Arab and foreign forums to advertise your site (+ 150 forums)

Arab and foreign forums to advertise your site (+ 150 forums)

Famous Arab forums, this is what you are looking for, right?

Or are you looking for forums of all sizes?

Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a famous forum for communication or forums that allow registration and publishing in order to create your website or promote your YouTube channel, this is certainly what you will find here.

In the beginning, I searched for a long time for myself for a group of sites through which I could publish parts of my articles.

Although I found many, only a few of them were able to publish a link to my website.

But after a very long period of searching, I reached a list of more than 100 good Arab forums that I can register with.

However, I will not put them all here for free, because we usually do not care about anything that is free.

So here you will find about 30 forums, but if you want, you can complete this topic and you will find an offer that you cannot resist.

Now let’s get to know me…

The importance of forums and how to benefit from them

Forums are a very rich source of information, and you can learn a lot from forums, whether Arabic or foreign.


Because a large number of people do not master the English language, this topic is mainly about the most famous Arabic forums, and at the end of the topic you will find another part for foreign languages.

If you don’t know, let me tell you what the Arabic forums will help you with:

1- Promote your website, blog, or channel

If there was only one benefit to forums it would be this.

Thousands of people are mostly searching for a list for that specific goal, and I also mentioned it as one of the services that are widely sold on freelancing sites (see the picture)>>

Promotion in forums

It still exists today, so you can benefit from this list in two ways:

  • Promote your website, make it public, and get backlinks.
  • Or sell this service on different platforms.

In fact, someone I know sold this very simple service on Khamsat and made more than $3,000 from it.

So you should definitely consider taking advantage of this list.

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2- Promote yourself

As a blogger, website owner, or freelancer, you desperately need to publicize yourself and your site.

There are many ways to advertise, but one of those ways to make a name for yourself in your field is through forums.

This is simply due to the large number of visitors who enter it daily.

You can do this by:

  • Writing professional articles and posting them in forums.
  • Respond to inquiries from others in your field.

3- Gaining new experience and information

When you participate in forums (especially foreign ones), you will find thousands of topics and detailed experiences that you can benefit from.

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes this type of website is the diversity of topics.

Whatever your interest, you will find a group of people interested in the same field, talking about it together and sharing experiences.

There are many sections in the forums:

  • If you are interested in blogging, you will find blogging sections.
  • If you are a fan of applications and programming, you will find specialized sections for that.
  • Even games, football, or anything else, you will find sections that suit you.

4- Ask about any problem you are facing

Whether you work on the Internet or encounter a problem in your life, you can simply go and ask your question in the appropriate section of your favorite forum.

There are many people who have faced the same or similar problem, and you will find them providing you with some advice and solutions that will help you.

5- A very important source for visitors

I talked before about the 30 best ways to attract visitors to your website , blog, or even your YouTube channel.

And certainly forums are one of the best ways to do this.

Your role now is to search for a forum that has many active people, publish your content on it, and benefit from this tremendous power.

6- Work

Sometimes some forums offer the possibility of joining the work team, and others offer profit sharing.

Therefore, even if you are looking for a job opportunity, you can benefit and you will find an opportunity on a forum.

Now it’s time to get to know me…

The most famous Arab forums on the Internet

There are many forums, as I told you above. As far as I know, there are only about 150.

So there are definitely a lot of other forums that are not on my list.

But as much as possible, I try to give you the most important and most important ones.

1- Star Times

Star Times is considered one of the most famous Arab forums that offers many topics in various fields.

It contains special sections for:

  • General topics.
  • Dating and chat.
  • Islamic section.
  • Family section.
  • female department.
  • Entertainment section
  • Electronic games section.
  • Art and cinema.
  • Anime section
  • Literature and poetry.
  • computer section .
  • Mobile phones section.
  • Science and culture.
  • Designs for those interested in design.
  • TV channels and reception.

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2- Tunisia Sat

Tunisia Sat contains more than 120 thousand posts, which is certainly a very large number of topics.

Therefore, I think it is a very suitable place to start publishing your content or promoting other sites.

The forum includes 7 main sections, each of which contains a group of sub-forums. The most important of these sections are: 

  • General Section: This is what you can publish in and includes the Islamic section, inquiries, news, sports, etc.
  • Education and Technology: Education, medicine, health, engineering, technology, etc.
  • Employment and electronic transactions: It is clear from the name of the department that it specializes in job opportunities and finances.
  • Computer, development and games: It includes many topics about programming, games and phones.
  • Digital devices: Here you will find receivers, the wireless section, and others.
  • Satellite TV Department: Sharing and others.
  • Cinema and Songs Section : This is a private section that no one can access.

3- Damas

Damas is also considered one of the most famous Arab forums that have existed on the Internet for decades.

It offers many topics in various fields.

What are the areas in the Damas forums that you can benefit from?

The general section includes:

  •  General Forum.
  • Islamic Forum.
  • Forum for Arabic poetry, thoughts and prose.
  • Your legal advisor.
  • Forum for Human Medicine and Treatment with Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Herbs.
  • Cooking and food preparation.
  • documentaries.
  • Pictures, gas, etc.
  • sports.
  • Science, technology and news.
  • Commercials

The General Programs Department includes:

  • Computer programs and the Internet.
  • Computer protection and antivirus
  • Deleted file recovery software.
  • Computer definitions (desktop – laptop).
  • Programs to recover lost passwords.
  • Books and documents programs.
  • Accounting, human and professional resources programs.
  • Screen recording and recording programs, CD copying and burning programs.
  • Program CDs.
  • Games programs.
  • Library of annotated lessons.
  • Torrent file sharing.
  • Engineering Portal Department.
  • Video and editing department.
  • Technical departments
  • Educational courses section 
  • Department of Operating Systems and Office
  • Design and graphic
  • The general programming forum includes everything related to learning programming.
  • Mobile and smart devices section
  • The specialized digital library includes various learning resources, including books and courses.

3- For you women

Women’s Forums are forums that mainly specialize in women and are considered one of the important Arab forums that you can greatly benefit from if you own a website or blog that is interested in women.

What are the sections in Lak Women’s Forums that you can benefit from?

  • The General Dialogue Council is devoted to general topics.
  • A forum of brotherhood and welcome.
  • Kitchen, dishes and nutrition.
  • The world of women and children.
  • Schools, universities and postgraduate studies.
  • Computer, Internet and experiments corner.
  • Suggestions corner and solving technical problems.

4- An Egyptian smile

Basma Masriya is also one of the distinguished forums on our list here.

It is clear from the name that the site is Egyptian and has a larger Egyptian audience.

It is suitable if you want to advertise or promote anything of your own and allows registration without problems.

It includes many sections, but the 4 basic ones include: 

  • Website and forum development.
  • Religious section.
  • Developing chat and voice chats.
  • Operating systems.

So you may find something that suits you.

5- ADSL Gate (Digital Gate)

ADSL Gate Forum is one of the most important Arab forums specialized in the field of technology.

The forum is visited by tens of thousands of people daily and has many active members.

What are the sections in the ADSL Gate forum that I can benefit from?

The general portal includes:

  • Technical news.
  • Communications news.
  • Discussions about telecom companies’ services.
  • leading businesses

The Department of E-Commerce and Forestry includes:

  • E-Commerce.
  • Electronic Haraj offers (a section dedicated to selling electronic products and devices).
  • Apple Haraj

Smartphones and tablets portal includes:

  • apple ios.
  • Android.
  • Smart watches.
  • BlackBerry.
  • Windows 10 mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices (a section specializing in all inquiries related to mobile devices)
  • Department of Maps and Locating (specialized in everything related to locating devices)

DSL and FTTH fiber optic gateway, which includes:

  •  FTTH fiber optic
  • STC Fiber Optic Networks Division

The wireless Internet and networks portal includes:

  • Wireless networking technologies.
  • Wired networking technologies

The technical devices portal includes:

  • Computers and hardware.
  • Laptops

The technical entertainment portal includes:

  • PlayStation devices.
  • PC games.
  • XBOX devices.
  • TV screens and home theater.
  • Tokyo Digital Portal (special section for anime and manga).
  • Nintendo devices

Software and operating systems portal, which includes:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • GNU/LINUX operating system section and free and open source software
  • Google World
  • General programming portal

The photography, montage and design portal includes:

  • photographer
  • Department of montage, designs and graphics

6- Zizum for security and protection

Zizoum forums are also very famous Arab forums.

It is clear from the name that they are forums specialized in protection and security systems. They also specialize in everything related to technology in general, and you will certainly benefit from them if you are interested in the field of technology.

What are the sections in Zizoum forums?

The General Protection Section includes:

  • Protection programs
  • File inspection requests
  • Forum for requests to activate protection programs.
  • Forum for discussion and testing of protection programs

The General Programs Department includes:

  • Free software forum
  • Al-Baraj General Forum
  • Free software offers section
  • Games forum
  • General Courses Section
  • Link conversion services forum
  • Language Teaching and Translation Forum.

Operating systems, networks, and office packages, including:

  • Microsoft systems forums.
  • Microsoft product activation requests forum
  • Microsoft office packages.
  • Linux and Mac systems forum.
  • General networking forum.

The Smartphones and Mobile section includes:

  • Android Forum
  • Windows Phone Forum
  • iPhone and iPad.

The Hardware and Maintenance Department includes:

  • Computer problems and solutions forum.
  • Computers and hardware forum.
  • Common computer problems solutions section.

The General Design and Editing Department includes:

  • Design and montage software forum.
  • Design and montage software extensions forum.
  • Design and montage software lessons section.
  • Members Designs Exhibition Forum.

The news section includes:

  • Security and protection news forum.
  • Public mobile forum.
  • Sports news section.
  • General technology and technology news forum

7- Arab Hardware

Arab Hardware is one of the largest and oldest Arab technical groups, which you can greatly benefit from and you can publish your website on it as well, but without a link.

What are the sections in the Arab Hardware Forum that I can benefit from?

Sections of technical articles and personal reviews, which include:

  • Important technical articles and explanations related to computers.
  • Hardware reviews

Hardware departments include:

  • Processors and motherboards.
  • NVIDIA Middle East.
  • Graphical ranges.
  • Storage media and memories.
  • Computer accessories.
  • Overclocking and cooling.
  • Communication and networks, computer problems and their solutions.

The Department of Phones, Mobile Devices and Photography includes:

  • Public telephones.
  • Apple IOS devices.
  • Android devices.
  • Laptops and tablets.

Software departments include:

  • Operating systems.
  • General software.

Games and home entertainment devices section includes:

  • PS4, PC and XBOX games forum

General departments include:

  •  General section.
  • Complaints and suggestions forum.

Academic certificates departments include:

  • General Certification Forum.

Commercial services departments include:

  • Requests for advice on assembling devices and their prices.
  • Advertisements

8- Al-Mushagheb

Al-Mushagheb Forums is one of the Arab forums specialized in the field of technology and very famous in this field.

What are the sections in Al-Mushagheb Forums?

  • General software forum.
  • Technology news and modern technology forum.
  • programming languages.
  • Hardware and maintenance.
  • Networks and Operating Systems Forum.
  • Annotated Programs Forum.
  • Arabized programs.
  • Design and graphics forum.
  • Website development forum and forums.
  • Mobile phones section.
  • Games forum

9- HelperNet Institute

HelperNet Institute is another one of the most important Arab technical sources and forums in the Arab world.

What are the departments in the Helpernet Institute?

The general section includes:

  • General pillar for general topics.
  • Technical news corner.
  • Social networking sites department.
  • Design and graphics corner.
  • Economy Business and Capitals.

Forums Development Department includes:

  • XENFORO Development Corner.
  • VBulletin Forums Development Corner.
  • VBulletin styles.
  • Design problems section and forum requests.

Website and Search Engine Development Department includes:

  • Website development corner.
  • SEO techniques corner

Programs and hosting sections include:

  • General programs corner.
  • Department of handheld devices and their programs.
  • Department of Television Reception Technologies.
  • Electronic games

The hosting and domains market includes:

  • Hosting explanations corner.
  • E-commerce corner.

10- Development point

Development Point is also one of the best and most famous Arabic technical forums that you can benefit from.

What is unique about it is that its members are active, so they will help you with any problem you wish to inquire about.


What sections can you benefit from in the Development Point Forum?

The general point includes:

  • General section.
  • General Inquiries Section.
  • Sports group.
  • E-books.
  • Communications and technology news.
  • A special section for welcome and events.

Device and programming language protection point, which includes:

  • Device protection.
  • Mined topics.
  •  General programming.
  • Problems and inquiries related to the programming department.
  • Visual Basic 6 and Delphi language.
  • #c and
  • Programming language courses.

Operating systems and technical matters point includes:

  • Microsoft systems.
  • GNU/Linux.
  • Apple systems.
  • Requests and explanations.
  • Problems and solutions of systems and devices.
  • Hardware.
  •  Networking and communication.
  • Satellite.
  • Shearing

The program point includes:

  • Distinctive programs and explanations.
  • Protection programs.
  • Software requests.
  • Software activations.

15 other less well-known Arab forums

The forums above are considered the most famous in the Arab world. There was another group of forums, but they were closed during the previous period.

Therefore, if the group above is not suitable for you, here is another group here, but it is less famous than the one above, whether in terms of the number of members or the number of topics.

Therefore, I will not talk about it in detail. I will put it for you here and you can view it directly.

The most important of these forums are: 

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Now let me move with you to the last part of our topic and learn more about….

The most important foreign forums that allow registration and publishing

There are thousands of global forums out there and many of them you can actually get a link from.

But the truth is that most of these foreign forums will provide you with a Nofollow link and not the more valuable dofollow link.

This certainly does not mean that it is not valuable, but this is just information.

Now here are the most important international sites through which you can promote and publish your content:

1- Reddit

Reddit is considered one of the strongest global forums on the Internet, or more precisely, it is the highest of all, and it has a very huge audience.

Even the best global marketers, bloggers, and YouTube channel owners turn to it when they want to know what their audience wants.

Therefore, perhaps you can take advantage of this forum to publish your content because you can do so with ease.

You can also share your own link.

Just make sure to interact and provide unique and interesting content.

2- Quora

Classify it as a site, forum, network, or anything, but the fact will remain that Quora is the best question and answer site on the Internet.

There are thousands of questions that are waiting for answers and thousands of links that are shared.

Maybe now is the time to take advantage of it.

  • Register on the site with your personal name.
  • Search for your field on the site.
  • Only answer questions to which you can provide an excellent answer.

So simple.

3- Warrior forum

I talked about the Warrior Forum before in the topic on profit-making forums on the Internet .

Here I mention it again as one of the best foreign forums ever, especially for those who want to learn marketing in its various forms.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to go to the site and try to learn through it if this interests you.

4- Digital point

Digital Point is also one of the most distinguished international forums, especially for those who want to learn skills that can be applied on the Internet.

Not only that, but you can also communicate and get to know the best people in your field, form relationships with them, and learn from them.

The forum contains many sections, including:

  • Different search engines.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Selling websites, stores and domains.
  • programming.
  • the design.
  • And others…

So maybe you should join and explore.

5- Webmaster World

If you are primarily a blogger or website owner, the webmaster world is one of the best forums that you should join.

Here you will find many tips in addition to news and updates made by search engines and other important topics.

So I strongly advise you to join me and start following it closely.

Now we have completed a list of the most important Arab and foreign forums that you can join.

Tell me…..

Was the list helpful?

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