YouTube video publishing sites (top 16 sites) 2024

YouTube video publishing sites (top 16 sites) 2024

YouTube video publishing sites are very important, especially if you are a beginner.

Therefore, I dedicated this topic to provide you with a group of the best sites to use.

Here you will find distinctive sites that you can use for Arabic and foreign content.

So that you don’t get bored of this topic, let me quickly move on to…

The importance of YouTube video publishing sites

YouTube video publishing sites are important for many reasons, but mainly you can benefit from them in the following:

This is what anyone who is just starting out in the world of YouTube needs.

Therefore, it is necessary that you take care to publish your videos on these sites.

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Now, are you ready to know the best?

The best YouTube video publishing sites in 2021

1- Your own blog

The best site you can always share YouTube videos on is your own site.

There are no restrictions on publishing your videos, so no one will control your content.

Whether you want to leave the videos forever or remove them tomorrow, you can do so.

Therefore, I always talk about the importance of creating your own blog, from which you can promote your videos and also make profit .

Even if you do not intend to start it currently, keep the idea in mind and start in this field in the future.

You can create a free blog on sites such as:

Both services are provided by the giant search engine Google.

Note: In this blog I use this method and believe me when I tell you that it is very useful.

2- Quora website

In a previous topic, I talked about the huge number of monthly visits to this site.

With approximately 550 million monthly visits to the site, it is certainly a gold mine for YouTube .

So if you want to publish your own videos, you should definitely try Quora .

Here all you have to do is: 

  • You must register on the site with your account and personal name.
  • After that, you search the site for areas that are close to your channel idea.
  • Now you will find people asking about a lot of things. All you have to do is answer the question in a detailed and useful way and then put your own video that talks about this topic.
  • You will notice that your video and channel statistics improve with time and continuous interaction on the site.

Note: There is an Arabic version of the site on which you can share your Arabic content.

3- Blogs in your field

Relationships are the most important thing in any business.

Since you intend to profit from YouTube , forming relationships with those in your field is essential.

Therefore, you must now start communicating with blog owners in your field and tell them that you have a good video explaining their topic.

But will everyone accept?

Of course not. In most cases, they will not respond to you at all, but there are people who will agree.

All you have to do here is the following:

  • Prepare an excellent video about anything you want.
  • Now search on Google for this topic.
  • After that, go to all the sites on the first page and choose those sites that do not include videos in their topics.
  • Tell them that you have a good video explaining this topic and send them a link to your video.
  • Send it to everyone and someone will respond to you, so you will be able to reach his audience, and he will also benefit from improving his SEO and thus increasing his visitors.

Bonus: The secret here is to send to the largest number of people and do not get bored and be patient and you will definitely get results.

4- Pinterest website

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest before, this is your lucky day.

Although many website and YouTube channel owners know its value well, some neglect it as an excellent source of traffic and also improving SEO.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do after reading this article is to go to this site and create an account with your channel name on it.

Then you start adjusting your account settings and publishing on it.

You can share photos or videos simply and without any problem.

Note: Although it is a completely free website, you will benefit greatly from it in improving your channel’s SEO because it is perfectly optimized for search engines.

5- Tumblr website

Some consider it a social media site, while others consider it a site for launching blogs.

But actually Tumblr is a combination of the two things.

You can collect followers on your account, and at the same time the site gives you your own domain and provides you with excellent settings so that you appear in the search engine.

Therefore, it is certainly considered one of the best sites for publishing YouTube videos, but it requires some patience and diligence from you.

Note: I thought that the number of Arabs on this site was small, but I found many Arab people who publish continuously and have an excellent number of followers.

6- Imgur website

Imgur is one of the best video publishing sites, although it is not intended for that.

As you can see from the name of the site, it is for photos, but of course you can start by sharing some YouTube videos to it.

Although the largest foreign presence on the site is, you can certainly benefit from this site with Arabic content.

All you have to do is: 

  • Create your account on the site.
  • Start lifting continuously.
  • Optimizing the data in each image or video so that it has a share in the search engine.
  • Then put the link below the video.

Note: This site is considered a very large community for sharing photos, so the better your photos or videos are, the more people will follow you and rate your video as good, so it will appear to more people, and so on until you reach the main page of the site and appear to every person who enters the site.

7- Arab forums

I was about to write only one of the Arab forums, but in the end I decided to talk about it in general.

Forums in general are considered one of the best sites for publishing YouTube videos, but in most cases many of these forums either do not allow posting or do not allow recording at all.

The most important feature here is the presence of a large number of members and daily visitors to these sites.

Therefore, it is mainly used by website owners and YouTube channels.

Some of these sites are like: 

  • Engineer Forums.
  • Tunisia Sat Forums.
  • Stars Forum

And many other sites, which you can learn about by reading our topic about the most famous Arab forums .

8- Twitter website

If you intend to target the Gulf countries to promote your videos, Twitter is an excellent site for that.

But in fact, it is not only for paid promotion, but also for publishing YouTube videos for free.

There is no social media site more optimized for search engines after Pinterest than Twitter .

Therefore, the better you choose the YouTube keywords that you use in the post that you publish on Twitter, the greater the chances that it will appear when someone searches for this topic.

What’s special about Twitter is: 

  • Very easy to use.
  • You can collect a lot of followers in a short period of time.
  • There are several excellent free ways to reach people, the most important of which is hashtags.

Therefore, if you want to publish videos and get good results, whether in Arabic or foreign content, you should definitely try this site.

9- Medium website

Medium is considered one of the largest sites on the Internet, so it is certainly one of the best YouTube video publishing sites that provide us with an excellent opportunity to promote our videos for free.

Here you will register and launch your own blog and account, then start sharing everything on different topics.

All you have to do is include the video you want to publish in this post, and every time someone enters the topic, they will find your video.

It is very similar to your own blog or blog on Tumblr, so don’t worry and just get started.

Note: You may find that the site does not work for you in Egypt. You may have to use any VPN program.

10- Reddit website

Since it is the 19th largest site in terms of number of visitors in the world, the Reddit community is considered one of the best places where you can publish your YouTube videos.

The site is divided internally into small communities called subreddit. There you will find a group of people interested in a specific thing.

That is, there is a subreddit for digital currencies, for example, and another for technical content, and so on.

There are many Arabs who publish regularly there.

There are two ways to share your videos:

  • The first is on your personal profile (this is good for improving SEO).
  • The second is small communities (this is good for visits, views, SEO, and also subscribers).

But be careful not to share too many links so as not to be classified as spam.

11- Telegram website

Telegram is one of the very distinctive sites for publishing YouTube videos.

It is basically a chat site like WhatsApp, but with a very important feature, which is channels.

In these channels, you can add any possible number of people, and people will find you if they search by your channel name on Telegram.

Here you can continuously publish videos on your channel, and through this you can improve your channel’s statistics in general.

Now let us conclude our topic with…

12- Facebook and partners

One of the most important sites for posting YouTube videos is definitely Facebook, Instagram, and finally WhatsApp.

Let’s start first with…

  • Facebook

There is no need to explain much, as you know very well that you can simply through your account start promoting your videos on:

– Your personal page.

– Groups interested in your field.

– You create a page with the same content and start promoting your videos on it, whether for free or paid.

  • Instagram

We talked at length about the possibilities of making money from Instagram and how it is an excellent business method.

But here we will talk about publishing your YouTube videos on it.

All you have to do is create an account with the name of your channel and start posting content on it continuously until you reach a good number of audience, then promote your videos through the story.

Or you can put your channel link in your profile and promote it in posts.

  • what’s up

There are also many ways through which you can profit from WhatsApp .

But since we are talking here about publishing videos, let me tell you how you can do that.

First: Through your story status, you share the link to the video on the Astore with all your numbers.

Second: By creating a group on WhatsApp that includes many people and you add them constantly.

Third: Send the video link directly to all your friends.

Now we have finished with the best sites for publishing YouTube videos in 2021.

Tell me….

Which site do you think is best for you? Is it Reddit, Quora, or your own blog?

Whatever your choice, tell me the reasons that made you prefer this choice in the comments.

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