Online business ideas for girls (tried and profitable) 2024

Online business ideas for girls (tried and profitable) 2024

Every day the number of women working on the Internet increases and the search for online project ideas for girls increases.

Finding projects that are simple and profitable and at the same time suit you may be somewhat of an obstacle.

Therefore, in this simplified guide, I decided to share with you a group of distinctive women’s projects that you can start online.

These projects are a summary of my personal experience or the experience of some of my friends and distinguished entrepreneurs on the Internet.

And therefore…

I won’t tell you an unrealistic set of projects, but projects that have already achieved success for many women before you.

Now, if you are ready, let us first answer me.

The best 8 online project ideas for girls

Here I will not only tell you a set of ideas…

But you will also find in each of these projects the following information:

  • Project Idea
  • The amount you have to invest.
  • The most important skills required to succeed in this project.
  • How can you start?
  • Finally, an example of people who have already succeeded in this

Now, if you are ready to get started, let us quickly move on to our first project, which is…

1- Form a group to write articles

Writing articles is one of the most in-demand skills on the Internet.

The reason for this is the large number of content sites (blogs) in various fields.

Therefore, if you want an excellent online project that can earn you $500-$1000 per month, a content writing group is a good start.

Project Idea: 

  • Forming a team of 5 girls specialized in writing content for websites and social media.
  • After that, you must go to the groups of bloggers and website owners and offer your team’s services to them.
  • After communicating with the project owner, you can submit a sample essay to him and then conclude an agreement with him on the nature and method of payment (when and how).
  • It is important to be careful and not present the entire project to the client before you get your money.

Amount required to start:

The best thing here is that the project may not cost anything, all you have to do is gather the team and offer the services, and the costs for the book with you are paid from the client’s money.

required skills: 

  • Interesting creative writing.
  • SEO basics for the article.
  • Marketing (so you can sell what you offer).
  • Finally, review and analysis (this is your role as a team leader in order to avoid mistakes and keep your clients).

How can you start?

  • You must learn everything related to writing content (articles – social media).
  • Now gather some people who are passionate about writing.
  • Go to Facebook and search for (sites – blogs – SEO – WordPress) and join those groups.
  • Finally, you must start explaining what you in the team offer to website owners.
  • Make sure to offer as many offers as possible in the beginning and to permanent customers to retain them.

You can also form a group to enter data. Here arethe ways to get income as a typist on the word from home

2- Launch a blog

Now, you may not be able to find a group of girls to join your team and start writing with you.

Let’s move on to the second plan, which is…

Start your own blog!!!

Like the one in which you are reading the topic, it is very simple and very, very profitable if you can provide distinctive content and attract a good number of monthly visitors to your site.

For me, blogging is the best online project for girls, especially when you write in the field you prefer.

  • Skin and hair
  • beauty
  • Fashion
  • Cooking
  • And others.

Project Idea: 

  • Start your own blog and write a good number of articles.
  • After a certain period, you have to determine a specific way to profit, and in most cases everyone uses advertisements as a first means, then affiliate marketing as a second means.

Amount required to start a blog: 

The initial cost of starting a blog on the Internet varies from one person to another, and from one field to another, and depending on your capital, and the level of professionalism of the site that you wish to build.

You can start a blog for free, but in most cases you will not earn much from it.

But according to my experience and the experience of many women bloggers, the initial cost here is $60 to launch the blog, and if you want to appoint people to write with you, this depends on the number of monthly articles that you want to place on your site.

The cost for an article is usually $5 / 1200 words.

Basic blogging skills: 

  • Learn to launch a WordPress blog .
  • Writing according to SEO to appear in search results.
  • Professionalism in finding what people are searching for in your field (keywords).
  • Finally, learn the internal SEO of the article and improve it for the search engine.

How do you start a blog?


Are there examples of successful blogs started by girls?

There are many, but the most famous, whether Arab or foreign, are:

In fact, there are few girls who own blogs, so entering this field may be an excellent opportunity to add your name to the most famous Arab bloggers.

I also prefer blogs because they are projects that do not require full time . Here, for example, in this blog, I work only 3-4 hours a week on it.

3- Selling handmade products online

Learning to make different handmade products may take some time.

But what I know well is that the sales process will not take long.

Everyone prefers handicrafts because they are unique and made personally for one person, so they are in demand.

Therefore, the project of manufacturing and selling handmade products is one of the best projects that girls can launch online.

Project Idea: 

You have to learn a manual skill and start selling it on different social media sites.

The cost of the project: 

The beginning will cost you almost nothing, because the handicrafts are made specifically for the person, and therefore the cost will be the cost of the product’s materials only.

Getting Started Skills: 

Here you will need two skills:

  • Make excellent products.
  • Marketing her like a professional

How can you start?

  • You must determine the product you intend to learn to make (chains, rings, mugs, etc.).
  • After that, all you have to do is create a Facebook group or page and start inviting your friends to it.
  • Now you have to start making some manual models for yourself until you get the best product in the end.
  • After that, photograph your product in a professional and attractive way, then upload it to your page.
  • Repeat the process more than once and you will find some people contacting you.
  • It is best after that to start advertising in your area or governorate to sell larger quantities.

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4- Affiliate marketing of products

Affiliate marketing is one of the distinctive projects for many people, not just girls.

Therefore, starting your own project in product marketing may be your best online project.

Although you may think this is complicated, it is very simple.

Project Idea: 

Choose a product from one of the affiliate sites and start marketing it on social media through a page, account, or group.

The cost of the project: 

Here you will need some money to get started, and the most important costs here are: advertising campaigns

  • In the beginning, you have to learn, so the cost will be $50 per course (mostly).
  • After that, you have to pay the advertising platform, and this varies depending on the product and your experience in marketing, but let’s assume that you will market for only $5 per day (this is $150 per month).

Therefore, to start here, you need at least $200.

Affiliate marketing skills: 

  • Choose the most suitable product
  • Professional marketing on social media.

How to start affiliate marketing:

  • In the beginning, it is important to know what affiliate marketing is and its most important basics .
  • After that, you must create a Facebook page or group (or any social media account).
  • It is important that your account is specialized and that you sell specific products (skin products only – hair products only – and so on).
  • Now you have to learn to choose (required) product
  • After that, you have two marketing options:
    • Either marketing to those around you through a Facebook group or adding friends to your account.
    • Or start launching advertising campaigns (this is certainly better given that it is a project).

5- Start a YouTube channel

YouTube channels have become an ideal online project for girls recently.

Even if you do not have enough courage to start on YouTube yourself, there is also a way to profit from YouTube without appearing .

Therefore, you will find many successful girls and women in this field, such as:

  • Noura Saad : One of the most famous YouTube channels for e-commerce and WordPress in the Arab world (137 thousand subscribers).
  • Sarah Hani : One of the most famous Arab channels in the field of beauty ( 625 thousand subscribers ).

These channels are in addition to hundreds of cooking channels (but we do not recommend it as a place to start now due to the weak profits in it).

The cost of the project: 

If you want to start professionally, you need professional photography equipment and other things, but everyone starts simple, so you can use a (professional) phone camera with a ring light and start photographing and editing.

The average cost here will be approximately $500 (in the case of a pre-professional beginner)

Project skills: 

  • Speaking skill is very important
  • Some comedy never hurts.
  • Editing is a very necessary skill.
  • Photography is also a required skill (to produce the best picture).

How to start:

I will not talk much here because I have already put together a complete course in this field for anyone who wants to start on YouTube from scratch.

So all you have to do is watch our free YouTube course

6- A professional Instagram account

A professional Instagram account has now become one of the best online business ideas for girls.

Most celebrities started on Instagram and achieved very great successes.

Although starting professionally may be somewhat expensive, it is worth it.

Project Idea: 

Start a professional Instagram account and provide useful information on it, then contract with brands in this field after the account has a large number of followers.

The cost of the project:

  • A phone with a very professional camera for shooting videos and photos for $1000
  • Ring light to improve lighting ($50-100)
  • Phone holder ($10-50)

Although the initial amount of the project may be somewhat high, it is worth it after major brands contact you.

Project skills:

  • Charisma (brilliant speaker).
  • Good looking.
  • You must have distinctive information in your field.
  • Finally, you should market your videos to attract a large number of followers.

How to start: 

  • Determine your strengths and where you can start.
  • After that, you must prepare the content that you will share with your audience.
  • Now you have to choose a suitable display method for your content.
  • After that, start publishing continuously and provide unique content.
  • Finally, make some ads for your content.

When you find a good number of followers who are loyal to your content, all you have to do now is either:

  • Sell ​​your own product.
  • Paid course work.
  • Marketing an affiliate product.
  • Or communicate with major brands in order to advertise for them.

Or you can read:A detailed guide to making money from Instagram

Examples of popular Instagram accounts: 

  • Instagram celebrities in the lifestyle field (and actresses, of course).
  • Sarah Nour: (which we talked about in the YouTube channels above).
  • Coach Sama : about 273 thousand followers (one of the most famous trainers in the field of fitness).
  • Kylie Jennir : More than 341 million followers in the beauty field

7- A course project to sell your skills

What if you now prepare a distinguished paid course in a field that you know well and in which you have above average skills?

Paid courses are one of the most profitable areas on the Internet, but we can also treat them as a project.

Project Idea: 

Prepare distinctive content for the course, and now enlist the help of some freelancers (people who work on the Internet ) and start creating free content and paid ads to promote the training course.

The cost of the project: 

Depending on the course content, the costs here will be as follows:

  • An editor to review the course texts and modify them so that they become focused and not boring.
  • A professional PowerPoint slide show for converting these texts into distinctive slides.
  • Mike to record your explanation.
  • A good video editing program.
  • And an amount for sponsored ads to promote your content (you can hire someone for this or take a course, but it is better that you hire a professional).

The initial cost is approximately $1000, so you should think carefully before taking the step to start.

Project skills: 

If you find the cost is high and decide that you need to reduce it a little, perhaps you can do yourself:

  • Preparing the mortar
  • Proofreading and editing of content.
  • Professional Power Point or Google Slide slides.
  • video editing.
  • Learn to launch advertising campaigns on the platform where your audience is located.

How to start?

  • Define your passion.
  • Start searching for content
  • Learn how the course in your field is divided into subtitles from competitors.
  • Now start preparing your entire content.
  • Upload the content now to any course platform such as Udemy, or sell it on your own website.

8- Create a website to sell your special skills

Now you already have a skill of your own.

Whether that skill is:

  • Writing
  • Montage
  • Voiceover
  • the design
  • And others…

All you have to do now, instead of starting to search for clients on social media sites, is to start your own business.

Launch a distinctive website and start displaying your skills or the skills of your team on this website.

Project Idea: 

It is very similar to freelancing on any of the freelance sites, but instead of working on a platform that gets 20% of your profits, you will receive the full amount directly from the client.

Here it is also very similar to launching your own company.

The cost of the project: 

The cost boils down to two main things:

  • The cost of launching the website (which initially will not exceed $150 with your professional template)
  • The cost of advertising campaigns to promote your services (will not exceed $100-$200 per month if your field is small).

How can you start your own website?

  • Determine your skills.
  • Learn how to launch a website.
  • Start displaying your skills in a distinctive way, in addition to examples of your work in this specialty.
  • Now know where your customers are and what they are looking for.
  • Start promoting them in a way that is appropriate for them and where they are online.

These were the best online business ideas for girls that you can start with.

There are many other projects you can do online, but I think these are the best.

So if you have anything else you would like to add, do not hesitate to contact us.

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