but small amounts)

Beautify the meyo application for Android

Download the meyo application for iPhone

These were the best money-making apps like Tik Tok that I found and I found good reviews for them.

There are some sites that talk about other applications such as Zynn and Veeu, but can these applications actually be profitable?

Can you still profit from the zynn application?

The Zynn application was indeed the first competitor to the TikTok application and was one of the best alternatives through which you can earn money.

However, despite this, the application is no longer available for download either on the Google Store or the Apple Store.

Therefore, you will not find the application here in this topic as one of the available alternatives because it is no longer available at this time.

Can you still make money from the Veeu app?

Veuu was also one of the alternative short video sharing applications to TikTok.

However, this application, like the application above, is no longer available for download through official stores.

And therefore….

I cannot provide you with an application that is not available for download in those application stores, even if the profits from it are in the thousands (this is certainly not true).

Even if you go to search for the application, you will find an old version of the application and on another unknown application store, and most likely it will be a non-working version.

Therefore, do not bother yourself and go and work only on those applications above if you want to profit.

Do you have any questions?

These were the most important money-making applications like Tik Tok, or something similar to it.

But there may be some information that I did not mention that you would like to ask about…

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comment.

Good luck.

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