Online shopping sites in Algeria (the 7 best shopping sites)

Online shopping sites in Algeria (the 7 best shopping sites)

Finding the best online purchasing sites in Algeria will save you a lot of research and time.

Since online shopping has become one of the basic activities in the life of every person in all countries, it is natural that you need to know the distinctive stores in your country.

Therefore, I decided to collect for you the 7 best online stores that you can shop through in Algeria.

The most important thing that distinguishes these sites is the credibility and positive evaluations of many people.

Therefore, do not worry about purchasing from any of these sites.

Now let’s start with our first site on the list, which is…

1- Foorshop website

foorshop is another very reliable shopping store in Algeria that has a lot of positive reviews.

  • The website interface is very professional.
  • The site provides cash on delivery service.
  • You can also get reward points every time you make a purchase from the store.
  • The site includes more than 5,000 distinct products in various fields ranging from fashion, beauty, electronics, and hand tools.
  • The store supports shipping to 58 states.
  • It also provides the option of free shipping, but you must first place an order with a value greater than 20,000 Algerian dinars.
  • You can also purchase from them through their application for Android or iPhone.
  • You can easily exchange products within 10 days of receiving and inspecting the product.
  • Finally, shipping takes approximately 7 days maximum.

Shop through Foorshop

2- Jumia website

Jumia is almost the largest shopping site on the continent of Africa and the first competitor to Amazon in the region.

Since it is an e-commerce site in Africa, it is definitely one of the online purchasing sites in Algeria.

In my humble opinion, it is the first option you should resort to.

  • Jumia was established and launched for the first time in 2012
  • It has daily products in various aspects of life, from clothing and beauty to kitchen and garden tools, etc.
  • Jumia supports cash on delivery for its old customers.
  • The prices at Jumia are excellent compared to many other stores you can shop from.
  • Some products are supported by free shipping on the site, but others have shipping fees.

Shop from Jumia

3- Amazon website

Amazon is considered the most famous online purchasing site ever, not only in Algeria but in the entire world.

So I guess I don’t need to talk much about the store.

  • You can buy from Amazon easily, but unfortunately you will find shipping costs high due to the lack of Amazon warehouses in Algeria.
  • More than a million products in various fields you will find on the official Amazon store.
  • Shipping costs are not very high.

In fact, I do not recommend shopping from Amazon in Algeria unless you are in dire need of a product on their store due to shipping costs, customs fees, etc.

Shop from Amazon

4- Aliexpress website

Aliexpress is one of the most important shopping sites in China.

I already talked about it when I was talking about good Chinese sites for shopping for clothes .

  • The site is Chinese and is considered the cheapest in prices ever.
  • You can negotiate with sellers and get excellent price offers for what you want to buy.
  • You will get vouchers and points when you make continuous purchases.
  • The shipping cost through it is not high, even though the shipping is from China.
  • The site’s support is excellent, and if any problems occur with the seller, you will be compensated.

Shop from Aliexpress

5- Batolis website

Now, if you want a completely Algerian website to buy online, Batolis should be your first choice.

  • The store was established in 2015 and became, in a short period, one of the most famous online stores in Algeria.
  • The store received hundreds of positive reviews, whether on the Facebook page or through Google reviews.
  • The site ships to 58 Algerian states, so whatever your location, it will reach you.
  • You can buy fashion, beauty, electronics, cars and even supermarket products through batolis.
  • The feature that I think is the best in this store is that it provides the ability to pay upon receipt, which is something that many stores do not offer.
  • You can also purchase various refrigerators through the store.

Shop from batolis

6- Haylla website

Hayla store is also one of the most famous online shopping sites in Algeria.

  • The store was launched in 2016, and after 5 years it became one of the most famous shopping sites in Algeria.
  • The store contains more than 10,000 products in various fields such as fashion, beauty, electronics, and others.
  • The only way to pay on the site is when you receive and inspect the product.
  • Shipping prices here vary and range from 200 riyals to 750 riyals, and it may take up to 8 days to reach you.

I think the store is very good to buy from, as it also contains some good brands that you may want to shop from, especially electronic products.


7- Modanisa website

And now with the most famous Turkish shopping site in the Arab world…

  • The Modanisa website was established in 2011 to become one of the most famous online purchasing sites, especially for veiled clothing .
  • The site has more than 650 distinct brands whose products you can shop from Algeria.
  • The site only specializes in selling clothes, so if you want to shop for something else, it is definitely not suitable for you.
  • When using international shipping, shipping will take approximately 15 days.
  • modanisa provides one method of payment, which is via PayPal.
  • Shipping costs from the store vary depending on the country, so all you have to do is specify your address when purchasing and the shipping costs will appear to you.
  • The site has an application for Android and another for iPhone that you can download and shop from your phone.

Shop from modanisa

These were the best online purchasing sites in Algeria, which we find very suitable for you.

Perhaps there are other sites that we do not know about and that we have not added to this list.

So if you know of other sites and have a good experience with them, do not hesitate to share them with us through comments.

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